Discussion on IonShop - Ionic 6 Angular Capacitor Full App + Admin Portal for e-commerce based apps

Discussion on IonShop - Ionic 6 Angular Capacitor Full App + Admin Portal for e-commerce based apps

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Finally built this and managed to install in in my device. Too a lot of troubleshooting . I have a local linux box on the cloud which I used to set all up from scratch. Now trying to see how best I can customise it to my needs. If you need some help in setting it up, I am happy to help if I have the time since the authors are really hard to get, understandably they would be busy with other important issues.

I bought this hoping that it is going to help speed up my the dev work, but I spent the whole day today and some hours few days ago trying to set this up both locally and self hosted cloud but to no success. I followed the documentation religiously but I get a lot of errors or warning messages relating to outdated or deprecated packages, no able to login into parse, expired certs (solved that) and many more. The parse dashboard loads but when ever I type the password it reports that the username or password is invalid, the user is specified in the .env config file and I encrypted the password using the link provided. I have tried with different passwords but to no avail.

I was planning to set this up and modify the source code to meet my demands, this would have seriously reduced the time I will spend on developing the app.

From the comments here, it seems the authors of this code base have moved on and are not that involved in providing support. That’s a shame.

If the author reads this message and is ready to help please contact me. I have also messaged you directly but I get no response.

Mailgun is very expensive for us when we already have an smtp server. how to define it directly instead of going through mailgun

is it possible to build this with only 3 or 4 items for checkout?

You mean to limit the number of items that a customer can order at a time?

Hi, I purchased & downloaded the code provided for IonShop and while trying to run it…getting “Fallo de red” (means: Network Failure) message on the Home page. Can you help fix it?

That means that the app couldn’t to connect to server, check the environment file (verify the server url and app id)

Hey team! How can we use our own smtp settings instead of using Mailgun setting that will be another charge for us

Currently only mailgun is supported but feel free to modify the source code according to your needs.

i have issue to setup mailgun inside my app. need a help please

please reach us at info at quanlabs dot com


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Hello, can you help me to access the documentation? is that the address is not accessible

PIXX Purchased


The docs are up and running now

Hi, Can you please fix link to documentation -> [] Thanks!!

It’s up and running again

Hi, While Placing the order we are getting this “error : “You cannot accept payments using this API as it is no longer supported in India. Please refer to for accepting payments.”“

Perhaps updating the stripe libraries could fix that issue, we will try to replicate the issue on our end and send an update soon.


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Hello Red, my money will be refunded to them, an application that does not serve me, I have websites I hope you will get my money back or help me

This is my WhatsApp account, can you message me?

How can we help?


matzon Purchased

Hello, I bought this and did not know how to install it, is it a web or an application

I already replied to your other message.

Hello, I bought this domain and I do not know that it is an application. I entered the preview and saw a website and I did not know that it was an application. Please help

Support is only for verified customers.

Hi there, We have a requirement where we need to attach an image to a product while ordering by the customer. Is this possible?

Yes, it’s possible, but the code needs to be updated. If you have programming skills, you could do it yourself or hire someone. We’re available for hire also.

Hi Thank you for your reply. If we were to hire you can we know the pricing?

Our hourly rate is $80

Do you have full support like build and publish to the store?

Yes, contact us at info at quanlabs dot com to get a quotation.

Hi , I have downloaded version 6 , and it fired expired keys error , so how to refresh the key or how to fix it

You need to create your own iOS push certificates, then export it to p12 and place the files in the in ionshop-api/certs

Another option is to unset the PUSH_IOS_BUNDLE_ID variable, this will prevent loading the iOS certificates.

Hello, is it possible to have some variantions like Size, Colorwith differents prices ? Best regards

Yes, it’s possible, it would be a nice addition for the next version.

i need a deployment assistance.

the latest version is disturbing on my site

Check your inbox.

Can we have a Short demo before purchase


does it template or full functional app?

Hello. It’s a full functional app.

Can i deploy this solution on normal windows or linux cpanel hosting ? If Yes Please tell me how can i do it ?

You need a server with root access.

I have root access. Please provide me document and details please

First, login into your server via SSH and run the following commands to install Dokku:


sudo DOKKU_TAG=v0.25.7 bash

Then, just follow our documentation to install the required backend services (MongoDB, File Storage, Let’s encrypt, etc.)


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