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This looks like what I need. I’m a pretty novice developer. Is there anyway to add this to Ionic Creator as a project? Or, can I hire you guys to get it installed, and I can take it from there?

Thanks, J

Also, I noticed certain functions do not work on the preview (comments, likes and a few other things). Is this just in preview mode?


braggar Purchased

my edits to the html code doesnt change in the browser view. How do i make changes. I am using ionic serve?

Please try deleting views.js file and its references from index.html and app.js

Is this a fully working app or just a theme? What is the backend of the app?

there is no backend attached to this app

I am updating my views, and even after saving, the HTML is not updated. The CSS updates just fine, but never the HTML and I am in each individual view.

That’s regarding to template cache. Please try deleting views.js file and its references from index.html and app.js

Please try deleting views.js file and its references from index.html and app.js Tried this and the page is white blank (can’t find any reference in app.js)

Since the “delete views.js” option did not work, is there any way to separate the template from the ionic framework so that I can design easier without having to setup an entire server to work? I would appreciate it.

I have a some problems first of all, I can not install npm due to just I can not install gulp-sourcemaps. Can you help me thank you.

you can see more about how to install Ionic here: https://ionicframework.com/docs/v1/overview/#download


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Hi i publish uploaded my app to play store and i got mail the next day that my app has been suspended and removed from Google Play as a policy strike because it violates the impersonation policy. And i need to provide him a document that proves i have the rights to use specific content, icons, images, etc. How to get that??

What would it take to get you guys to code the backend of the Ionic2 Full App Pro Theme?

sent you the answer by email

I’d like to know, can I add and break application functions?


As soon as I buy, how to do what to do to install no server, the step by step.

you can check the documentation to see the installation steps


Kurti29 Purchased

Is there a way to have this as a visual studio project ?

Hi, just purchased (on ionicthemes.com…), install and test. Everything ok but one thing: image picker plugin. On latest android versions, at least, it crashes the app. After some googling found that it is a permissions issue.

A couple of solutions may be used (all tested and working for me – at least – ):
  1. Add explicitilly READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permissions to android manifest.
  2. Just install https://www.npmjs.com/package/cordova-plugin-android-permissions plugin and check for READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permissions, proceed if you have or ask for them if not. (check https://stackoverflow.com/questions/41978088/cordovaimagepicker-plug-in-crashing-on-marshmallow; not accepted answer but working)
  3. using fork, f.e., https://github.com/Findiglay/cordova-imagePicker which manages it all.

Hope it helps.
And maybe package should be updated with any solution to current OS’ . ;)