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Hi, the demo looks interesting. I am gonna buy it, i saw SAVE UP TO $9 RIGHT NOW!!!! is it still available?? or i missed it??

normal price $39, now price $30 until 30th of april.

Hi I am trying to build a app. I have a installation of whmcs use. It has a api also. The home page is most important. The search portion for new domain name. Does this script have the ability to work with whmcs?

not tested using api. I think, it is better to use open webview / appbrowser menu for things like that..


i want to buy your product but i want to know if after building the app, can i send notification ?

Also if it’s work and compatible with woocommerce ? do u have some example plz !


You can using one-signal-cordova-plugin or cordova-plugin-fcm. we are not provide tool for build and for register on onesignal/playstore. read this: https://codecanyon.net/item/ionic-mobile-app-builder/15716727/faqs/27643

this tool not created for woocommerce, only support for displaying product, payment gateway still must coding manually or using webview.

Can i display WordPress pages that has shortcodes?

eg.. shortcodes that display event calendars

You must see in JSON, is shortcode using content rendered or not? you can see in REST-API. because there are plugins in rendering and some are not.

is it updated for ionic2

not support ionic2

Nice Work !!

Im interested to know when this will support input fields , to save to database or external file ?

You can do this using the php mysql or wp plugin generator as backend. By default it is only allowed to upload plain text files (*.txt). you can add other mime type file

Hi, thanks for a quick reply. Does it allow changing fields in mysql ?

For example : can I have input field “Phone.Nr” in mysql and user can change that field through the app ?

not support.


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The installation video you provided is a Windows environment. But I am using a Mac. Show documentation or video on how to install and run. If it is not, please kindly explain.

(Note: I’m the first to be Ionic.)


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Thank you very much for your friendly documentation Then run everything and connect to http: // localhost / ionic-app-builder, the screenshot below will appear and the build will not run

[screenshot] Http://imageroot.net/AusWQ3v.v

unzip file: rev17.04.10.zip and please read doc in folder how to


020music Purchased

OK! Now it is! A quick and kind answer Thank you very much!

Hi, if we buy this code, did we get also the demo? cheers

iya gan, tp sebaiknya demo di export dulu, kemudian di import ke project baru.

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I have installed the WordPress “REST API” and “REST API Helper” plugins. And I referenced the video, but I could not connect with WordPress.

Could you tell me how to connect WordPress in a friendly and detailed way?

Please watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/embed/2YBNWG1fzck?list=PL56m358a9lD_tEJ0tTCXrYvW_dTm8BAmV

If there is any doubt or question please use email support: info@ihsana.com and explain your issue and also send a screenshot.

any plan for ionic 2/3 and can I import other ionic app and edit in your builder is it possible?

not sure, because typescript need nodejs. You can not import other ionic app,


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Can you guide how to have persistent login (Register/Login) session with posting data back to the web API (job card for instance)

IMA BuildeRz does not have function for session login, and we don’t have guides for that.


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how about a tappable image that fires the camera Native API ?

for Native API like camera, gps, you must do it without IMA BuildeRz and using real emulator.

Hello, can i do app support iphone or not ? , and also can i submit my generated app to google playstore and apple store or not ? thanks

custom code, build apk/ipa, signed apk file, send apk to your phone and publishing to marketplace not include in our product.

this list of app that created using IMA BuildeRz: itunes/googleplay http://pastebin.com/raw/XEUNCw6L


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Just a few pre-sales questions :
  • Does it create a native Android app that will work offline as well?
  • DO I need to pay for any other services outside what I buy from you to make this work?

You need download from codecanyon for 1st time, then activation it.


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I did. I just sent a ticket to your support email with screenshots.

check your email.

Only posts in WordPress will work. So BuddyPress does not work. And not all theme plugins work. Will all of the API plugins below work?


BuddyPress not support,, app only receive data from json, like theme plugin not work for api. smio-wordpress-api not tested,,


Should not I use this API plugin?

smio-wordpress-api not tested, I don’t know work or not. I think, this plugin complicated for automatic coding, need human ability for writing code.

mas mau tanya, misalkan kita punya project dalam bentuk html5, apakah nanti bisa di gabung dengan IMA? atau paling tidak dalam project IMA bisa d link ke html5 yang kita buat? secara offline tentunya mas.

maksudnya html5 webnya online??? apa offline?? klw kyk ngembed game html5 offline bisa kok

iya mas, game html5 offline. jadi bisa ya mas emmbed html5 offline…

hi there. I dont know how to build apps. I only know how to build websites. Do i need coding knowledge to use this app? I want to start making apps i get many clients who want apps. So will i be able to build working apps for my clients?

for people not understand ionic/cordova/nodejs,, compile to apk like this:: http://archive.ihsana.net/pdf/eazy-build-using-phonegap.pdf No need coding, but understand using html5/js more better.

please read our terms: https://codecanyon.net/item/ionic-mobile-app-builder/15716727/faqs/27643

Hi jasman , How about your builder working with woocommerce. Did you make any improvement so far like payment support with in app browser , cart, chekout and other feature like adding variables products for grocery or restaurant business or sell services with woocommerce or sell downloads & virtual products..can please give me overview, so that i can build successfull woocommerce app with your builder for woocommerce. And what are upcoming features for woocommerce. As i am not familiar with coding. Thank you

IMA BuildeRz doesn’t have payment gateway and we not focus woo only.

If you do not focus,Its not right strategy. if you do not consider support for woocommerce improvements bcz all your comments & quaries are related to wordpress and woocommerce mostly and you are well aware that woocommerce power 27% online store… by the way i recommend for it ..thanks.