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This app is ready now just generate the apk?

Hi! I have a couple of questions/requests: 1. Is it possible to add localization (so I can translate the App to and Admin page to my language)? 2. Is it possible to add admob? If so, how to do it? 3. Could you please provide a Login Page Sample for the admin panel? 4. Could you please add an upload form to the admin panel to make it easy to upload images? 5. Could you please provide the best dimensions for the images and banners? the ones used in songs, artists, videos, etc…



Thank you for the quick reply!

I haven’t figured them out, that’s why i wrote. I actually bought the item a while back, but found it it wasn’t exactly plug-n-play, so put it aside for a bit.

I worked on it a lot yesterday, and more things that are troublesome to me: 3. I still don;t know how to add the login page for the adminpanel 4. I dtill don;t know how to add an upload form to the “Images” fields of the adminpanel where they are required. 5. For the images I did find the images inside the img folder. I think these banners should be customizable from the adminpage, in case one wants to update them re-build apk and ios App won;t be needed.

Additionally, I now also have these other queries: 6. The three button image with: music, artists, videos doesn’t really work when I click on the items, could you please provide a different type of landing page? one that is more customizable? I also noticed that the bottom part of the landing page comes from the Stream DB, one from item 2 and the other from item 3. This is very random and not documented anywhere… 7. On the “More” items I added facebook links and it doesn’t open, it just blanks out… same with twitter, so i gave up adding more links 8. In the adminpanel therer’s no way to Add/Delete “db rows” to the database. 9. I saw you mentioned ina comment that adding RSS feed from WordPress can be done, but I couldn’t find how. 10. I was wondering if it’s possible to add the YouTube API from ionic to make it easier to set up the “Videos” section (one example would be https://github.com/hughred22/YouTube-Video-Listing-Ionic-Mobile-App)

Note: I’m using a APK built on build.phonegap.com and my SGS 7 to test the App.


David S

Hey there! Can you please send a support email to: studio@rockstarmediastore.co.za for further assistance. Thanks.

Hi! I just sent an email summarizing my inquiry. Thanks!

Hi! I have pre-purchase questions.

I am looking to have a music streaming like this but with a few additional features:

- Is it possible to have a user login and set up their profile? And is it possible to have the user upload the music they like and create playlist and share among friends? - Is it possible to have those artists to own their accounts for future updates of their releases, events and etc? And they will have a verified account if we know that person is a real one? - A small social network, when people are listening to a music, it will automatically post on their wall and their friends could comment, like, share or click to play the music as well.

If these are required additional development, can you please let us know how much would it cost to have such thing all in one place with your current features?

Please kindly email me at somvanndaATgmailDOT.com

Thanks Somvannda

Good day Somvannda! Thanks for reaching out… unfortunately at this stage we are not taking any additional development requests.

Thanks for your enquiry. Regards, RockStar_Media.

Nice app,

but the demo is not working in ionic view only showing featured image.

where admin panel demo i would like to see it before buying.

Thank You/

Hi there! Admin panel is currently unavailable for this demo.

Hi, you support shoutcast or icecast audio streaming?

Hi there, yes, you can integrate it.

Regards, RockStar_Media.

Question sir.. i have a m usic website and music files on my server. is this something i can use to play those songs? y website have a login system

Hi there. No, this application won’t allow you to do that. Regards, RockStar_Media.

HI, Im trying to test the app on ionic viewer but it tells me the code is invalid … Can you update me on that ?

Hi there. We are going to be working on a new version of this app shortly. Apologies for that.

Hi, when do you plan to push the new version?

Hi there. Possibly early next year in January.

Hello, is there a chance you can add a feature that allow fans to purchase their favorite audios and videos?

Hi there. No, not with this current version.