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Hello , Can you Help me For upload On Our Server and i don’t know about ionic Framework so much that why ?

it is only for design

hello my friend ... I bought your template Ionic-2 Dating App Template can u help me and do it to me i have specific notes pleas reply what price u want to coplete this project

its just a template so i want make full app  with database and finaly  apk app  for work

my email is : samabc1co@gmail.com

send email iam every day on iam whating send me u whats app numper

sorry i am not freelancer now.

Hi love your app. will you consider video chart feature? it helps to engage more user

this app only for design.

Hello, i would love to buy this theme, but can you please tell me if the keyboard on iPhone opens properly when you tab the Message Box of the Chat View?

yes its working properly

Just bought it. when I run Ionic serve. i just get a blank browser please advise

update ionic2 after run npm install

Hello guys !!! Please help us out of this trauma we have bought the subscription from you and now application does not run on installing all npm modules Its a ionic-angular version mismatch i know please mail me your code once again or look into mine. I want my refund if you have no any solution. please reply asap.

Add photo is not working it gives the following error file:///storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.muslimhud.app/cache/IMG-20170305-WA0007.jpg?1488825606782 error{code to resolve filesystem path.”}

please reply to this post

i gave only for design. plz check ionic2 documentation


pblu Purchased

Hi Id like to convert your code to another use. Will I receive all the code on both platforms and I can change every aspect? I need to add APIs and other screens. Im not sure which license to buy. I’m only building 1 app for myself.


pblu Purchased

About the license, it says “use in a product that’s sold” I’m not selling the software. I intend to use it like you do, as a kind of social network communication software. But I’m not selling software. So $19 license? Will I see all the code, no objects that are pre-built?

Hi I’ve just bought the product. I followed the instructions running “npm install” and “ionic serve” but an empty browser is opened with the following console error: [18:45:45] build dev failed: Cannot set property ‘fileSystem’ of null. Can you help me understand the problem ?

please update ionic2

Already buy the scrit please could you help me upload it to google play

Why the earth people cant understand that this is just a template?

hi. I’ve got the same issue as henviale had 4 days ago. You suggest to update ionic2. i’ve used ionic v 2.2.3 (the latest) and its fails. I’ve also tried it with 2.1.18. It also fails. I suspect its a mismatch with @ionic/app-scripts .. .the package.json says 0.0.45. I tried 0.0.48 and 1.0.0 with no luck.

I checked one of my old projects and found that i’m using ionic-cli 2.18 with angular 2.1.1 (the same as your app) and have 0.0.39 for app-scripts.

So I down graded app-scripts in the package.json and its now builds and serves.

What versions are you using for your ionic cli? Am I on the right path?

I’ve been trying to use yarn lately but it’s not going to help if the ionic-cli version is effecting the build

Thanks Duane

I would like to know if there is a possibility to make the purchase of the application … and the company already give me it configured, translated and ready to work.