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radhitee Purchased

maaf tanya, saya coba pake wordpress sebagai admin, tp data post yg muncul cuman 10, gak bisa lebih dari 10


radhitee Purchased

saya coba ganti disini jg gak bisa

for(lastPush = 0; lastPush < 10; lastPush++) { if (angular.isObject(data_posts[lastPush])){ $scope.posts.push(data_posts[lastPush]); }; }

sy ganti 10 jadi “count(data_posts)”


radhitee Purchased

udah resolve, count itu php bukan js, sy lupa soalnya lg coding php jg, sy ganti jadi length, terus untuk 10 perpage karena dari wp-rest api v2 harus di set perpage nya sebagai parameter,

1. check sumber json nya dulu,, apakah lebih dari 10 post?? klw gak ganti url contohnya seperti ini: http://demo.ihsana.net/wordpress/wp-json/wp/v2/pages?per_page=10 menjadi http://demo.ihsana.net/wordpress/wp-json/wp/v2/pages?per_page=20

2. Klw udah tampil dijson data dipage masih gak,, edit page html nya… gnti aja ng-repeat

ng-repeat=”item in posts | filter:filter_posts as results” jadi ng-repeat=”item in data_posts | filter:filter_posts as results” jadi


mrtakdnz Purchased

Hi, this is awesome application but it needs a little improvement.

Here is my request list:

  1. Share content or share application on popover menu or somewhere else
  2. Alternate template for dashboard like List Icons
  3. Saving a page as global custom template to use on other projects
  4. Can generate custom about us page
  5. ...or we can edit standart pages (like about us, dashboard, menu, retry, start etc.)
  6. make NON-required social links when creating a project
  7. Saving default Table Custom Messages
  8. Detailed tutorials about multi relative pages like (Categories > Posts Lists > Single Post)

Thanks in advance…

2 and 8, check in http://ihsana.com/download/ Thank for suggestion.


mrtakdnz Purchased


i need to use $stateParams on a page. I want to generate page manually with code editor. I try to add a page with variable custom_category/:categoryID but it remove /: and create a page as custom_categorycategoryid. I try to open like #/app/custom_category/funny it returns the default page.

I try to use $stateParams0 but it didn’t work out.

and… is there any documantation to create page builder template.

Thanks in advance.

You can contact info@ihsana.com for technical support.

Can you explain if how to use google maps to show POI and how to get directions to go there?

You can use GMAP Marker template for data listing, required api key,, an not support get directions.

with gmap marker only show marker on map?

yes,,, only show marker on map. if you need an other that you must create custom code in ngcontroller.

Salam dari Malaysia pak. Saya impress dgn ionic ini. Saya mahu bertanya, melalui youtube ini:


Bolehkah ionic jadikan apps boleh dilogin sama wordpress dan login session nya kekal lama? Ini kerana wordpress saya menggunakan membership plugin. Terima kasih.

Salam, IMA BuildeRz belum mendukung membership.


mowno Purchased

i always getting a white page if i try to activate this product using mamp, osx sierra

Issue come from file/folder permission, because file activation can not saved to your mac, because your data saved in our server, but not in your mac:

1. Open terminal 2. Login as Administrator with command:
sudo su
3. Go to your IMA Builderz Folder with command:
cd change/path/your-ima-builder
4. Change permission :
chmod -R 777 *
  • Don’t delete setup.php when using localhost, because not public
  • All permission file can not identified using setup.php, you must using chmod -R 777 * for fix it.

mowno Purchased

Thank you now it seems to work. So my problem was using wrong php version and also wrong filepermission, if somebody encounter the same problems.


migo77 Purchased

Hi, i am struggeling since a couple of hours with the issue of including external js file. I tried to include the file into a page in the builder but it seems that something is blocking the libary (the form wont be displayed, console shows 200). The intention behind this is, that the file create an iframe and shows a form from another website. maybe you can give me a hint.

can you tell me more detail, recommended via email support: info@ihsana.com

For whitelist src
  • Dashboard -> Domain Whitelist
  • Extra Menu -> Custom – Meta Tags
For Adding AnggularJS/other framework:
  • Extra Menu -> Enqueue-scripts

Hey I want to purchase this soon,

Just wanna know hows the installation of the system documentation is it easy to follow ? Mind if i see the documentation ?

