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hi, is it easy to build to ios and android?

Hi, speaking for android yes. As for ios, should be pretty much the same as long as you have the correct setup tools (xcode…). A prebuilt apk is available in main folder.

Hi I bought your app and already tested on ios but there is an issue when I run the app I see only black screen. I hired also developer to fix this but he says it’s an issue with ionic. Can you please help? I tried to send you message on email address you stated in comments but it doesn’t work. Thanks

I used also email in documentation but didn’t get any response.

The code is glitchy, please let me know your email.

Do you have unit or acceptance tests within code for this app?

Hello, currently i don’t.. Thank you for your interest in the app

yet not updated !!!

hi, on the next update, you’ll be notified automatically. My time is currently stretched out on many projects, but i’ll update the app before April latest. Thank you for your purchase

You are in which version of Ionic?


allmacamo Purchased

Hi I bought this app just recently however I’m getting many compiler errors for ios. Your documentation provided does not help much in terms of ionic & ionic framework versions supported. Please assist