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. This templete what price? whether templete can be used for multiple domains. and if possible, costs how much?

ONE order = one license = ONE domain my friend ! you should make multiple Orders if you want have multiple license

how steps purchases this template? I am from Indonesia, how much is this templete? templete if it can be used in blog

if this version of the web like what? if it’s a mobile version, if the web version such as what?

it is mobile app, not a website. you can use it to upload to google play or apple stores and make money from Adverties

Is there a way I can get the most recent update of the full app automatically? So that i dont need to ask every time?

no, google play and apple store always require manual UPGRADE for any app, so we need manual update it

No i am saying the full app source file

you can download LATEST version, then copy (EXCLUDE setting file) to override to OLD source, it is simple !

hello Hienntt,Few time back i purchased it and you tried to send full version on my emails.But i could not get it till date.Could you please let me know the subject line of your email of send it again on bhimtalk@gmail.com


which file i should use in android studio for edit ….is in that zip file u which u hv mailed is there demo app

we sent latest version for you. please carefully read our document. our app use IONIC for develope,

Hello!! I am interested to buy for the presentation of our screens, mobile one of your own application. Note (important to us) that we would like more than just the other functions we see that we have to do this: When someone visits our bits from his cell to appear in mobile format, without having to make other installation moves . If you do any of your applications and what; Thanks!!!

This is mobile app. Not website for mobile

How can i add admob?

you can edit admod in js/admod.js

error need help

please read CARE our document for installation

thanks. pls give us your license + apk file

No have .apk Where do I send you my license?

Please do not comment at here.
please open a ticket at here: http://buy-addons.com/store/support/
and give us your SKYPE
so we can tracking your issue

Friend I already own this Https://codecanyon.net/item/full-mobile-application-for-wordpress-news-blog-magazine-website-wordpress-mobile-app/18372913?s_rank=4

How can I make it look like this?


I liked the style how can I have it in my current one?

you can use CSS to customize this app for your style

I wrote a ticket and you did not answer… Need Support my friend

we are on holiday Dec 31 to Jan 2, What is your ticket ID? we replied many tickets

[#1826] error build app ….. need help Friend I’m a customer, buy your app on a holiday. December 31 is holiday and buy that product and today is January 3 and I could not do all of the video

we replied your ticket, we discussed on yesterday !

I can not add comments inside the app.. I can login but still i can not add any comments.

Please do not comment at here.
please open a ticket at here: http://buy-addons.com/store/support/
and give us your admin account + APK file
so we can tracking your issue
i think you DID NOT edit htaccess and wp-config like our document

Thanks.. Yes you are correct. I didnt edit the htaccess. Thanks for your fast response.

hi, Can you RATING 5 stars our module for help us, so we will very happy for this. thanks !

Hello how about firebase notifications? It’s already ready to use in the android or ios template ?

we are use onesignal service, it is free, it is best for notification


Very beautiful layout. Will I be able to use the same template in IONIC 2 Apps? How will it work or how can I integrate this design template in my IONIC 2 App?

Is it possible?

Thanks Sanny


how can I integrate this design template in my IONIC 2 App as folder structure and angular syntax is completely different as per IONIC blog.


you must learn IONIC 2

I bought template and full application. How do I combine them?

Our app like 100% template, what is difference?

Just one sample; http://i65.tinypic.com/2cxevsp.jpg This 100% same?

yes style is like 100%, but in FULL App, we only keep 4 tabs???

i buy this but i cant post comments on the app also no avatar can any one help?

yes you can post comment, avatar is NOT required

hello sir i want to purchase this app i want to know one thing can i add urdu news in this app and i want to drawer menu in left sight can i do this

Menu Left is Categories from wordpress website, you can add more, customize icon for category from your wordpress website. our app will auto reload it.

Hey I need your Help. I want to Buy this app template. So I have Many query. so can u give me ur SKYPE ID?

hello, We do not uder skype. if you have any problem, please open a ticket: http://buy-addons.com/store/support/

please do this app work offline?

sorry no

Can we automate the new post notification in this app. I mean is it possible that if I am posting a new post on my blog or website user get instant notification automatically and when user click on that particular notification then he lands on the particular post.

But Google or Apple will report this app as SPAM because too much notification sent, So we will not do this

I there any option or alternate of sending automated notification and notification will not be too much may be 15 or 30 in a day when a new post published. You people can find another way as in Native app it is possible. There should also a way to overcome this situation. Can we automate via Onesignal as right now we have to send manually.

sorry no

Hey, very interested in buying this but a couple of questions: If a user log-in is this from Wordpress account? If a user Registers is this managed in Wordpress? Videos, is this fed from a Category? If a user is using device such as iPad will the news item tile in columns or will it be stretched across whole screen and look bad?

f a user log-in is this from Wordpress account? If a user Registers is this managed in Wordpress?
>> Yes
Videos, is this fed from a Category?
>> Video = POST have format = video
stretched across whole screen
>> Yes