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Hello! I have a question regarding the bible plans and online bible… How do you load the scriptures? Do you read them from a restful source or something like that?

Hi there. That is totally up to you in terms of how you’d like to integrate it. What we have in there is just a demo.

Hello, please send the url for the php cms demo? Thanks

Hi can i play m3u8 live streams in the app?

Hi there! Yes, you can.

In demo not have push notification

Yes, because people will then start to send a million messages to people who have the demo installed. :)

No have login in painel admin?

Hi there, not on the demo. Would you like help in creating your own?

Yes. Not have in my admin installed

Please send us a support email to: support@rockstarmediastore.co.za

Im interested in the application but i have pre-sale questions: 1. Can i use youtube for the video live streaming 2. Can you please help me set up adminpanel in my server Thanks

Good day, thanks for reaching out! 1. Yes, you can use YouTube videos. 2. We have instructions on how to set it up in the documentation, so you shouldn’t struggle, but if you do, we always here to help.

can’t extra the zip folder

Good day, are you still struggling to extract the zip folder? If so, you can send us a support email and we’ll send you the files directly? Let us know. Thanks. Regards, RockStar_Media.

Hi Rocksar, i just your application now but i can not run it 1. When i ran npm install, i got error: npm ERR! install Couldn’t read dependencies.

2. ionic serve did not run: There is an error in your gulpfile: Error: The `libsass` binding was not found in C:\next\Church\node_modules\gulp-sass\node_modules\node-sass\vendor\win32-ia32-14\binding.node This usually happens because your node version has changed. Run `npm rebuild node-sass` to build the binding for your current node version. at Object.sass.getBinaryPath (C:\next\Church\node_modules\gulp-sass\node_modules\node-sass\lib\extensions.js:158:11) at Object.<anonymous> (C:\next\Church\node_modules\gulp-sass\node_modules\node-sass\lib\index.js:16:36) at Module._compile (module.js:460:26) at Object.Module._extensions..js (module.js:478:10) at Module.load (module.js:355:32) at Function.Module._load (module.js:310:12) at Module.require (module.js:365:17) at require (module.js:384:17) at Object.<anonymous> (C:\next\Church\node_modules\gulp-sass\index.js:186:21) at Module._compile (module.js:460:26) 3. when clicked on index.html, i could not retrieved data from your link here “http://rockstarmediastore.co.za/adminpanel/includes/encode/index.php/?get=”; Please help me out . Thanks


Hello, I’m still expecting to hear from you, I bought your app from code canyon to ease my project app but now it is being delayed too much, please I need your help and I need to get data from admin panel and I’m using localhost and I can’t get data from browser or emulator. Thanks

I believe this message was carried over to support emails. Thanks.

I’ve the same problem of gabmedia please post solution. Thanks.


slandas Purchased

How does payment apply? Monthly? Or one time payment?

Payment to?


slandas Purchased

in purchasing this app. is it a one time payment? or do I have to pay on a monthly basis?

Hi there, I’m sure you’ve figured the answer out by now :) Once-off payment.

I’ve sent a mail, no answer. I’ve wrote here, no answer. This code template have to speed up development : with no support is only wasted time. I’ve fixed my problem but now backend -Z announcement doesn’t work. It’s incredible…..bad, very bad….

Hi there! Apologies for the delayed response… are you still struggling with the above?


slandas Purchased

services.js file not found. please help

Hi there! Apologies for the delayed response… please try and re-download the project files if you’re still experiencing this problem, the file is there :)


slandas Purchased

sent an email to your support. but no reply.

Hi there! Apologies for the delayed response… we should have responded to your email by now, but if not, what are the challenges that you are facing?

You can enter multiple events in a single day?

Hi there… yes, you can.

Hola, se podrían remover items? Por ejemplo sólo dejar funcionando las opciones de Eventos y Noticias.

Si tu puedes hacerlo.

I am seriously considering this interface for our entire workflow, however, I am desperate to know…Is there any way to manage the TVOS version using this same admin panel, also?

Hi there. Unfortunately not, we developed these as to separate applications altogether, perhaps something for us to consider for future updates

Would you be willing to develop one to meet our needs for additional cost? Also, do you do any customization, like branding, for extra payment? We’re on a tight deadline and I cannot spend time hiring a developer in time. Thank you!

Hi there, sure, we’ll be willing to assist. Please send us an email to: studio@rockstarmediastore.co.za in order for us to discuss this further. Thanks.


ouzstyle Purchased

app.js:17 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘OneSignal’ of undefined

Hi there, OneSignal is the push notification service used within the app.


ouzstyle Purchased

i have OneSignal app..