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Hello, the app not working correctly (freezing all machines) any new updates for the latest ionic paltform+documentation

I have created a refund request 9 days ago

Ok will check it now, sorry

Thank You very much ionicpremium for the refund. I highly recommend this author for the great customer care, Really thanks again.

Does it supports the official Woo Product Vendors plugin? Is for multi-vendor marketplace. Do you make customization in order to get this plugin to work? I need vendor can upload product through the app. The commission rates provided by the plugin will still work or the app bypass that functionality? Thanks in advance!

Hi, currently it does not support the plugin you mentioned. We are still in development mode with that plugin, tks.


Can i integrate this app with my existing Woocommerce Wordpress Site & how can i integrate with razorpay in this app & my Wordpress site

Hi, yes it can be integrated with your woocomerce, please check our demo from playstore or ionic view before you buy. Currently we support stripe, paypal and woocommerce default payment.

Hi.Does the application support RTL ?

Hi, we have tested it using RTL, yet. Based on Ionic Framework documentation, here is how to set the app to be RTL: http://blog.ionic.io/ionic-and-rtl

Pre-Sale question:

The app is compatible with WooCommerce TM Extra Product Options plugin?

For example we have a product Pizza Custom, through woocommerce custom tributes we added “small” , “medium” and “large”. With WooCommerce TM Extra Product Options we added the rest of the options, like “toppings”, etc.

Thank you.

Hi, please refer to our latest product of Ionstore: https://goo.gl/4EMGv5

i didn’t purchase this one, but i purchased the other version ionstore 2, and i keep getting a 401(unauthorized) error when i run it, also according to the documentation i am supposed to have a js/app.js file but that seems none existent in the files that i downloaded immediately after purchase. i need assistance with this please

Hi, could you please send us the error screenshot? Thanks.

this app support with outside plugin for shipping using rajaongkir api, please reply soon i have job date line for finished this week. the plugin is indoshipping https://github.com/hrsetyono/woocommerce-indo-shipping,

Hi, tks for your interest in our app. This app is not support with the plugin you mentioned. But, we are developing the new app for Indonesia market. Will be available soon, not later this this week. Thanks.

I’m interested in buying, but the installation is difficult?

Hi, tks for your interest. Please purchase our latest update of Ionstore 2. Here: https://goo.gl/4EMGv5. Ionstore use Ionic 1, Ionstore 2 use Ionic 3. Tks.


My store (Woocommerce) is a marketplace. I’d like to use your app with only 1 of the vendor. I mean, the app can not show other store’s items from my marketplace. In other words, the app should show products, related products etc only from this particular vendor. It is possible?


Hi, our app use woocommerce API to fetch the data. We have not tested it yet using multiple vendor as you said. I think we need to test it first. TKs.


Ok I see. So, how to test it? Thanks

While Checking out, When I Click on “Cash On Delivery”, I am getting following error

core.es5.js:1020 ERROR TypeError: Cannot set property ‘open’ of undefined
at CheckoutPage.webpackJsonp.933.CheckoutPage.setPayment (checkout.ts:146)
at Object.eval [as handleEvent] (CheckoutPage.ngfactory.js:891)
at Object.handleEvent (core.es5.js:12023)
at Object.handleEvent (core.es5.js:12756)
at dispatchEvent (core.es5.js:8615)
at core.es5.js:10783
at SafeSubscriber.schedulerFn [as _next] (core.es5.js:3647)
at SafeSubscriber.__tryOrUnsub (Subscriber.js:239)
at SafeSubscriber.next (Subscriber.js:186)
at Subscriber._next (Subscriber.js:126)
at Subscriber.next (Subscriber.js:90)
at EventEmitter.Subject.next (Subject.js:55)
at EventEmitter.emit (core.es5.js:3621)
at RadioGroup.onChange (radio-group.js:212)
at radio-group.js:172
at SafeSubscriber.schedulerFn [as _next] (core.es5.js:3647)

I already set .htaccess as “header set Access-Control-Allow-Headers “origin,content-type,authorization,user-agent,accept,x-r$”

Hi, have you purchased our app?

Yes, My Client did, I am the freelancer, who is setting up for him. Please send solution ASAP, its been lot of delay.

Hi, can you send us receipt from envato please? Thanks.


I want to ask:

1. is this an immediate application? and I just upload the product then plug in the playstore? or should i be coding to use it?

2. can the product connect with wordpress woocommerce?

Hi, can I refer to your answer to ybouhlel 3 months ago:

>> Hi, this app use Ionic 1. >> If you are familiar with Ionic 1 then you can buy this app. >> If you more familiar with Ionic 3, then you can buy our Ionstore 2. >> Check the demo https://goo.gl/4EMGv5

I’d like to refund this purchase and change to buy the version of Ionic 3, because this version doesn’t work.

Hi, have you purchased our app?

any plan to update the app with up-to-date code

Hi, please refer to our latest Ionstore 2 product. Thanks.

Ok, could you provide the website link for version 2 and the app link. For the website link I would like to have admin rights so I can do my testing before purchase. Your response to this will determine if I going to buy ionstore 2 or not.

Thank you.

You can the link here: https://goo.gl/4EMGv5

Our web demo is under maintenance now, you can check our demo video instead. Thanks.

Hello. I have a WordPress site with the LearnDash (Learning Management System) plugin. I have a project with some requirements. The list of requirements is as follows: 1) Automatically display student courses from WordPress site. 2) Automatically recognise student logins from WordPress site. 3) Students can register directly in the app and their account is created in the WordPress site. 4) Students can browse courses in the App – directory and subscribe to the courses. Students can enrol themselves in free courses or pay via website – WooCommerce checkout system which supports multiple payment gateways. 5) Students can keep track of their courses on App or WordPress site in sync. 6) Students courses are loaded and available in offline mode. 7) Administrator can send notifications and updates to App users. 8) Administrator can remove/force logout users from the app. The demo site of the LearnDash plugin is https://demo.learndash.com/ If I buy your tool, what requirements can I make without having to customize?

I forgot to mention that I sell WooCommerce virtual products through WooCommerce Memberships Subscriptions extension. Can you integrate your tool with it?

Hi, I would like to use this app, but our store is only for the local city, its a restaurant and we use only: store pickup or delivery to address. and the payment is only Cash on delivery. I have set up my woocomere based on this. will your app support the shipping method I have also the payment that I want. thanks Also I’m using Woocomerce Attributes and Variations to create food combo with fries, pop … with and without at the cart… etc. I hope you app support that in the checkout.