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GL With sales! Also 1 question. Can I integrate it with Buzzy (Akbilisim)?

Yes, Buzzy (Akbilisim) can be integrated with this app.

very good job, nice ;) i’m excited to see more of your work and wish you all the best for your sales !

Thanks for your message. We have couple of more solution for Gym and Education Institutions. https://www.envisionecommerce.com/store/mobile-apps/ionic-framework-apps.html

Is it possible to post news from backend instead of fetching from different sites?

Yes it is possible, we can customize this feature as well.

can you get me an demo for backed admin panel?


does this come with backend code ?

Yes it has both backend code in Laravel and App code in Ionic.

Hi there,

Can this app retrieve youtube/soundcloud?


I checked, this channel has limited videos. Also if any thing that gives Rss then we can add that in the app. See this, the Rss feed of this channel is not providing video or image or text so this will not work. https://www.youtube.com/feeds/videos.xml?channel_id=UChvgKLo-q2GXzsJBL4gubbw

seems Great app!! can we customize the app to post news through the app(even if we added on static super user) ? also is it compatible with both android and IOS ? and can we send push notification?

Yes we can do the customization. Yes it is compatible for both.

Do you notify in any way the new entries?

How is the update setup for news feed in the backend? Is there automatic update?

Yes, there is a cron that pulls news from these feeds and saves in db to show later

Can you give me ionic app id so that i can check it out on iOS?

We will send you ionic view I’d

Hello there,

currently we are running a newsdesk (website) sort of thing where our team(admins) posts news to the users. So, do you think this app will support our backend? If yes, I will buy this one right away. Let me know.

Hi, Thanks for your message. Yes our app is currently connected with Laravel backend. We will have to make new api from your backend to the app and it will then work for your current system. Can I ask, what is your current system built on? Please email us at products@envisionecommerce.com with details so that we can discuss and plan. There will be some customization (paid) but we can integrate it to your current system for sure.

Thanks for the clarification, sure I will write on the mail id, if I need any custom work to be done. Will be buying shortly. :)

Thanks, look forward to do business with you

Any plans to update this to ionic 2?

Hello, We are already in process and it should be ready early next month.

Thanks Envision Ecommerce

does this app have ad spaces?

can the links with google ads be replaced with my own ad tags?

>Yes But its a custom work and will be billable

Do you have the ios version Not Yet but we can create it.

>We don’t have ios app but we can make it for them at just $60

does this app come with a CMS and landing page for desktop (or portal)?

==>Yes it has a Admin backend but do not have a frontend for normal users.




do you offer free server installation support when given server credentials?

you can raise a support ticket at http://envisionecommerce.com/store/helpdesk/ and our team will assist you with this

Hello! Maybe you could send me the documentation, I want to check how hard it is to set it up. And is there a list view option available instead of that box view?

Please download this app, build on top of this code pool to check the actual things https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.carbonapps.afronews

alright, but is the list view available?

Hello Armins,

Can you explain which type of list view you want so that we will answer you.


Helooooo, is the list view available?????

Hello Armins,

Can you explain which type of list view you want so that we will answer you.


I’m talking about the main news page, where all these posts are just displayed by one, full-screened. I want to know is there a normal view available as well, on which you could normally just scroll through news, where you can see like 4-6 posts as it is on all others rss news apps

Hello….I have pre purchase query… 1. Is this Hybrid or Native ? 2. Does Code included in this…

Yes, you will get APK & Source Code in $30.

Source code of app as well as backend ??