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can we add custom cordova template

Existing templates can not, because they are not created for all conditions. so it takes the expertise of programmer.

how do i easily use this system to crate a mobile app of eCommerce site

if it uses difficult logic, you can use full webview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LsocMZXXHv8

I want to purchase this to use for my wordpress site. Can I have both static (offline accessible pages), and web based pages that require internet (from wordpress), in the same app?

yes, for offline using wordpress rest-api, still can be access (data from localstorage), but image not show.


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for the slider I have gone ahead an used external links. I have given image links like abc.com/image1, image2, ...... image5 Im changing the image using ftp and uploading a different image and removing the old image – i will remove the image4 and replace it with my new image with the same name image4.

However for some reason It will still show the old image, what am I doing wrong here.

if you are sure if the image has been changed on the server. run imabuilder in private/incognito mode on browser, disable ads block addons and don’t using squid/proxy.

for apk, exit app then run again, because image not caching in app.

sir please update quiz page builder template with forward and back button and end quiz with result analysis

thank for suggestion

hello, your product support this restapi for sqlite? https://github.com/mevdschee/php-crud-api

not support


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Can i use bizfinder wordpress theme with this ionic script? I want to build a mobile version of a wordpress directory website


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Can it also work with google map on mobile phone?

imabuilder support using rest-api and also support using webview, you can use webview, if need your application like your wordpress theme.

yes, gmap support


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Hey !!!!!! i just love your app Its great if you add loading….... message dialog at the time of loading web page in web view or guide me how to add it… Thanks.

for edit loading effect in webview can not be done with imabuilder.

any plans to add react native support or other frameworks?

no, it uses a different language.


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Please make the interstitial ad to load after each 5 transitions on the application

for get support or request new features, send email to support: info@ihsaana.com


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Hello i try to import data from my wordpress site but it keeps saying error occured while collecting data

please send detail information to info@ihsana.com, include also URL List item and what menu you use, how to set your table.


Bienimac Purchased

Hello i try to import data from my wordpress site but it keeps saying error occured while collecting data.

please send detail information to info@ihsana.com, include also URL List item and what menu you use, how to set your table.

how to use page and sub page architecture

How to insert whole page not table data from backend please guide

yes, you can use this backend: Go to Backend Tools -» (IMAB) REST-API Generator (PHP + SQL) or Backend Tools -» (IMAB) WordPress Plugin Generator or Backend Tools -» (IMAB) Firebase (Simple Database)

What do you mean??? if you want to create like quiz app, of course you need table to save data, table can be sourced from json file, wordpress, or php sql.


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how to import codeigniter data please help me, i know use wordpress restful api, but how use for codeigniter restful api

Create table for app using existing JSON/API https://goo.gl/sjP3x2

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RSS to JSON, for my end its not work, i am convert rss to json then upload file into my server as name rss2json.php,

but i am seen your default url worked my website in codeigniter platform.

and this my RSS https://karatoa.com.bd/rss/posts

please help me how to use this what need to change please tell me

Your rss is protected from theft of content or web scraping, try using feedburner,
app -> rss2json.php -> feedburner -> rss


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Your software is really cool for my project. I have some few questions. How do i implement google routes and places to my wp job listing app, to be included in job listings? Also, is it possible to include comment box and rating so users can comment and rate listings.

I think the link to the geo app is on the job listings, try to create using Extra Menus -» (IMAB) Page Builder -» Page Wordpress Restapi Enabler -» Select Plugin “WP Job Managers”, give comment and rating not support.


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Thank you so much for your quick reply. I already have the website running and users comment and rates post. This feature would make my app a best alternative for my users. I would like to know if it’s totally impossible for you to add the rating and comment features to the software and also, i want to know if i can pay an extra fee to get customization.

making comments and ratings can not be without coding. we are sorry, we were not available for freelance.

I have trouble logging in When you enter the username and password, the session is not saved He asked again Writing your name and password I use WordPress thanks

do you mean Wp Json User I use Wp Json User

Have tried the real device? not using browser, because app not using plugin session.

ok Thanks


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sir https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=idEco119xZU video quality not clear .i had 4 different page quiz adding question possible witginh one wp plugin

for create one quiz need one table, 4 quiz need 4 tables, recommend only using one plugin for one app.

depending on your skills, if usually using wordpress, you should use wordpress plugin generator only.

but for people like using php/sql recommended using php rest-api generator. for offline apps may use json directly or convert from excel.

sir in quiz page when user attempt wrong question right answer immediate highlight with green and attempted wrong answer in red . how can possible with code

for technical questions you should use support, info@ihsana.com

for technical questions you should use support, info@ihsana.com