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I created the mobileAPI folder in my WP root directory, uploaded the PHP files and changed the URL, CK KEY and CS KEY. I also changed the base URL in the services.js file to match my domain URL, however there are no products that appear. I only see the menu bar. Do you have any suggestions on how to get the products to appear? Thank you in advance!

got it! changing line #38 in the API.php to a $returnArray = array( ... ) opposed to $returnArray = [ ... ]. worked. thanks for pointing me in the right direction!!

one more thing, does this app support product variations out of the box, or will I need to integrate that into the plugin? For example, colors and sizes. Currently, I just noticed the ability to click to add a product. Thanks again for all your help

The api.php file has access to the whole woocommerce api, so it is ust a matter of customizing the api.php file as per needs and customize the mobile app to do with the data as needed.

Let me know if you have any difficulties with that.

Hello, Great Job , i ve to ask some questions about this App,i m looking for a offline ecommerce app that can syncronize requests when user is connected to internet. i will develop it and i need to send an email to productors after they compile forms, it is possible or it is complex to implement?? Once im connected to internet this app will syncronize my information, new products Etc..?

Thanks for the future Answer. E

Hi Emanu, Those features are all possible but you will have to understand ionic and angular in order to be able to achieve it.



Hi, Could you please let me know is that Possible to Add buddypress JSON Api to display Activities and Groups

Hi rahulb,

You will need to add it yourself for now.



Hi, great job,

Can you explain more one where did you retrieve data for the product information and images? I see that there is this returnData in controller.js, but having a difficult time locating it or where data is stored or retireved for the products. Thank you in advance!

The Woo php file server the data from wordpress. So you would have to make sure that the api (the php file) serves that data first and then you can set it up in the ionic app.

From my understanding, I would have to create a Woo account and upload my products there, then have the api calls into my woo server?

No, all your products will be in your wordpress website.

Hello, is there a way to change currency from us dolllars to AUD

Yes, just change the currency in Wordpress and in the templates change the USD/$ sign to AUD.

I have an issue, whenever I follow the instructions for build of the chat application and put the apk build on my samsung s3 it says can not connect to firebase, where as it works on the ios simulator and on my desktop?

Hi elyochola,

Could you try to use crosswalk and then use the USB Debugger to find the problem?



Nothing appear on Crosswalk either, Have you got skype or email details to walk me through the build process incase i’m doing something wrong? Because I followed the steps in the documentation to the letter and still can not get a working build


You can contact me at ramayana@interfeis.com. But I might reply tomorrow since its already midnight over here in Jakarta.



Hi, I have finally managed to build the app but the camera and gallery options for profile picture do not seem to be working, I am using an iPhone 6 and have not changed any of the code. I am using a free iOS dev license, does that make a difference?

Its through the command line. For example ionic plugin add cordova-plugin-camera to add the camera plugin

Brilliant that did the job, thank you! I also have two issues with the messages: 1 – the firebase is appears in the chat window rather than the saved username 2 – whenever you click on the message text box you are presented with keyboard. if you only have one message in the chat window it gets moved up the screen and it leaves a tonne of white space

i can’t picture your description, mind sending me some screen shots ?

does it work with a magento store?

Hi megeness,

No, it does not.



I am a wordpress expert, but not a developer and not expert with ionic, I hope with visual studio 2015 to can use your code easily. is there a video tutorial or a step by step guide for not ionix expert people?

For example? because I bought this ionic ode and after 24 hours, I still have no idea how to transform that code into an app. fortunately the developer promised that he will develop some step by step video tutorials.. http://codecanyon.net/item/ionic-community-chat-pro/14656993

Do you think that this App is compatible with this woocommerce plugin? http://codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-product-scheduler/11615247 It add the dates of availability and not availability for the products in the products page…

Hi raggimatteo,

Well, the woocommerce scheduler is on the backend and is about the availability, so it does not really have anything to do with the Ionic front end.



Will this be updated to support Firebase SDK 3.0?

Hi Elyochola,

There is currently no immediate plan for that.



Hi and thank you for this template, Do you have any apk with woocommerce?

No, not currently

How can i test your ecommerce part of the app? It is not working through ionic.

Woo Commerce Plugin also Support with this , i need to show seller feature also

any custmization possible from your end or future plan???

You mean for Woocommerce Plugins or anything else?

yes i need to add vendor feature to add with woo commerce wc-vendor

Will there be an update sometime or what?

Hi gerrithillebrand,

That is the plan, but I have no estimated date yet. Hope to be able to update in August.


Hi there, will this App automatically make use of the payment gateways we have at our wordpress+woocommerce website? We use EBS and PayU payment gateways of India.. Pls let me know. Thks.

No, you would have to code that by yourself.

does this app support custom woocommerce payment getway like, payumoney.com ? i ahve installed payumoney on my woocommerce store.

hi just bought app. what does this mean? On the command line, make sure you are in the /ionizer directory? What is the ionizer directory?

This will not pull the style of your wordpress site. You would have to do that yourself. Am looking at the wordpress demo and it seems like the wordpress api method I am using is deprecated. So the connection to wordpress will not work.

ok so if its deprecated when will it be fixed? I bought this for that purpose.

Well, to rewrite that could take a month or so. Will release an update once that is ready.

Any option to test the app before buying? or can you test the app with our URL and confirm so that we buy it here?

I bought an Ionizer licence and working on youtube api but wondering why youtube ads not appearing in app. Did you block them? How can I show ads in videos same as when a video is playing in youtube?

This looks interesting, however, I noticed that development appears to have stopped. Any plans for an Ionic 3 release?

Yes, I think it would be better to build a new one for that purpose