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Hey, good morning!

I’ve observed that for all itens of the “page (link)” type that I create and put them inside the menu, a back button (physical from smartphone) doesn’t work, closing the app.

Only when I put them inside the menu, for example: I create a page and put the link in menu (sidebar). When I get in the view, and I press the back button (physical), the app closes.

Could you give me a solution or is it a comun issue from ionic?

I need to redirect the user to the Home (Start page).


for technical questions please contact info@ihsana.com tell about menu and type menu and also screenshot.

hi, I want to turn my website in wordpress app …. with this plugin I can turn it? it’s easy?

this not plugin,,This tool code generator for ionic v1 app.

easy or not please watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=txRnx0-BgPw&index=2&list=PLSC2odpss-AjKvqTagCQl77ieIJcas1ud

before you must able using nodejs for running ionic or cordova. and also please read tab support https://codecanyon.net/item/ionic-mobile-app-builder/15716727/faqs/27643.

Great looking project! Beautifully put together Development App! I’ve bought a lot of products over the years from my CodeCanyon Account and would love to Add yours.

The ONLY thing stopping me from impulsive purchase is that I would want Ionic2 framework as the basis of the build with your Application.

How soon will you update your application to the whole Ionic2 environment?

Not support ionic2, because different language, ionic 2 using typescript.

Not support ionic2, because different language, ionic 2 using typescript.

Thank you for your reply!

hello How to make my design to screenshot?? thanx

no I mean when the app is open it’s show a photo before the app content

Default must be work.,, Go to Extra Menu -> Resources -> create icon and splashscreen For build use default config.xml,,

if you get error read this:


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per fetching gak support by default gan,, tp bisa diakali Di table:
URL List item:

URL Single Item:

Dinamic on 1st param:

di page listing tambahin controller, ubah linknya ya:



    if(ev === true){
            return null;

    $scope.fetchURL = "http://demo.ihsana.net/wordpress//wp-json/wp/v2/posts?categories=1&per_page=10&page="+$scope.paging;
    $scope.fetchURLp = "http://demo.ihsana.net/wordpress//wp-json/wp/v2/posts?categories=1&per_page=10&page="+$scope.paging+"&callback=JSON_CALLBACK";
    $scope.hashURL = md5.createHash($scope.fetchURL.replace(targetQuery,raplaceWithQuery));

        template: '<div class="loader"><svg class="circular"><circle class="path" cx="50" cy="50" r="20" fill="none" stroke-width="2" stroke-miterlimit="10"/></svg></div>'


    $timeout(function() {
    }, 1000);

buat next backnya tambahin di page listing

<div class="list">
    <div class="item tabs tabs-secondary tabs-stable">
        <a class="tab-item" ng-click="updatePaging(false);"><i class="icon ion-chevron-left" />Back</a>
        <span class="tab-item">{{ paging }}</span>
        <a class="tab-item" ng-click="updatePaging(true);"><i class="icon ion-chevron-right" /> Next</a>

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boleh sih,, tp pgn cepat lwt email gan,, lebih sering cek email ketimbang sms gan. email jg sinkron ke sms :D

Hi , How do i change a custom “my own” application logo and splash screen.

not the prebuild one

Thanks in advance



there is no create custom icon and splash screen here T_T

please read this faqs: http://archive.ihsana.net/icon-and-spashscreen-issue.png

Can you share apk file not screeshoot, because icon and splashscreen only work in real device. IMA BuildeRz only create example image size and filename only.

So that we can reply to the message quickly, please send email to: info@ihsana.com

For edit icon,, recommended using adobe photoshop or gimp, files:: imabuilder\outputs\your_project\resources\

i created manual splash screen according to this tutorial just typed ionic resources—splash, maybe can help you http://blog.ionic.io/automating-icons-and-splash-screens/
thank bro.. mungkin issue window10,, icon sering gak ke copi ke folder res. http://archive.ihsana.net/icon-and-spashscreen-issue.png

kalo icon default imabuilder di windows 10 ga masalah gan, menurut saya yg si bule maksudkan kepingin upload manual custom icon & custom splash di halaman http://localhost/imanew/?page=x-resources karena ga ada menu upload custom icon & custom splash gan. adanya default icon yg sudah tersedia di imabuilder.

Hi , how do you remove the ads ? I mean compile the app without admobs

  • IMA BuildeRz -> Extra Menus -> Admob -> Delete
  • When already existing in cordova/ionic, typing this command:
    $ cordova plugin rm cordova-plugin-admobpro
  • then in config.xml, delete this line:
    <plugin name="cordova-plugin-admobpro" />

demo doesn’t works

demo site/app is work well, please watching the video before run demo.

Hello, if i created a page using a page builder plugin can the rest api display what is on that page in the app?

app only retrieve data from json / restapi, https://wordpress.org/plugins/rest-api/ you can install and see in json/rest api., if page that created using page builder using HTML mean work for app. if still using SHORTCODE or other not work for app. because not all pagebuilder plugin/theme work well in content render in restapi.

Hi CodeGenerator,

It seems nice ,demo not fully functioning .

i want to buy this app builder. can you please elaborate whether,

1.multi user login allowed ? 2.Feature available directly to export APK file.? 3.it is responsive to local language (Unicorde) ?

Thanks Kind regards

1. this tool not SaaS, so no need multi user. 2. this tool for create ionic code and php code/plugin, not directly build apk/ipa 3. unicode support, locale not support.


rahulb Purchased

Hi, I tried the Latest Version with a Wordpress with Custom Post types with Custom Category Type I think the Category wise Posts not working but When I tried with the Default Post type it is working perfect I think the Custom post type Category and clicking that displaying the posts in that category not working Could you please check


rahulb Purchased

So If We use Webview to show Login and Post Pages that will be OK I guess :) I will try and let you know if I have any issues. And just want to ask any plans for Ionic 2 Builder which will be great if you can Make it

Ionic 2 builder, I think it imposible using web base, because typescript using nodejs.


rahulb Purchased

Ok May be React Native Builder :), as you are good at App Builder.

Hi, Great app. I would like to have a login page for my app but my backend is not wordpress. How do i go about it?

Not support auth login for other backend, you must create custom code for that.


eddippo Purchased

Hi, In gallery template, where are the images stored?

according backend used. for offline app like this video: http://ihsana.net/pub/guides/files/page-builder-for-wordpress-(2017.03.01).mp4


SmSmAleX Purchased

First Good job and what the Additional Data i use in Onesignal Notification system dashboard to go directly to wp post in other app i use key=posts value=post no i think the project miss angular technology and handle notification in app.js what can i do to open special post number with this notification because the notification just open home page off app regards

default not support like that. You must edit app.js without IMA BuildeRz.

When generate rest-api on last version get this error -> Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘}’ in /Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/htdocs/servicos/rest-api.php on line 151

can you send restapi.php file to info@ihsana.com

I’m not from coding background as I’m a commerce student. But can I purchase this and develop an app on my own without knowledge of coding?

hmnn,, default no need, but if you want using custom code that you need knowledge of coding. Please watch the video and see live demos, whether you understand it or not.


and make sure you can using ionic / cordova, because no support for build apk/ipa and publishing to appstore, do it yourself.

Still waiting on the Wordpress improvements you mentioned last time we spoke. Also can we get split view integration for iPad… ionic has just announced a split view support. Would be great to be able to utilise this. Thanks

you can download in pre-release: http://ihsana.com/download split view still not support.