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tmleeek Purchased

where is push notification

push notification auto get if you have a NEW message

Are these your new updated version ?

1. Send Text, Photo, Video, VOICE, Sticker, Location Message 2. Voice Chat

Send Text, location, photo are working in current version

Hi, Pre purchase questions… (1) Voice chat feature working in this version or another same App of this https://codecanyon.net/item/full-ionic-application-for-messaging-mobile-application-hichat/17678798?s_rank=1

(2) What are different between your same app of Hichat as 19 USD vs 20 USD and why?

(3) Send Text, Photo, Video, Voice, Sticker, Location Message All of those function are working correctly??? I don’t see these feature in another of Hichat version of sale.

HiChat – $19: this is template, Hichat – $20: this is FULL APP

So, If I buy, 20$ one to be purchased, right? And Send Text, Photo, Video, Voice, Sticker, Location Message, Are those working??

no video, voice my friend. you just send text, photo, sticket, location

how to add a intro page with link to 1) login page 2) terms and privacy page

you can open source and add anything? our source is not encrypted anything my friend.

At What price I can buy the full application working in IOS & Android

this is FULL Source, you can use it for iOS and android

I have already bought it but I don’t have the update for the new features that are in the other application (Full Ionic Application for Messaging Mobile Application – HiChat). Why ? You told us that it was the same application.

we are working for this my friend. what is features which you want it?

Just have the same code as the other application (voice…)

we do not understand your question?

hi do you have voice chat and calling feature in this app? does it support web admin, ios and android? do you provide installation services? and few customization?

no my friend

Hey, do you have a video that I can follow in setting up the app?

I am not clear in understanding the following:

1) Do I replace the code in my project files created at first or yours downloaded from here?


To be clear on what I am asking: 1) You wrote “Copy the code and replace old config in www/index.html.

Is it my index.html file or yours downloaded from here to be edited?

yes, you must override all file with our source

I have Downloaded App via Ionic View app i try to setup my iphone for test but i am unable to see UK, United Kingdom or England on your app country list

in Ioniview, we only make some country in demo, all country is avaialbe for this item

When send voice, video will be ready ? i want special request Video Admob for my customer, our member must see the video to get point or reward, can you do this for me? i have more budget for it. thanks

we can customize this app for more features if you want it. we do not support for customization

FB and Google Plus Login, Is this app using firebase ?

we are working for this

how long u will take because to verify number we need sms api and using fb we can do it easily because max account are verfied by fb

we are working for this