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hi i am looking on code canyon for a very good ionic 2 app with wordpress/woocommerce integeration and i have found this on but before i buy this i need to now the following:

1. when a user is created on the wordpress website can that user login into the app with the login credentials from the wordpress site?

it use ionic version 2.0.0 now.We will update to ionic2 lastest version in a few days

ok i will wait for your update then i will buy the app


Hello, I have a woocommerce site and I know wordpress very well but I don’t know anything about mobile app.

1. If I buy this app, would I need any expertise to link my website to it?

2. Would this app show all the payment methods on my website?

3. Would this app show all the shipping methods on my website?

4. Would this app show all the product variables on my website?

Expecting your response asap.


1.you need know how to build the app use ionic. 2.app contains paypal and stripe payment.if you use special payment,you can let customer pay via site,then app will open a browser and show your website in the app. 3.payment can set use our wordpress plugin,you can set method title and cost.the method will show in woocommerce order detials. 4.yes.you can test use ionic view.check our app details.

hi i would like the product image on full screen / display is that posible? (since you have set add to cart a cart on the voter it will be nice to have a full images and scroll for more info

you can use ionic native to implement the feature if you know how to develop,otherwise you can contact us for custom development by email

How can I test the demo ?, on the computer, on the mobile? how?

u can download ‘ionic view’ and type the id. http://view.ionic.io/

how to use it for grocery store. as customer need to select quantity at product list page & which adds products to cart, is that possible?

customer can change quantity in cart page

but not at product list page.

it need change list page show type,if you need,you can contact us for customization development


anabader Purchased

I have noticed a number of updates , what is new ?

pelase check changlog in zip

Hello there,

If I buy this product , can I change the layout of the app , colors .. etc ?! and how?!

Regards Ayman

yes,you can change that.You need to know how to develop

That is a fast reply so :

Hello there,

I want to build a mobile app for my client woocommerce website , we will need for ios and android.

1- One language / more than one 2- Payment gateways : paypal + stripe 3- Integration with Woocommerce product addon (https://woocommerce.com/products/product-add-ons/)

Also include time frame.You will compile the apps for us too

Can you develop it for us ?!

Regards ayman_magedy@yahoo.com

email to you.