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this app support voice chat only or video call too ?

sorry no

our app only support CHAT


gomcoite Purchased

Hello Tdmobile,

I bought this app a while ago but today I came across another similar app here: https://codecanyon.net/item/full-ionic-application-for-messaging-mobile-application-hichat/17678798

is it the same or different. if different i would like to refund this one and buy the other one.

Thank you.

hello, sorry for reply later because we do not work on a weekend We have just replied your ticket.

Are you interesting to upgrade this app? can I have a open code?

Yes, you can extend this app. it does not encrypt anything

Not… Sorry. ARE YOU keep upgrading this app?


What is included with this? Is this just a theme or complete app with devloped. I am not a developer. Do i need to hire developer? If i get this file?

Hello, this is a theme for ionic. this item included html, css, javascript for this theme