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Hi I just Purchased the app is there a way to make a push notification also If I want to do custom work and installation

Hi, thank you for your purchase…currently i haven’t integrated push notifications but you can hire a developer to integrate the feature and customize the app to your liking. For installation, refer to the support documentation.


can currency be defaulted to euros ?

Apologies for my late reply..currently the starter only defaults to dollars and yuan i.e. across the whole app.

hi, is this app web based? I mean do I have to get it listed in the apple app store? or is it a website where I can just upload to my regular server?

Hi, the starter is geared to serve as a Cordova(ios/android) app through the ionic framework, not as a website. I wouldn’t recommend using it as a website. You can deploy it to ios or android app store.

thanks, can you provide me w some documentation or direction on how to deploy to ios and android app store? or would I need to talk to a developer? can I launch myself?

Support documentation included in the deliverable does not cover publishing to the stores. The ionic app publishing resource is more informative and well-detailed on the subject. For more information on publishing the app to the stores, visit: http://ionicframework.com/docs/guide/publishing.html or you can hire a developer to publish it for you.

For any more enquiries, email me at rodgerskl@astrothema.com

Does the application already contain the rss feeds for the websites shown in the screenshots or do I have to add the rss feeds myself?

Yes, the app already contains the shown RSS feeds.

Just asking. can i have admob on this app?

The app currently isn’t integrated with an admob plugin. You can hire a developer for a small fee to do this for you or you can integrate it easily if you’re familiar with the ionic framework. Thank you for your interest in the bitcoin starter app.

can you please suggeest me for this error

Projects created at console.firebase.google.com must use the new Firebase Authentication SDKs available from firebase.google.com/docs/auth/ consoleLog/<()ionic.bundle.js (line 25642) user.login/<(err=Object { type=”object”})services.js (line 65) processQueue(state=Object { type=”object”})ionic.bundle.js (line 27879) scheduleProcessQueue/<()ionic.bundle.js (line 27895) $RootScopeProvider/this.$get</Scope.prototype.$eval(expr=Object { type=”object”}, locals=undefined)ionic.bundle.js (line 29158) $RootScopeProvider/this.$get</Scope.prototype.$digest()ionic.bundle.js (line 28969) $RootScopeProvider/this.$get</Scope.prototype.$evalAsync/<()ionic.bundle.js (line 29197) completeOutstandingRequest(fn=Object { type=”object”})ionic.bundle.js (line 18706) Browser/self.defer/timeoutId<()


cross-origin request blocked when accessing bitcoin

Apologies to hear that you are experiencing trouble. Firebase recently updated their services. Kindly forward the above error and any other issues that you may be experiencing to rodgerskl@astrothema.com. I’ll provide you with a solution ASAP. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you for your purchase.


Nice work, pre purchase questions:

1. Is that firebase and “cross-origin request blocked when accessing bitcoin” issues fixed?

2. Is it support with Ionic latest versions?

3. Is it well commented and readable code?

4. If i have any issues to setup demo in my system, Do you give support?

Thanks, Bheema

Hi Bheema, thank you for your interest.The CORs issue only occurs when emulating on a browser with live reload option. The support documentation that comes with the bitcoin starter covers CORs issues and a solution + a complete guide to set up the app.The code is well commented and readable, easy to understand. The starter supports ionic 1.x.x all versions, and if you come across any issues, am happy to help. NB: the firebase issue has been resolved.

For any further queries, email me at rodgerskl@astrothema.com

Hi, I have added the firebase url but I can’t seem to be able to login or recover password after signing up? Please assist

Hi maexx393, I recently updated the support documentation, please download a new copy of the ionic bitcoin app starter, and follow through the firebase section. The new support documentation reverts to using the firebase legacy console. All works fines. If you come across any errors, email me at rodgerskl@astrothema.com


Sorry for my very late reply, no admob currently, but soon!

hie i haven’t purchased but i want to know do market data and prices and graphs come from my own firebase or firebase is just for authentication

Sorry for my very late reply. Been really busy. Currently, firebase is just for authentication. Thank you for your interest.

hi. good work. If i buy your app. u will send me android source code?

Currently, no android source. The app code consists of html/Ionic 1.x Angular 1.x

Hi, do you have updated SDK? Problem with sign up & log in

Hi, thank you for your purchase. Currently fixing the oauth issue. Sorry for the inconvenience. The Firebase legacy console was discontinued earlier last month. For any more queries reach me here: themaastro@gmail.com

Hello , Whats the status about the project ? is there a release notes page or something ? what are the current issues ? thank you , keep coding :)

Your message wasn’t delivered to rodgerskl@astrothema.com because the domain astrothema.com couldn’t be found. Check for typos or unnecessary spaces and try again.

Hi, thank you for your purchase. The domain is currently down, please reach me via themaastro@gmail.com for any queries. Currently, no release notes page, but an Ionic 2 update is underway.

For any issues, email me here: themaastro@gmail.com.

Hi, we seem to have some log in and registration bugs, any clues?

Hi, thank you for your purchase. Kindly email the log/bug issue to themaastro@gmail.com

Hi, Did you receive my file?

Hi Crypto59, apologies, was away for a while. I checked the files, and i noticed admob pro plugin was added. During run time, the plugin interferes with the login functionality, of course , the login interface works perfectly without the admob pro plugin. I advice, asking your developer to integrate admob through firebase if need be. Am not sure why the admob pro plugin is interfering. i think its integration is the problem. Kindly reach me via email if the firebase integration fails again.

Hello, I’m interested in purchasing your app. Can u please send me the demo apk file? to jeff.infobiz@gmail.com


Nice App !!! Found This App for Crypto-currency.. can i m able to change other currency instead of Dollar & Yuan at App home page. Can You Share about ur future Dev plans so we get updates.

like Push notification, alerts, ad mob

Hi, thank you for your interest in the app. Currently, the app supports dollar/yuan in the homepage. kindly email me at themaastro@gmail.com to stay updated on new features for the next version

Is this App is updated upto current firebase, ionic. cordova

Yes it is!

is thr any ads platform thr ?

App is not smooth. work on some tweaks, it show delays and after some use it didnt response with news tab and market tab.