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I have the web app in php ready. can you quickly generate mobile apps through your platform? I will pay for it.. I tried but couldn’t get it..

Create a table, equate the table name and column name with that in phpmyadmin. then go to BackEnd Tool -> PHP MySQL REST-API Generator (read help tab).

support via email: info@ihsana.com


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Pre-sale question

1. Can I use this https://codecanyon.net/item/material-design-ui-ionic-template-app/17090015?s_rank=40 or custom template ? 2. will have provide video or tutorial for joomla? 3. Can I added other plugin (ex. BarcodeScanner ) by myself ? 4. Can used with https ? because some map api need https for track user location

Thank you

1. No, you can edit default template, using custom theme or edit page.

2. No, when you select example table for joomla, docs will display self.

3. yes, that feature is available, but you need ionic/anggularjs skill for using it.

4. I thought no problem, while crossdomain is allow.

om semoga sehat selalu, mau tanya mengenai fitur baru user ;d blm ada tutorialnya ya om

WP JSON User untuk membuat halaman: Page Login, Page Profile, dan Page Register.

Di wp syaratnya cuman install plugin di wp: - json-api - json-api-user

Di IMA BuildeRz, cuma set url page builder->WP JSON User aja, ohya utk indexnya ubah ke page User Profile.

hello, does it support woocommerce and wc vendors, what is the difference between the 2 licences, after finalising the app can I download it and edit it locally before uploading to app store, how many apps per account,, thanks a lot

1. Not full support woo, because not focus woo. You can displaying product Listing and categories, but for payment gateway and cart not support. You must using “open with webview” or for expert user maybe using custom pages and js.

2. This tool recommended for locally (localhost using XAMPP/LAMPP), no limited output/project, 100% whitelabel, you can edit using custom features on IMA BuildeRz and without IMA BuildeRz (for IDE Editor can be displaying todo/comment code too).


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It support In-App Purchase ?

we are very sorry, not support :(


paojibox Purchased

Thank you


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Assalamualaikum gan, sebelum saya membeli IMA Builder ini, saya mau bertanya, bagaimana caranya untuk menggenerate langsung ke apk androidnya, terimakasih

Waalaikumussalam wr. wb.bro,, pagi,, ada banyak cara bro, tergantung mau buat apk:
  • Dengan cordova (required nodejs, jdk, androidsdk)
  • Dengan Ionic (required nodejs, cordova, jdk, androidsdk)
  • Dengan Phonegap (required nodejs, cordova, jdk, androidsdk)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YkJI6bPw0F8&t=27s&list=PLSC2odpss-AjKvqTagCQl77ieIJcas1ud&index=10 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lQnM3oa5G1k&index=3&list=PLSC2odpss-AjKvqTagCQl77ieIJcas1ud

Jika ada keterbatasan hardware/gagal menginstallnya, bisa pakai online service seperti: Adobe Phonegap Service (https://build.phonegap.com). langsung upload file output kodenya kesana, atau diupload dulu ke github.

Hello Will it be possible to make a shop, from a web of Magento 2? Can MERCADO PAGO be implemented?

Thank you!

Not tested,, I think not support.

Permisi gan, ima builder ini support untuk apa saja selain wordpress ??

bisa bro,, output app nya code ionic1, tinggal build pake ionic/cordova/phonegap,,

Boleh minta CPnya bro ?



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It’s possible to use custom login system


96pgoel Purchased


It’s possible to use custom login system

custom login system for app or IMA BuildeRz??? ima builder only using auth basic. for app maybe you can use pagebuilder -> WP JSON API User and edit it.


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hi, I see that in an image on the product description page you have written: “By using our tool, you can create native and hybrid applications as much as possible”.

Do you confirm that, besides ionic apps, it creates native apps too? That is, for example for android, it would generate Java classes for different activities? If yes, can it do the same for iOS?

no, only ionic code. it’s meant cordova plugin as native.


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Hi, I liked this tool a lot!

This is awesome…

I have a doubt:

I’m trying to use the “normal” tags from ionic (I found this in Ionic docs website normally). When I’m constructing a “page” with your tool I’m entering in Code Mode but when I use the Ionic Tags it didn’t work as expected.

I tought it was “CSS” problem, but even trying this way I can’t see any satisfactory results.

Is this tool prepared to use Ionic Tags normally or Need I use the tool’s options only?

For example:

I tryed to use “Grid Tool” from “Ionic Tags” at “Code Mode” in “Page Editor” of “IMAz”.



It should not problem, please refer to docs ionic v1 and ionic material here: https://ionicframework.com/docs/components/ and for themes http://ionicmaterial.com/

Hi I have tried the youtube tutorial below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CFk4pc0EIr4 After installed the plugin in wordpress the Product does not display in the menu (refer youtube link above at 7.09). Ist the current App Builder does not support the latest version of wordpress 4.7.1?
of course, we use latest wp for testing.
  • did you install rest-api plugin in your wp?
  • did you have selected the table that you want to display in wp? go to Backend Tools -> WordPress Plugin Generator -> select the table and save.
if you still get problem, please send error/or your code to email: info@ihsana.com

did you install rest-api plugin in your wp? -Yes did you have selected the table that you want to display in wp? go to Backend Tools -> WordPress Plugin Generator -> select the table and save -Yes selected. I had sent the generated plugin to info@ihsana.com. Could you please check. Thank you.

check email

mas bisa buat kamus arab indo / indo-arab ga pake builder ini ?

klw di real device bisa kok,, preview pake browser mungkin gk bisa di play.

Trus om kalau ane beli produknya apakah harus punya akun ionic juga ? dan ada beli beli gitu lagi ga di ionic nya ? sumpah masih bingung :v seringnya make android studiio

gak, phonegap dan cordova juga bisa,, akun ionic / phonegap itu klw pengen kompiler online via web. klw bisa install jdk, androidsdk/studio dan nodejs, cordova, ionic mendingan langsung aja pake local pc,,

Hello, I installed it on server for my convenience of accessing from anywhere. However I have failed alert both on “connect ihsana.com” and “connect ihsana.net”. How can I solve this alert to O.K?

try to using manual activation. or you can install on localhost, after activation, upload to your hosting. using good hosting, allow curl and unmetered/unlimited space and ram.

I’m put php.ini file in ima folder, some hosting is working, if not work try to ask cpanel/whm admin,,

allow_url_fopen = On
memory_limit = 512M
max_input_time = 60
max_execution_time = 120
max_input_vars = 1000
upload_max_filesize = 32M
post_max_size = 32M

Thank you for your support. But I think I’d rather install xampp localhost afterall.