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I setup the wordpress, but I am not able to access to the cms, I am getting a 500 error and your demo is not working,

Please send me your skype , as i cannot guess the cause of this . Also keep your teamviewer ready . Or send me your ftp or cpanel on skype and we will debug this .

I can’t login to the Demo app. Its’ shows LOGIN ERROR..

ok will check and update you .

I need help in a simple setup, Domain: www.meuapp.tk Installation in the root folder

$SITE_TITLE="Welcome to ".$SITE_NAME;

I can not access the cms Can you help me? Sorry, I’m Brazilian and I had to sweat google translate

Please help me with ftp and cpanel details on my skype rather then sharing in public .


Hello, i have this online directory


can i apply this to listings instead of posts? my site is build with wordpress and appthemes.com vantage.

I will like to provide to my customers the chance to send push notifications by themselves.

can this be achieved with your system?

best regards

this can be achived but need some knowledge on php -mysql and about wordpress plugins .

Hi there! I sent you the information you request in Skype, can you please let me know if you are able to check the issue.

can’t connect to server on demo


said Purchased


I’ve managed to successfully install and setup as per instructions in your documentation here https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Rclemx_9NOkYiMorUPx5ZcHHYYdVw5Kd1xP76_BDnw0/edit#heading=h.4gnao0c5s7fj. I can access the CMS no problems. I also don’t know where else there is more documentation please advice if there is any.

However, I am a bit confused and actually disappointed, I was/am under the impression that the Wordpress version/app comes with the Event Manager which clearly it does not or am I missing something?

The reason I downloaded this app was because I needed to the Event Manager/App.

From the looks of it, I need to create the following which is on your screen grab/product description on my own using CPT plug in which kinda defeats the purpose of getting the app in the first place:

My Events My Listings My Blog My News My Videos

Kindly confirm if that is the case or again am I missing something here. As I went through the documentation and it does not say anything about creating any of the above.

I do know how to create the above using CPT plugin however, the names & reference in the mobile app are going to be different and again, that’s not the reason I bought this app.

Thanks & Regards Said


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I think you should correct your statement, because based on the current download of the app, events cannot be created in wp-admin unless we create a custom post type or install a event manager plugin. Again, this has been my point since the beginning.

If as you say it can be done in wp-admin please show me where because, having installed the app and got everything running there is no event creation feature in wp-admin.

That is simply the fact and for you to state otherwise is misleading.

Regards Said

I dont think its misleading , also there is enough document and explained all feature with sticker if you cannot read this then i am helpless . We have given all required plugins in this app for you to create event , Further to this lets stop here . Let me know if you need any help technicallly .


said Purchased

Hello Rupen,

You have simply provided supporting features for events but not the event creation itself, which what I have been stating since the beginning of this post. But you are claiming that you can “Create Events” in the app which you can’t.

Again if you say it can “Create Event” please show me on a fresh wp install after your app has been installed where I can create the “Event” not the supporting features like GEO, etc because there is no “Event Creation” plugin the only plugins are:







And the plugins you provide are supporting features for events not Event Creation plugin, there is a major distinction and I would suggest you “read” what I am saying.

And as I have also indicated that I made a mistake in understanding what your sticker/banner describes, because it implies/misleads a consumer that the “Event Listing” is part of the app and is so strongly in the sticker.

Again I will say, I will make do with the app.

Thanks & Regards Said

Hello, we are using Wordpress Multiste with multiple instance, do your app support wp multiste? we need to load latest post from wp instances

do your app using built-in wp api in wp 4.7?

I have been trying to put this app up mon the web for 2 months still having problems. Need help please.

need help. Need this app built properly and placed on my server are you available if so when

Can this support a Woocommerce site?

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How will this integrate with the Superlist directory theme? Will it display all the CPT’s of the directory listings?

We have no idea about Superlist theme . yes it display all Menu from menu item table .


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Hi, demo link is dead. Kindly advise.

hi. I purchased and downloaded the product. I can’t seem to get into the cms. I keep getting “Username or password is wrong”. Please help.