And How Who Do I Contact If There is problems in installing ?

We recommended: using ionic, cordova, or phonegap:

please learn first, one of them. coz build and publish apk/ipa not my service, no support for that.

By using this system how is the finish product been compile before it is able to go to the phonegap, ionic or cordova ?

  • if online, You can download the output project, upload to phonegap or unzip then overwrite new or blank cordova/ionic project.
  • or, using localhost, follow automatic instruction in IMA BuildeRz -> dashboard -> how to build -> cordova/ionic/phonegap

Bagaimana cara mengganti icon agar bisa tampak icon saya?karena setelah menjadi file .apk selalu tampak icon warna putih di screen android

maksudnya icon dan splashscreen ya gan?? semua file di dalam folder resources udah diganti gan, sekitar 16 gambar dan splash ada 12 gambar ?

klw udah diganti,, tapi masih gak berganti juga iconnya, , kadang2 folder res salah path (project\res) waktu nge- build, coba salin/tindih file/folder seharusnya disini:
kemudian build lagi,, ketik
cordova clean
cordova build android

Hi. Is it possible to create an app with a language selector ?

hmn,, not support. You must edit output code without IMA BuildeRz.

Hi, I wanted to make one app which will have local data (say SQLite) mixed with wordpress content. This will have employee list, department, contact etc. Can your Ionic App builder do this?


We are can not make sure what do you want can work perfect with IMA BuildeRz. so please check demo version. http://ihsana.com/products/ionic-mobile-app-builder/tutorial.html

eliaski Purchased

Hi Jasman I always having a problem when I convert APK…regarding the Icon it always become Ionic Icon…Jas file yang mana dan di mana yang harus saya tukar Icon APK sebelom saya upload ke google play

Goto Extra Menus -> Resources -> Save file ada: /ima_builder/output/your-app/resources/ edit semua image png


eliaski Purchased

Ok Noted Bro…But Now I had this problem

Error: Failed to find ‘ANDROID_HOME’ environment variable. Try setting setting it manually. Failed to find ‘android’ command in your ‘PATH’. Try update your ‘PATH’ to include path to valid SDK directory.

check old note, like this:
export ANDROID_HOME=/Users/YourName/Desktop/android-sdk-macosx
export PATH=${PATH}:$ANDROID_HOME/tools:$ANDROID_HOME/platform-tools:$ANDROID_HOME/build-tools/24.0.1

Is it possible to use online JSON data to populate applications made with IMA builder? Do you have any video examples of this?

if json without auth is support, format support: JSON array can contain multiple objects, Example: [{id:1,name:...},{id:2,name:...},{id:3,name:...}] and for single item: JSON objects can contain multiple name/values, Example: {id:1,name:...}

Thanks for the example. Is Auth supported? I have to authenticate with a valid user and include an authentication token in my queries.

not support auth,

I have purchase but not explored much, now it is not getting activated, plz help


TTarek Purchased

It would be awesome if you can take us to ionic2 ! Just saying :)

IMA BuildeRz can not be combined with ionic 2 because it uses a different language (typescript). Maybe ionic2 builder I will give as a bonus.


TTarek Purchased

waiting & Good Luck :)


00rgiles Purchased

I’d like to see more Wordpress integration. I bought this app as a magazine/newspaper exploring options for mobile devices… I had hoped to have many content and layout options for Wordpress content… my hope was that it would be very easy to setup and pull all the content I needed from my magazine Wordpress website but so far it’s either not possible or not clear.

Hmm,, maybe we add page builder menu for easy setup for wordpress site. thank for suggestion, keep always using latest version.

Hello in your Doc do you tell how we can compile the app? and can i use this tool to show all my post on my wordpress site?

We are only give example for build apk.

Current version for wordpress rest-api can fetching 100 post in one page because limit by rest-api. more than 100 you need editing code manually

Hi, Could you please tell me why the pages are refreshed twice? I saw this on your demo site (For example wordpress as backend, Categories page).


hmn,,, its animation when change offline data to online data. We have add option for disable/change it in next month release.