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Hi.. Is there any provision i can test this app with my website before purchase? And also how does it handles multiple hierarchy of categories?

Have to install plugins and generate woocommerce api keys before you test. Multiple Category will be displayed in layered navigation. You can see it in demo

Does this payment plugin have transparent checkout, will it work in the app?

Server side language will be updated. Localy you have to change come text to your language before you build app. Or you can customization to have multiple language where customer can choose their language.

For this payment you need to customization the app

What is the value for you to implement and synchronize with my woocommerce? And adpatar my form of payment

Send me url keys and detail modification to my contact. I will check and update

hello, I have a presale question: How will I be able to generate the apps for each store? I mean for playstore and ios store? 2. will it work with my custom payment gateway? Regards

Yes I will. Send your customization requirement to my contact. I will check and confirm you know it it’s feasible

I have sent you a mail to your contact.



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Hakeemnala dude still waiting for u repaly to my mails


Good day! Its possible to test this app with myne website? Do you have any documentation to read before buy?

You have to install plugin before you test it for you store.

Install? What you mean? i downloaded your app from google market. What i should do now?

The plugin is available in this putchase. You cannot get it and test with your store without that. If you really want test before purchase send me your contact I will send you plugin over mail.

Hey there, it seem to me that this is just what i am looking for, very cool. My question is, what about language, will it pull from the original store? And what about all the shipping rules and payment methods, will those sync as well? Thanks!

Change App ID – 27dfb7f8 Its 1st Category 2nd Product

thats very great, thank you, but you have add one variation, i need to be two, like size and color separrately like i use in my woo store. Would that be possible?

There are two variations in one select

does it support tm extra product option plugin, and the delivery slot plugin?

You have to customise the app to add delivery slots. Not sure whether it supports extra product option feature.

Hello! I have a question, is it OK? I launched the application. “Please wait …” is displayed on the screen, and do not proceed from there.

The result of ”https://exanple.com/?json=1” is as follows.

{“status” : “error” , “error” : ” Unknown controller ‘core’.”}

Is this the cause? If so, please tell me how to deal with it.

The settings in config.ts and raham.php are correct.

Please let me know if there are other causes.

Send me url, keys and access to admin pannel

I sent to Email. Please let me know if you need any other information.


Hello, some pre-sale questions, I’m migrating from Opencart so I’m OK making modifications in woocommerce website to fit this requeriments :

1) Do this app supports multi variations? (i.e , color , size, shape in 1 product) 2) Are you still giving free integration for custom payment plugins? 3) It is possible to make some modifications in user forms?, I dont want to sell worldwide so I’d like to lock or at least auto fill the country, and modify some fields.

Like address line 1 , address line 2 convert to : address – number – complement and remove ZIP code and company fields.



This app supports 2 varation in a product. Example colors and size. For third shape variation you need to customise the app

Free integration of custom payment depends on your payment type.

All other modification is possible


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Hi, I just bought your setup but ionic is creating troubles and i am not able to build an app

Can you please help in fitting in the details in the project ?


Are you able to build new starter app? Send me error log to my contact


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I am not able to install android in my ionic project :(


Hi, the postal code/zip code box only allows numbers for zip codes and not letters for postal codes.


You change input field to text

Could you look at integrating “Woocommerce Easy Booking” and you have an additional buyer (nothing more than 2 dates added per product booking Please :)

I can customise it to you for additional cost

Hello, think you will soon incorporate in your application a system of push notification (one signal). Thank you


I have some questions for this app: - Does it support push notification? (promotion code / ads send to client) - Does it use latest ionic2 framework? - Any admin account for me to try?