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Hello, Is it compatible with wordpress sites using Apppresser.com plugin that convert the wordpress to mobile app using ion theme? https://apppresser.com/extensions/ion-theme/


Hi, I dont think so. You need to confirm it with appresser.com.

Yes, but you need to custom it. You need HTML, CSS & Ionic skill to do it.

Demo for Ionic view is down – when the app is loaded im getting popup and then nothing happens. Please check it out and write me back

Hi, please download the demo from Play Store. Many of features does not work well on ionic view. Thanks.

Hi, is this support ionic2 ?

Hi, it is not supported for Ionic 2. We use Ionic 1 for this.

hello can i make dashboard buttons goes direct to pages not to the submenu plz explain how

Hi, you can use $state.go() to direct to pages

facebook and google api are not working followed the instruction in documentation

at at Scope.$eval ( 8:28) at Scope.$apply ( 57:23) at HTMLButtonElement.<anonymous> ( nic.bundle.js:62385:13) at HTMLButtonElement.eventHandler ( onic.bundle.js:16583:21) at triggerMouseEvent ( s:2948:7) at tapClick (

9 616759 log InvalidRegistration 10 640677 log InvalidRegistration JS changed: www\js\app.js JS changed: www\js\app.js 0 681334 error Uncaught ReferenceError: PushNotification is not defined ,, Line: 24 1 684580 warn Google Maps API warning: InvalidKey https://developers.g oogle.com/maps/documentation/javascript/error-messages#invalid-key 2 684961 error Google Maps API error: InvalidKeyMapError https://develo pers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/error-messages#invalid-key-map-err or

Facing problem in push notification

“Google Maps API error”

Looks like the Google Maps API key was invalid. Please get a new key.

Can I use this for an ecommerce as well? Will it duplicate the site?

Hi, yes this app is used for WooCommerce. It will not duplicate your site. We only use WoOCommerce API to synchronize your site with the app.

Need this app to be set up properly. So will be needing your help or needing you to do and place it on Our server. ARE YOU AVAILABLE AND IF SO WHATS THE PRICE?

Hi, what can I do for you?

hello i am facing a problem with receiving the notification and i open it it goes to app with opening two alerts one of them show the json of the message and the second shows the message why is the first alert shows plz help

Hi, it seems that your notification worked well. Alert just to show that the notification worked, you can remove the alert.

Thx for ur reply the problem is it show tow alerts and the first one is pure ajax codes plz i want to remove it tell me how

I installed this and got an error will this cause problems later? Error: Failed to fetch plugin https://github.com/EddyVerbruggen/Toast-PhoneGap-Plugin.gitls via git. Either there is a connection problems, or plugin spec is incorrect: Error: git: Command failed with exit code 128 Error output: Cloning into ’/var/folders/dm/6hr13l715s71_4tm3_pk6gx80000gn/T/git/1490299792731’... remote: Repository not found. fatal: repository ‘https://github.com/EddyVerbruggen/Toast-PhoneGap-Plugin.gitls/' not found

Hi, I think the problem is with the internet connection. You can try it again.

1. I have a php/mysql web site. The database has an authorization table for login. Can this App connect to the site (mySQL table) and do authentication?

2. Do the app has a local database storage for offline views?

Hi, you need to custom it. It needs AngularJS and Ionic skill to do it. We only sell template and some features with cordova on it. Yes, database storage tutorial using LocalStorage.

Is there any option to test before i buy? or you can test the plugin and confirm so that i can proceed ahead with the purchase?


uaedes Purchased

Hi , I have problem with last version : 1- Click send mail with android s7 not work 2- external link not work (inappbrowser)


uaedes Purchased

Error: undefined is not an object (evaluating ‘n.plugins.socialsharing’) shareViaEmail@http://xxxxxx:8100/js/ng-cordova.min.js:9:8266 email@http://xxxxxxx:8100/js/controllers.js:1219:27 fn

Hi sorry too late, you can try to re-install the plugin. You can check here: http://ngcordova.com/docs/plugins/ to the plugin you wanna install to.

hello i have two questions

1- can i make push notification goes to certain page when opening it 2-how to add woocommerce api to the project

Hi, yes you can. But you need to custom it. Woocommerce API works with Ionstore, you need to check it. It use Ionic 1.

Does this run on Ionic 3 ?

Hi, not yet. Sorry.


I want to create a social network with Ionic. I intend to use PHP with MySQL on the backend. Does this app have the structure I need?

Hi, we need to know more detail about your social network app features. You can check our latest Ionic 3 template app. Ionic 3 one of the best framework to build app. Check it here: https://goo.gl/6qKcWa

If you have detail question, please email us: ionicpremium@gmail.com

PreSales question: I’m between purchasing Ionium 2 – Ionic Multipurpose App using Ionic 3 or Ionium – Ionic Premium Multipurpose App what are the differences between this two? If I purchase Ionium 2 will I get the same functionality that Ionium or which should I choose if I want to make an app with Youtube, WooCommerce, Wordpress, Booking, Registered only download area supports?

Hi, Ionium use Ionic 1. Ionium 2 use latest Ionic (Ionic Angular or typescript). You can read about these here: http://ionicframework.com. Ionic Angular has better performances, but of course you will need a basic typescript skill to customize our product. Based on your need, I think Ionium 2 is better for you. You can check our demo app before making purchase. Thanks.


emma-b Purchased

Not very compatible with the latest iconic and cordova. I didn’t had this information before buy and now I’m stuck with this (cannot downgrade to ionic 1, for lot of reasons). Not very cool from you ionicpremium. You specify versions for everything on the product except the most important thing? Very disappointed

Hi, you should purchase our Ionium 2 if you need latest ionic version. Please do refund request and you can purchase ionium 2 instead. Tks

The platform command has been renamed. To find out more, run: Any help on this or should we also download ionium 2 ?

I ask for refund so i can buy V2 ist that ok for you?

Yes please do refund, thanks


v43dev Purchased

Hello , this is a IONIC V1 version ?

I have tried on IONIC3, the code does not work actually. I have emailed you. Please reply fast. Thank you.