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Your description is a bit confusing. Have you integrated the ionic framework with Dream Factory Platform? And can I create various API’s using DreamFactory and Ionic Sample app using the interface? Moreover, could I have the pleasure of looking through the live demo?

Sorry, but the thing is that the documentation is an essential part of the product. It’s the installation how to of the backend part with referral of the documentation part included in the starter source itselfs. Hope you understand why I can’t give this out separately.

I understand. Can I get a sample doc, where for example, I can see every 4th page or maybe 20% of the doc created using some random pages etc?

Sure. I sent you a PM with some screens of the docs. I think it will give you a good overview.

hi, do you have backend demo?

Thank you

Sorry no. But checking this youtube video from the developer of DreamFactory should give you an idea of how it works in general: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AXlY3dkbow4

hello, any screenshot of backend demo ?

You should also check out the youtube link, there you’ll get a complete overview of the backend: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AXlY3dkbow4

Wow! Your documentation could be sold by itself! Amazing and detailed. Thanks!

I am very pleased to hear that you like it, thanks :)

can i make iframe pages to the side menu ??

Payment complete hope that help me with my work thanks :)

can you help me with this part Enable DF JWT the configuration is different on xos ! can you help me with that ?

yes sure, just open a ticket here: https://ticket.polygonetic.com/ or write me an email to ticket@polygonetic.com – so we got a direct channel

Congratulations! Good luck with your sales ;)

tnx you too ;)

Hi, pre-sales question. Does this come with a backend? If so am I able to create custom fields? Thanks in advance – J

Yes, the included documentation guides you through the installation steps of a local Dreamfactory2 instance installation, which is the backend part of the package.

After you finished the documentation, which also shows you where to create the schema, you will be able to extend the schema with your own fields.

What about Windows Phone Support?

Ionic 1 don’t got Windows Phone Support

Updated to Ionic 2, Windows Phone is now supported.