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Hi there, I will be selling only one product with little info without a picture (registrations). but my problem is payment gateway, is this product use Payfast? I used payfast in most of my woocommerce site, 2) how to much to installation help and customize it for me as i am new to ionic my email pureview73@gmail.com

Hello there, i have tested the app i liked it, i noticed that after sign up that if when i press logout it dose not log me out! can you fix that before i but thanks

Its already fixed with with update

Hi, How are you? before buying, I want to ask Three questions.

1- Does the RTL supported? I mean. Can we add Arabic lang in web and mobile apps.

2- If I want to customize the mobile apps design. from where can I do that?

3- If I want to add some features from your side Are you agree to do that, Its OK I can pay for the extra work

Regards Kanaan


1. yes its supports arabic and rtl 2. you can do it with src code you get before compile 3. Let me know the feature on my contact. I will analyze and confirm if its possible


arlrathod Purchased

Please I have sent email regarding product specification does not display, please solve the issue.. thank you..

I solved it myself… thank you..

Please i need to be clear about some things on the application before i make a purchase.

1. Will you help us configure the app 2. Can woocommerce payment method be used? 3. Will woocommerce addon plugins like the wallet functionality work?

Please i need reoly ASAP

Hi 1. Support not included for install build, upload. You can easily do it if you know ionic frameworks. 2. Yes it works 3. Will not support other plugin functionality

Pre sale question: will your app work with wordpress 4.9.x and latest version of woocommerce?

Yes works

Your app is perfect, worked perfectly but it’s too much slow and sometimes don’t load only the main categories

My app is Arabic lang and RTL .. also my wordpress

banners not appearing

what is the right way for permalinks settings

cordova ionic the connection to the server was unsuccessful file:///android_asset/www/index.html .. please help..

hi, dear i have issue with checkout page. when i load products to the cart through mobile app, and press the checkout button. loading continuously but not open any checkout page. please give me your kind response as soon as possible. waiting!