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Hello, I will buy this if you have cash on delivery or Bank Transfer option in the payment. and should i have to pay extra money for this ??

Hello, I can add this feature at your request. Please email me on noodlio@seipel-ibisevic.com for further details.

Hi very nice app! Presale questions: 1. Can I add other payment methods like COD, Bank Transfer, Paypal and OKPay? 2. I don’t see the categories. Is it just product listing with the cats? 3. How hard is it to change the UI and layout? 4. Does it have product discounts and push notifications? 5. Does the user need to register at the checkout like most eCommerce? Thanks.

Hi there. Thanks for the interest. 1. Yes. 2. You have to add them in the Admin panel under “Categories”. 3. Should not be too hard, simply change the SASS variables and it updates everywhere. See: http://ionicframework.com/docs/cli/sass.html. 4. Discounts Yes, but no Push Notifications. 5. Yes it does. Note it will save the cart. If interested, buy the item with discount here: https://www.noodl.io/market/product/P201602271203444/ionic-shop-advanced-edition-full-ecommerce-app-w-stripe-payments-and-admin

Hi, any chance of adding a bitcoin payment solution to it?

Hi there. It could be a funny option indeed to add Bitcoin. I looked a little bit on Stripe and it seems relatively straightforward. I cannot guarantee adding it on the short term. See: https://stripe.com/docs/bitcoin

if I want to publish the both of android & ios, how should I do ?

Phonegap Build!

Thanks, are there any tutorial about your app by phonegap build?

Nice work..i have some questions Can i use stripe api for all countries ? i need to use it for Saudia arabic client is supported?

You can find the list here: https://stripe.com/global

Hey. I have a problem. All made ​​in the manual. When entering the admin panel , says “Login failed. Check your console for the reason”. I use Cloud9 + firebase. FBURL changed , OAuth added https: // [workspace-name] – [your-username] .c9users.io, still does not work .

Still it does not work. There is a redirect to console.firebase.google.com

I have files ready for the firebase v3?

I will investigate. Can you send me your email to noodlio@seipel-ibisevic.com so I can notify you? Thanks.

does this app included payumoney payment getway ?

hello. pre-buy question: is it now compatible with Firebase v3?

thank you in advance.

Firebase V3 stuff ready yet?