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Hi, Can we have feature to moderate user sign up? The account wont be activated until the app owner does not activate it manually from CMS?

if u know how to develop,u can add it.if u need customization,email us

I purchased the app, It’s working fine on my local host. But when I build android, App launches, but not showing any products. Literally, anything fetches from the server I think. Please help.

check your woocommerce key and secret.if still error,send your config file to our email

Thanks for your quick response. It’s fixed, It was because some plugins were not working well. After updating all Cordova plugins then works perfectly.

I’m only focussing on COD. How to add Cash on Delivery instead of payment gateways? I enabled in woocommerce payment methods. How it can be done it on the app?

u can change source code to add cod payment


We need more technical information:

did your use ionic CLI to create this app?

can you keep the project update? because we see from your package.json file that you are using version 3.7.1 of ionic-angular package, we need at least ionic-angular 3.9.0 because it supports angular 5.

Why your app not using build in WooCommerce authentication API? we saw that you require a plugin to generate ionic2WooStore secret key!!

One more think, is the description of this product not updated? Title said ionic 3 but you specify ionic 2 in tags and descriptions.

Thank you

Thank you for reply, but what do you mean by only change ionic.config.ts !! I think that you mean ionic.config.json !!!! We thought that to update we need to change package.json but we are afraid of break changes.

u can make a copy of download file,then update it.change package.json,u can check ionic 3.9 package.json file

ok, Thank you for reply

Application is not available in Ionic view. Is it completely using woocommerce api or you have a custom API as well?

woocommerce and our custom api,email us for demo. wolfljj@gmail.com

Does it support ios 11?

is there a desktop view for this theme in ionic ? iam looking to use as an auction site with a woo plugin, can it be customized

we can send android demo to u. wolfljj@gmail.com

We really need an update to 3.9.0 especially ionic-angular and using RXJS lettable operators. This will result in a smaller, faster application.

Thank you

u can update by change package.json

we are afraid of break changes, you can’t just update, it’s not safe !! ionic-angular 3.9.x is using angular 5, and you know your source code and what API did you use.

We can’t just read all your source code, line by line, to discover if you are using deprecated APIs !! you are the owner, and I think that you can answer this question!

And what RXJS Pipeable (lettable) Operators? I don’t think that you use them because this requires RXJS version 5.5.

Thank you for advance

update ionic don’t need change source code.if u don’t want to do,u can wait we do.we don’t use pipeable.


When I try to build the project to android, I get this error:

Subproject Path: CordovaLib

Subproject Path: app

publishNonDefault is deprecated and has no effect anymore. All variants are now published. Configuration ‘compile’ in project ’:app’ is deprecated. Use ‘implementation’ instead. Failed to notify ProjectEvaluationListener.afterEvaluate(), but primary configuration failure takes precedence.

java.lang.IllegalStateException: compileSdkVersion is not specified. at com.google.common.base.Preconditions.checkState(Preconditions.java:456)

Can you please help me, please?

maybe caused by your android sdk version,we need more details,send all logs to our via email