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No update for me? Version changed but i didn’t get any email for updates. Should i buy updates too? What is going on?

We do not notify via email, if you want to update, please! We recommend that every time you start a new project, use the latest version too!

If you want to buy, please buy for imabuilder for ionc5

Hi thanks for the help

in the form i created i get this when i check JSON url

{ “data”: { “status”: 401, “title”: “Unauthorized” }, “title”: “Unauthorized”, “message”: “Sorry, you cannot see list resources.”

yes table has username and i have tried check and unchecked Required Auth still not working. im trying POST to insert in my form

i sent you email. please check

Hi, when i am trying to create a web view app, but the status bar not shown when using ” Cordova – Plugin inAppBrowser (recommended) ” Type. Can you know how show the status bar.

please contact support via email:

where is it located <meta name = “viewport” content = “width = device-width, initial-scale = 1, maximum-scale = 1, minimum-scale = 1, user-scalable = 0”>

Goto Extra Menus -» (IMAB) Custom Meta Tags

For remove zoom button in webview where is it located?

In your website

Hi Author, How are you? I have installed your latest code in my linux shared server after long time. When I was using in local system it was working fine before 8 months. But the latest code I again installed in live server but while I am accessing any of the demo project, it is not showing in the emulator.

Am I doing something wrong? Can I send you my live url in your email ID?

Please reply. Thank you

Thank you for your instant reply. In local everytime if I format system or modify xampp. it is asking again the license key. Is it going to affect my license?

For personal use there is no effect.

Thank you…