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adminpanel ZIP is missing the install.sql file

Good day DaBlackGreek! It must be a renaming issue, we’ll fix that. Please supply us with your email address / send us an email to: studio@rockstarmediastore.co.za and we’ll send it your way. Apologies for the inconvenience. Thanks for the purchase!

where is the Login page for the admin panel, please provide a sample

The login does not come with the admin panel, you create your own login form. It also say so in the documentation because there are many ways of creating a login form and we didn’t want to include such sensitive data in the database. If you don’t know how to set up a login form please email us

where is the Login page for the admin panel, please provide a sample

answered below. email us at studio@rockstarmediastore.co.za if you require assistance with this. Thanks!

Hi i downloaded the iOS app demo on itune and i noticed that when you go past the start screen (i.e the screen with the splash event and the featured song and video) you cant seem to get back to it … it this by design?

Oh ok … but think about from a user experience perspective ... say the featured song interests me and so does the featured video but out of excitement i click through to the feature songs first… now i want to back to that particular featured video i was interested in …. i cant go back to it . so now i have go find it in the video tab with a possible long list of videos .. that will make leave the app

Also found a record label point if view .. featured items are my top items .. these are the things i was users to interact over and over again because a have a promotion riding on item

Hi Issone! Awesome! We value your feedback. We’ll look into it for the next update :)

Happy to help ... and if you need a UX analyst/ tester you know where to come :)

I unzipped the adminpanel.zip , and has not install.sql file. Can you tell me where it is located ? another asks from have to install some dependency that IONIC project because the manual is not saying anything about it .

Hi there! Thanks for your purchase! Apologies for that. We shall be updating the files on Monday, we accidentally forgot to include it. In the meantime, please give us your email address / email us at studio@rockstarmediastore.co.za and we’ll send you the files. Thanks!

Hi.. just a quick question before I buy. I tried the demo using ionic view to stream the music, but it open sound cloud streaming. I want to upload the mp3 (ogg file if it possible) to the server. Can this app stream to the mp3 (ogg) file that I upload?

Good day Vahndee! Thanks for reaching out! Yes it can stream to the mp3 (ogg) file that you upload.

Hi.. thanks for the quick reply.. :).

We are here to assist :)

Hi, i am very interested in your app, but i have a few pre purchasing questions:

1.) By viewing the ionic preview i noticed it is very sluggish when fetching data, how is the information fetched?

2.) Would it be possible to feed the news from an existing wordpress website?

3.) would it be possible to integrate pushed notifications?

Hi there! Thanks for reaching out… I think its because you are viewing it in Ionic view that’s what it might be a bit sluggish? Secondly, yes, you can pull a feed from Wordpress… and lastly, it does come with push notification services integrated :)

Thank you for the rapid reply! Ok I see, Now which services is used for pushed notification?

Hi… we’ve configured it with OneSignal….


Query SQL:

/*!40101 SET NAMES utf8mb4 */;

Mensagem do MySQL: Documentação #1115 – Unknown character set: ‘utf8mb4’

Good day REJWEB! Where are you getting that error. What did you do to to get it?

Hello , unfortunately you can not connect the app to the Admin panel , even changing the WWW / JS / services.js .

Hi conexaonova…To run IonicMusic project you have to use a local server like apache server and put the project in the htdocs. If you uploaded your admin panel to a live server, build the IonicMusic project to iOS/Android/Windows


Is your application supports live streaming rtmp? Is your web application saves the current streaming?

Thank you for your reply. Regards,

Hey Xtoons! Thanks for reaching out. Yes, the app supports live streaming! We don’t currently have an app that saves the stream, but we you can always use butt for this.

can we use direct link to mp3 instead of soundcloud?

Good day. Yes you can, you can also have a custom player integrated that can even do playlists and etc… if you choose – let us know if you’d like any assistance with this, however, it’ll require a bit of additional development.

Hello, are you using android studio or eclipse for the android version?

Hi there, Android Studio…

can play shoutcast? support aac shoutcast?

Hi there, yes…

Two questions: Is it possible to view documentation before purchasing and is there any documentation on connecting backend?

Hi there! Unfortunately not, we cannot give you documentation before purchase as it contains sensitive back-end information if you haven’t purchased the product yet.


kczilla Purchased

Hi – Just purchased your product. Where is the “Add Record” in the admin panel for Artists, Events, Songs, Videos, Stream, Featured Event?

Hi there! Did you end up coming right with the above? Thanks & Regards, RockStar_Media.

Hi im looking for an app like this , but user must be able to download the musics and videos not only listening , is this app have this option? any apk link too i can verify the app? thanks

Hi there, check out the Android & iOS versions for this app on our Codecanyon store, you’ll also see the AppStore links to the demo. The features you want will require additional development & we can always assist you with that.

I download ionic view , I enter your app code , it’s load but icant test it , look here https://www.dropbox.com/s/sjhza1hxhza8js2/Screenshot_2016-10-12-01-46-42.png?dl=0 I can’t remove this tip from the ionic app it keep displaying.

Hi there, thanks for letting us know. Are you still experiencing this issue? We will look into this ASAP.

hello, is the downloaded music can be copied by the user or not?

Hi, there, do you mean can they download it, with a bit of additional development, yes. Thanks & Regards, RockStar_Media.

How many artist can i add on the artist list?

As many as you like :)

I just bought your app and downloaded the source code and found out it was written in Ionic 1. Thus, it is very difficult to run your code in Ionic 2, where my environment is setup. Can you help to update it to Ionic 2 and give me the new source code in Ionic 2, please. Thanks a lot.

Good day. We are working on the Ionic 2 updates :)

is admob feature possible possible and does i have splash screen?

Hi there, admob is available with a bit of additional development, and yes, it does have a splash screen