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this app support voice chat only or video call too ?

sorry no

our app only support CHAT

Hello Tdmobile,

I bought this app a while ago but today I came across another similar app here: https://codecanyon.net/item/full-ionic-application-for-messaging-mobile-application-hichat/17678798

is it the same or different. if different i would like to refund this one and buy the other one.

Thank you.

hello, sorry for reply later because we do not work on a weekend We have just replied your ticket.

Are you interesting to upgrade this app? can I have a open code?

Yes, you can extend this app. it does not encrypt anything

Not… Sorry. ARE YOU keep upgrading this app?


What is included with this? Is this just a theme or complete app with devloped. I am not a developer. Do i need to hire developer? If i get this file?

Hello, this is a theme for ionic. this item included html, css, javascript for this theme

no video and voice call in demo apk please assist

Yes, in current version. We do not have voice call feature

I have a few pre-purchase questions my friend – 1) what do you use PHP for in full version? Is it used to dynamically create HTMLs and sen them on client? 2) in smaller app which you sell for $19, does it have chatting (sending message) in that app? 3) In smaller app, do you also have notifications working? 4) Smaller app – can we change the database of your source is open? My developer wants to use MySql, so is it possible to replace Firebase with MySql using my developer? Also, is it complex? 5) Also I want to know if your code of a smaller app will work on the normal web also (on a normal PC computer/laptop)?

replied another your comment

Can I login similar to messenger facebook? By the user’s ip with my own website?

sorry no

If you can add voice & video call on next update ??

Yes, we are working for this

If I buy you can change my app name & logo since no knowledge about coding -thanks.

only name and logo, yes

cant test now?? and what is the backend? i mean for the data store

Hi, Backend is firebase

Hi, App screen shot look very nice. I have few query regarding this app. What is Ionic version? Is Voice recording, audio and video attachements are working?

Hi, this item is theme. not full app

Hi, you can test before you buy
1.Download the Ionic View app (http://view.ionic.io )
2.Use the App ID: 90427a00

no puclic channels for app not fount. I get an error.

Hi, we have just try to demo, it works

hi, your full app “Full Ionic Application for Messaging Mobile Application” is “Item no longer available” Is true?

We removed that item

can you make a full version? Thanks

Hi, we will plan for this

Application failed. I do not like. App still does not work. Please issue a refund. Had I known this earlier, I would have never bought it. Thanks.

Hi, this item is THEME, you can use it for your project. it is not a FULL app