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this is group chat or messanger like whatsup ?

This is a group chat

Create similar with Openfire http://www.igniterealtime.org/projects/openfire/ and many will need…

This “Discussion on Ionic Community Chat Pro” can you for buzzy php script?

I didn’t understand

private messages also?

Not supported yet

Hi, I’ve a question: if a smartphone is in standby there are notifications of new msg?

1- How to insert this chat into ionic aoo builder? 2- How to disable the login from G+?

1) the documentation is public or with the software? 2) is visual studio 2015 helping to compile “Ionic Community Chat Pro” for android and ios? 3) is it possible to watch a real online demo for ios and android?

is it possible to force one group-room at the opening and then let users free to chat privately eachother?

in the demo, I see a group chat. is it possible also to have private chats?

How to compiling to android?

Where is the demo app? Or is it only a admin tool?

which nodejs version is needed? Node.js 0.10 is ok? I found it freely on openshift …

to compile it, you have to study http://phonegap.com/ documentation.

MongoDB or MYSQL?

No Mongodb: MySQL 4.x, MySQL 5.x

i have an error “SiteLock-PHP-EVAL_REQUEST-md5-kcc.UNOFFICIAL FOUND” when i upload in my server

hi, are you storing the Facebook user data to php/mysql database

After exporting to an android app using cordovan or ionic can this be integrated as a Library into my android app. If so can you provide help on doing that specially. Thanks.

Is this app is still fully functional today?

Demo for web and android?

Demo for web and android?