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apakah saya bisa bantu untuk installasi + setup agar bisa digunakan untuk website app builder seperti goodbarber, appinstitute, biznessapps

jika bisa mohon feedback dari anda contact saya

sorry, this tool not for SaaS


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Is there any example on how I could generate APK and IPA Android and IOS app? I need a video explanation please. Plus how to I create a form that sends the messages to two emails using this app. Thanks


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I saw the videos, thanks One more thing I can not see how to generate IOS I only saw Android APK compilation, how do we get for IOS?

the steps are the same, the difference is only when you type
cordova platform add android
change to
cordova platform add ios
cordova build android
change to
cordova build ios
check in (IMAB) Dashboard -> How to Build App, you have to run it on mac os and must have an xcode (also macbook and iphone) and apple developer account.

after command cordova build ios, you will get xcworkspace, run it with your xcode


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Hello, I just bought your bulider however it doesnt work as i expected. Everytime i click a button it shows me a modal :

"Please select project or create new project for first time, go to (IMAB) Dashboard then click Deactive to activate one of the projects"

However i click the Deactive button, and noting happens. Please i need support

make sure your web server can use session use cookies and also use chmod -R 777 * for change permission of files/folders.

the problem is the web server or your browser does not save the session, try using another web server like xampp.

This is an installation guide using xampp on osx

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Hello. Many thanks.

tutorial di youtubnya seperti orang ketakuan kehabisan kuota

hahahaha,,, tau aja mas. bukan takut kuota sih, tp kebesaran file sering gagal ngupload, jadi dipercepat, biar filenya lebih kecil 2x,:D

nah tuh loadingnya pake male suada, emang belum makan…

Hi CodeGen. I have a mobile responsive website built with PHP and Mysql. I don’t know Angular Js which Ionic works with. I read some comments where you said webview can be used to convert such sites like mine to a mobile app. Will all my functionality such as registration , login , email verification , geolocation etc all work inside the webview. If Yes , Will be app update automatically when i update my mobile website even if it has been made available on playstore. Thanks.

not all work well, such as geolocation may have problems with webview.


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Hello: This is my codeigniter website i want to import post by specific category, by XML or if have others such please help me how to import post from this website..

hmn, there is no codeigniter module. If the MySQL do not use difficult logic, try like this:

or if you can make your REST_API:


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sorry, we are not freelancers.


I could not understand what your code actually does. I have Sites in WordPress and I would like to create IOS and Android Applications from my WordPress. I am also interested in PWA.

Please answer the questions below:

1) How will your code help me? 2) What will I really be buying? 3) Where can I access documentation before buying? 4) Explain to me in detail what your product will actually do.

Thank you.

Please watch this video: if you understand the concept please buy. We only provide tool for create code.

Thanks a lot. Can i use both Wordpress as backend and webview in thesame project. For example . News menu will use wordpress posts and register menu will use webview to add page from external website ?

Yes, you can.

That’s so Cool. Finally can i create user signup and login and user page for logged in users ?

this tool not create for certain website, so it depends on you and your website. there are people who can make it for their website and some are not. but we offer an alternative feature that is using webview, of course your website must support mobile and not too much css3 animation.

mas bro ada ttorial bikin login logout pake tool ini gak pake php mysql

Coba liat pk consule di chrome

banyak fitur bagus dalam aplikasi ini,tapi sayang dokumentasinya tidak ada

silahkan di oprek aja gan,,

hi, i have sent you a mail please check asap.

How to whitelist all domains in app?

for content like audio, video, iframe, You can use filters trustUrl
<audio controls="controls" ng-src="'http://domain/file.ogg' | trustUrl }}" ></audio>
<iframe width="100%" ng-src="{{ 'http://domain/page' | trustUrl }}" ></iframe>

go to Helper Tools -» (IMAB) Code Docs -> Trusted URL

How to add this paging in quote app or any custom app? >>> <<< this paging is in wordpress page (page builder)

Not support, use categories

I have seen you comments above :)

check previous comments

How to include any .JS code on top or footer of every page? can we use facebook ads in our apps? like this?

For using angularjs like this


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Hi, absolutely not clear how to add Code To ngController. Create some kind of manual where everything will be written in detail. It’s impossible to simply take and insert ready-made code, it just doesn’t work.


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Thanks for the created video tutorial. And can I make access to the camera in the application? I need to take pictures through the app and send photos to the mail.

Automatic coding doesn’t support that.

It is compatible with XAMPP version 7.2.10 / PHP 7.2.10?

I haven’t tried it, it should work. what’s the problem with your xampp?


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this is my RSS,

when i am try to import post from this link its not work.

please tell me, how can i import post from my codeigniter website

for import data using rss, you must convert xml to json, like this video:

Can I import an iconic template and themes to this software and use it to build an app?

For example, I brought an iconic template from someone, can I add the template to this software?

no, you can’t.

So what can I import to this software?

please see the video and demo:


do you have any plan for ionic 3?


no, that’s impossible. because it uses a different programming language.


Until the end of the year you will release update of this app that it will support ionic 3?


this tool not support ionic3, so there is no update for convert ionic3. We work on other projects that support ionic4 or newer.