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Thank you mate, i will wait. Good job!


HI is this app cross platform

Hi, I have somes pre-sales questions: 1. Can i customize interface of your app: color, icon, all images. 2. Can i manage all user (add new / edit/disable user) and disable register new user from public 3. On chat screen, can we send images, documents, video,...?

@and it seem you come from Hanoi? if so, i want more your support for customize app.

1: yes
2. no this is template for IONIC, we are connect it to wordpress backend

Hello, This is a nice looking template/theme, great job!

I was wondering what WP plugin you are using as the backend. I would like to research it a little bit to see if we can extend it for our use case before purchasing this template.

Thank you.

we are planning for wordpress in backend.

Thanks for your response. Just FYI – it seems country search for phone number in SignUp screen needs a fix. It seems to show only three countries, and doesn’t show the selected value once clicked.

you can add it easy from our source, it is NOT encrypted anything. you can modify it for your app

When are you going to release the WP backend for this template?
Any ETA?

And can you also tell please if you will exclude any functionality from this template while using WP backend? If yes, what exactly will be absent?

we are working for this


How long will you be working for the WP backend for this template? 2 months ago you were announcing about it but looks like you are not interested to release that backend… Why?

we are planning for this, this time is New year, so we are very busy !!

hi want to ask is this hotel list is from which source. Its online booking ? how can i get to earn from this


How to load this into ionic for a blank app?

we do not understand your question?

Nice app! When we are going to have backend?

we are working for this

Hi waiting for backend integration before purchase. Do you have an ETA on it?

this item is template for IONIC, it does not include backend


atro212 Purchased

Hi, I am a little confused about this template. Can I use it in Cordova or is it purely ionic framework? I want to connect it with my own api and dont want to use ionic website to edit the layout. Is this 100% possible or do i need to register with Ionic in order to edit and compile this app? I prefer Cordova as this is fully under Apache.org

I will purchase based on your answer.



atro212 Purchased

Thanks for that :)


atro212 Purchased

Only issue now I have not found any layered psd for the template. Please do you have psd?

sorry this is template for mobile, we only sell source for app, not sell design

if allowed to add or replace as needed when selecting extend my license? and if the regular license if this product can I use my company’s real in the hotel?

Yes, it allowed

Hi, Presale question, 3 budget with wp website, can I use this for App booking and, how to list my room back end. do i need programming knowledge?

this item is a template for IONIC, it is not a FULL App. you need programing to extend this for your app

Hello; when will have the backend ready ?, also plans the development of a web portal that works integrated to the app?, I’m waiting for the backend to buy your product, it has a good design. Thanks.

we are solve payment for this, all layout is finished

Hi, is the wordpress backend ready now? Are you releasing update? Please advise.

it is preparing to release it


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this item named is Ionic Theme, Ionic Template…



Can I use with any wordpress theme?



hello, this is a template for IONIC, cordova platform. it have html, css, javascript. you can use this theme to develope your app based IONIC