What is not supported by this item?

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What is not supported by this item?

  1. Installation JDK, XCODE, AndroidSDK/AndroidStudio, Ionic or Cordova or Phonegap
  2. Editing logo splashscreen using adobe Photoshop or Gimp
  3. Build apps with Ionic or Cordova, but maybe we help you if you get problem
  4. Submit Apps to Google Play or AppStore, you must submit it’s self.
  5. Custom Code JS, HTML and CSS (Features is available, but we not teach you about learning HTML, JS, CSS, please learn it self)
  6. Installation or Configuration WebServer, upload scripts to your server or install and add plugin to your Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal or Other
  7. Funny questions, such as how to change the background, how to replace the logo, this question is waste our time. there are menu available, why not try it? why need video tutorial for this, only click menu, then filemanager will be open. and also how to send apk to my smartphone
  8. You send message using social media or not using email support, no support using social media
  9. Support has been expired, over 6 months for regular license and 1 year for extended license.
  10. Sending large files on email, we will not read them.
  11. SPAM or Sending email repeatedly.
NB: There is no refund/warranty for this problem.

About License

Regular Extended
* Personal Only * Company
* Allowed for selling output/app * Allowed for selling output/app
* Only max 2 PC/Laptop/Server (1 IP Client) * 2-4 PC/Laptop/Server
* free update * free update
* Support, 6 months * 1 year
* Not allowed to modify the code of this tool. * Not allowed to modify the code of this tool.