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I’m interested in buying, 1- dose it uses Wordpress users knowledge? 2- does it support all Wordpress plugins, and users database to act with website plugins? 3- does it appears Wordpress theme of the website and it’s graphics? 4- does it needs any coding?

If I have Wordpress website with commerce, directory listing, classifieds, ... will it work?

1. Yes it uses wordpress 2. I think it should support but i cannot assure you. 3. yes it has nothing to do with theme . This just take the database and use the same path in ionic app. 4. Yes you should know some coding . We cannot affort free installation on your server with this so if you think you know wordpress and php then only buy this . IF you dont know then we charge extra for installation and customization . Please email rupen@techintegrity.in for more details .

Demo link is broken?

Is this able to play facebook embedded video ?


My worpress website is able to play.

For new post by users , does this able to post from both wordpress and mobile app ?


amal227 Purchased

where’s the manual?

can this work with buddy press?

i have not tried but you can change the code and do the required fixes .

Does it support push notification ?

Any demo wordpress site and ios app that can show for listing, videos ?

Does it support image slider in App ?