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Nice work.. Question: I have an affiliate with the following api-booking providers:

- https://www.hotelscombined.com - https://www.hotelscombined.com - https://sa.wego.com/en

Can i use your app to search from those sources and build a profitable via commertial app for myself? If not.. any plans? if So.. will you give help guides after pursing your app?

Please this is so important to me. Thanks a lot.

Yes, you can use it to make your mobile app

Hi this multiple hotel aps or single hotel ?

Hi, this item is a template. you can use it in your project

Ooo that means dont have a backend right?

oh yes

any apk for install in my cellphone?

Hi, this is template for mobile app. you can use IONIC VIEW
1.Download the Ionic View app (http://view.ionic.io )
2.Use the App ID: cc6ea805

i like the applications design, its for multi hotels ? coz i’m looking for somethings look like Booking.com

hi, this theme is for multiple hotel

and every hotel will have a backend to control the reservations for his hotel?

Hi, this item is a theme used for your mobile app. it is not full app

How run with ionic 3 ?

Hi, this is template. you can extend it for your project

this item is template. it is not full app. So no backend