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Hi George! Great app! I have a question… Would like to create a product, and tried to generate a link with generateQuery(‘POST’, ’/products’, CONFIG, params) but it gives me 400 Bad Request error for the url… any ideas? Thanks a lot!

Hello @imokweb, thank you for contacting me.

Usually this means that something is wrong with the object you are posting. Could you please send me a POST example including your object to my email gtsopour@gmail.com?

Best George

Hi George. Can I use stripe on this app?

Stripe is payment service https://stripe.com/

Hello , I’ve a client who hire me on freelancer , he has buy your plugin but after setup it on my Phonegap CLi the plugin doesn’t load content

Hello @amdal13, have you already followed the instructions I have prepared here https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vwPX0DMufCnWJ-PbK7-IiBy5aSZKaMN4hp1IuBsbCUk/edit#heading=h.3tad7lnadfoz regarding the Adobe PhoneGap build? In addition could you please send me your config.js to my email gtsopour@gmail.com including your Android version?

Best George

This script isn’t working nor any support from developer. Beware before purchasing

Hello @kevinsh25, thank you for contacting me.

Could you please send me your config.js in order to check that for you?

Best George

Replied you by email. Please do reply

When will be the release for next version ? thanks

Hi any plan for stripe payment ?

i wants yo buy this product but before i buy i wants to ask that, Is PayUmoney payment gateway supported in this?

Hi is there any video guide how to setup and run for test. i m not developer.

how to change design and css stuff all stuff?


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is there a search function for specific products? o normal search?


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// Share Product $scope.shareProduct = function() {

var subject = $scope.product.title; var message = $scope.product.short_description; message = message.replace(/(<([^>]+)>)/ig, ””); }

var link = $scope.product.permalink;
//Documentation: https://github.com/EddyVerbruggen/SocialSharing-PhoneGap-Plugin
//window.plugins.socialsharing.share('Message', 'Subject', 'Image', 'Link');
window.plugins.socialsharing.share(message, subject, null, link);

Please reply, so soon, greetings


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link to “Pay in Web” error 404….....Please answer the mail, you recommend contacting the mail for better solutions, but you are too late to reply

Hello @abayuba, thank you for contacting me.

These two things are mobile based features. So, my question is are you checking them in the browser or after building your product?

Best George

Configured config.js and its loading categories, no.of products, i can view catalog, but not fetching any images, can you please explain what am i doing wrong? And what can i do fix the same.. I am also dropping in an email to your email address with certain queries, please do have a look at it too..

i guess this discussion is dead already, people reading this pls think before you buy this code, this developer no more respond to emails and on discussion board here, its been 10 days, i am awaiting the response, the code supplied doesn’t seems to work as it looks in demo.. wasted my money on this code..

Hello @tanhatariq, sorry for the late responses but the last period my time was very limited. I’ll try to check and answer the next days all the open support requests.

Sorry again for the delay. George

Hai gtsopour,

We have problem with PayPal integration when we click on PayPal button its not even redirecting to PayPal payment page can you please tell me how to enable PayPal payment gateway please let me know a way to sort this out.


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Once we will enable API we can simple host app on respective stores and mobile app will be live with all the eCommerce features ?

How to handle additional features or plugin we have added on top of basic woocommerce functionalities ?


If I’m using custom buying modules with woocommerce like minimum 5 qty for each purchase would that work with this code?

Also same question for custom products like upload images upon purchase would that work here too??