Ionic Firebase - Multi Restaurant Online Food Ordering System

Ionic Firebase - Multi Restaurant Online Food Ordering System

Full multi-restaurant online food ordering system full integrated with Email section (for Login , Register). Application user can use their email address in order to register application. Multi-Restaurant mobile application can find user’s location , then system can estimate all of nearest restaurant from user location. That function shows to user how many kilometer away from restaurants. (example: 1.25 km away). Great thing is Application shows all of restaurant’s location , user’s current location in Google map.

Customer can choose foods from Unlimited restaurants and Unlimited categories. If customer click on RED HEART button , then application automatically create customer’s own Favourite Food List. Every customer has different favourite list , because they have different feeling with foods. In addition customer easily swiping product list in order to remove food from favourite list.

Application has also My Basket section. If customer wants to remove or edit products from their basket , then just swiping the product clicking on REMOVE and EDIT button. All function easy to use. System has address choosing section , if restaurant knows customer’s address , then they can deliver foods to customer quickly and easily. Customer can easily choose their city , district , street, apertment’s door number from address section. If customer clearly entered his/her address to system , then user allowed create their Orders to system.

One great thing is System automaticly can create customer order’s Date and Time. Also provided by Facebook time ago function. (example: few seconds ago , 2 hours ago , 5 days ago). Youtube advertisement video also included in Application. Application owner can add Youtube promotion videos to IONIC-FIREBASE multi restaurant online food ordering system. Most practical thing is Google admob also integrated. Application owner can make money with Google Admob.

System has Backend section for Admin. Backend service can shows every restaurants , categories, foods to Admin. Application owner can control all of Restaurants , Categories and Foods. For example adding new restaurant, categories, foods. If Admin wants to edit or remove information , that’s all possible.

Admin can add ,update, delete all of Restaurants , and also restaurant’s categories and foods. All pictures uploaded to Firebase Storage and launched from Firebase Storage. One great thing is Admin can control Restaurants Location.Just typing longitude , latitude information to restaurant section in System. If restaurants make bonus on their Foods . Then Admin can update Food’s price in order to make sale on restaurant’s food.
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Frontend Installation Guide

Run application for web chrome and firefox

Ionic serve—lab

Run application for Android platform

ionic platform add android

ionic emulate android

Run application for IOS platform

ionic platform add ios

ionic emulate ios

Super Admin Web Backend Section


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