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I’m interested in buying, 1- dose it uses Wordpress users knowledge? 2- does it support all Wordpress plugins, and users database to act with website plugins? 3- does it appears Wordpress theme of the website and it’s graphics? 4- does it needs any coding?

If I have Wordpress website with commerce, directory listing, classifieds, ... will it work?

1. Yes it uses wordpress 2. I think it should support but i cannot assure you. 3. yes it has nothing to do with theme . This just take the database and use the same path in ionic app. 4. Yes you should know some coding . We cannot affort free installation on your server with this so if you think you know wordpress and php then only buy this . IF you dont know then we charge extra for installation and customization . Please email rupen@techintegrity.in for more details .

Demo link is broken?

Is this able to play facebook embedded video ?


My worpress website is able to play.

For new post by users , does this able to post from both wordpress and mobile app ?

where’s the manual?

can this work with buddy press?

i have not tried but you can change the code and do the required fixes .

Does it support push notification ?

Any demo wordpress site and ios app that can show for listing, videos ?

Does it support image slider in App ?

Hello, It appears that some of the documentation is missing. Could you please provide the relevant documentation to complete this setup as the supplied documentation only outlines how to setup the CMS and not how to connect it to your app. Thanks.

The document is detailed , please change the url in the app to point ot your server and it will start working .

Will it convert pages also .....

Yes it will render page on the web control , no guaretee as its purely on your css . But one of my client is using this for his wp website . You cann check the app here https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=co.uk.beanslist

We have everything put together and the plugins are in our plugin folder. We are having trouble with pulling up the app. We have changed the url inside conf.php. Is it possible to bother you for help with finishing the setup of the app we purchased from you. We need to finish this off A.S.A.P… PLEASE

Please add me on skype : rupenm ( Bangalore ) or email : rupen@techintegrity.in for all error messages

Hello! Before buying, I want to clarify! Is it possible to connect the geo location to users, so that they can be found on a common map later?

As of now we connecting lat and lon of users and updating to user table and when we send them the message we ask admin to enter the region or address and miles for which users should receive message . It wll then show the count and users and to them they can send message . This is already done and is been working for our client

One of our client is using , check the app link below https://goo.gl/Xiq3DZ

Most important our support is limited to email’s only and if you cannot fix or have any issues we help you but will cost you extra . For customization we request you to contact us on skype : rupenm ( Bangalore) or email : rupen@techintegrity.in

error 500! help me please!

Please email more detials on the error you got just 500 Error wont be enough to work . Please also send me all software that you installed on your cloud .


I sell courses through subscriptions on a WordPress site. In case, Subscriptions is a plugin that allows me to create and manage products with recurring payments.

Therefore, Subscriptions plugin provides a number of classes for instantiating and working with subscription objects.

The Subscriptions plugin is already installed on the site and the admin already manages subscriptions;

That said:

1) Can I manage my products, categories and orders from WordPress dashboard with your app? 2) Can customer manage his order and view his history order from a menu with your app?

Summarizing, I need basic operations to be done in a WordPress Database. (Create and manage products with recurring payments) 3) When a user creates new subscription through your app, a new subscription will be created in WordPress Database site; 4) User can view specific subscription through your app that is connected to WordPress site; 5) User can view all the subsriptions from your app; 6) User can update a subscription from your app; 7) User can delete a subscription from your app;

for features and customization please contact us on skype : rupenm ( Bangalore ) or email : rupen@techintegrity.in for more details .

nice code.. still supporting this code? and provide custom support with additional $?

for features and customization please contact us on skype : rupenm ( Bangalore ) or email : rupen@techintegrity.in for more details .

i add it you on skype