Support for IMABuildeRz v1 - Universal AppBuilder for Cordova/Phonegap/Ionic v1

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I get a blank/white page after activation?

Before following this step, update your imabuilder to the latest version (at least 1 month)

  1. Go to http://localhost/yourimabuilder/setup.php
  2. Then go to tab Test Your Server, if everything is OK go to step 3
  3. Click (IMAB) Activation Tab, then click Server 2 or Server 3
  4. Complete the form provided and click Register
  5. If still blank page, go to http://localhost/yourimabuilder/setup.php
  6. Then click (IMAB) Activation Tab, then click Activation Code Button (red Color)
  7. You will get imabuilder activation code, then Copy all code
  8. Paste in Activation Code code field,
  9. Then click Register Button
For servers that get the "Error 500 or Internal Server Error" error message, it means that the server does not meet imabuilder's system requirements. you should use another server that is better and stronger

System Requiredments:

- PHP 5.6.x or latest
- Disk Free Space 300MB
- zlib extension or php zip, gd,  ImageMagick
- Zip Software
- and also safemode: off, mod_security: disable, memory_limit, upload_max_filesize, post_max_size, max_input_time, max_input_vars  (php code may write php code or create zip file or create many images without being blocked by security)

I have a website that has RESTFULL-API, can it be used?

Yes, You only need to match the column on imabuilder table with your json format

for example if I have a website that has complicated logic? how to handle it?

For cases like this, you should use a pagebuilder Full Webview feature, similar with site convert

I have a website using the mysql database, can I make it an application?

Yes, you can use REST-API Generator for convert your sql code to json format. and make it for your app. of course it has limited logic that can be handled.

I want to use wordpress as a database only, can it?

Yes, imabuilder has a plugin maker for wordpress, example for Quiz App

I have wordpress with Custom Post Type, can we make it for applications?

Yes, you can make json on your wp using rest-api-enabler and rest-api-helper plugin, and that can be used for imabuilder.

Email Support???

Send message email to: So that we can reply quickly, we use an automated system. please select one only.

Explain detail problem such as: os, server, your problem. If you had just bought our item, please paste the purchase code. passing from one week is not required, because my system automatically adds your contacts :grin: to email support. Send a message and don’t twice with same message . Do not send a message with a high priority/urgent. purchase code is enough to give the gesture is very important or urgent message and also email that registered are VIP contact in our email :shocked: .

  • Why late reply, maybe we were a BREAK/SLEEP or we TESTING a problem that you are reporting it.
  • If you did not got reply after 12 HOUR, you can SEND EMAIL AGAIN.
  • We NOT using SOCIAL MEDIA and COMMENTS for support (you didnot get reply), so please only using email.
  • If you did not got reply after 2×24 HOUR, try to sending a message USING OTHER EMAIL, maybe your email problem.
  • Support has been expired, over 6 months for regular license and 1 year for extended license.

My purchase code can not be used, why?

  • Violate Envato Rules so you get banned from Envato
  • Sales Reversal, Refund or Issue with payment gateway
  • Nulled user or associated with pirated programs especially items from envato
  • Share/Sell your purchase code to others, this will cause your purchase code banned permanent

What is not supported by this item?

  1. Installation JDK, XCODE, AndroidSDK/AndroidStudio, Ionic or Cordova or Phonegap
  2. Editing logo splashscreen using adobe Photoshop or Gimp
  3. Build apps with Ionic or Cordova, but maybe we help you if you get problem
  4. Submit Apps to Google Play or AppStore, you must submit it’s self.
  5. Custom Code JS, HTML and CSS (Features is available, but we not teach you about learning HTML, JS, CSS, please learn it self)
  6. Installation or Configuration WebServer, upload scripts to your server or install and add plugin to your Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal or Other
  7. Funny questions, such as how to change the background, how to replace the logo, this question is waste our time. there are menu available, why not try it? why need video tutorial for this, only click menu, then filemanager will be open. and also how to send apk to my smartphone
  8. You send message using social media or not using email support, no support using social media
  9. Support has been expired, over 6 months for regular license and 1 year for extended license.
  10. Sending large files on email, we will not read them.
  11. SPAM or Sending email repeatedly.
NB: There is no refund/warranty for this problem.

About License

Regular Extended
* Personal Only * Company
* Allowed for selling output/app * Allowed for selling output/app
* Only max 2 PC/Laptop/Server (1 IP Client) * 2-4 PC/Laptop/Server
* free update * free update
* Support, 6 months * 1 year
* Not allowed to modify the code of this tool. * Not allowed to modify the code of this tool.

Other Docs about Compiler

Please remember, installation of cordova, ionic, android sdk, xcode or publication, is not included in our products or support. so, if you need more tutorial / guides, The tutorial you can find on google/youtube.

Alternative Compiler, for those who cannot install cordova / ionic or because the hardware doesn’t support it.

I get an error message, how to handle?

Do you have tried the latest version? please download from Download

IMA-BuildeRz unregistered itself, what should I do?

You may not use imabuilder from this site or official site. Please download latest version from only, then register again.

Why a refund may not be given

There is generally no obligation to provide a refund in situations like the following:
  • you don’t want it after you’ve downloaded it;
  • the item did not meet your expectations;
  • you simply change your mind;
  • you bought an item by mistake;
  • you do not have sufficient expertise to use the item;
  • you ask for goodwill; or
  • your support has expired;
  • you failed to use custom code or failed to use the compiler;
  • You have no expertise to use the item
please read:

What different between reguler license and extend license ?

Regular Extended
Personal Only Company
Unlimited Output/App (No Limit) Unlimited Output/App (No Limit)
Allowed for selling Output/App Allowed for selling Output/App
Only max 2 PC/Laptop/Server (1 IP Client) 2-4 PC/Laptop/Server
free update free update
Support, 6 months 1 year

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