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Hi, In The App Can add push notifications using Firebase and Google AdMob? Thanks for the Reply

And can i customize the home tab with latest post from my blog?

Few questions before I buy: Is it possible to add a Registration for users? Is it possible to work with Custom Post Types editing the view and controller?

Does it comes with push notifications?

Hi .. can we have more than one youtube playlist/channel?

Hello @totogui, thank you for contacting me and choosing this product. I really appreciate that.

Regarding your question, the App comes with the Youtube module and this module components could be reused. The only changes you need to do is to pass to the module Youtube Service an additional configuration as currently I am passing an one dimension* configuration for Youtube. I could help you on this.
public youtubeKey = ''; public youtubeApiUrl = ''; public youtubeUsername = ''; public youtubeChannelId = ''; public youtubeResults = 50;
Hope that helps!

Best George

Hi, one question: The youtubeUsername is the ID Youtube? because I try to use my ID v6QqpVNkTY3-rKFHUistjw but not working with listing playlist (for example

Hi, I have a wordpress website and I build one page for mobile view. I want to know how can I show that page in the application. What I mean is that when a user install the application and open it, at the first state, should see that page.

Hello, am interested in the app. Unfortunately I cannot code. Can you help me connect my WordPress news site with this app and build Android application? I want Android app for my WordPress site and I want features that this app offers.

Please let me know the cost.

Anyone that can do this can also comment.


paschim Purchased

Hello, I purchased this script few days ago and trying to develop it now, but when building for android it says * What went wrong: Execution failed for task ’:app:processDebugResources’. > Failed to execute aapt

Hi, George. Is there any update on adding push notifications?

Hi, I find the “Yahoo has discontinued their Currency Converter API service.”. How i can use feed xml?

Hello @ivanovich031, thank you for contacting me. Yes, I can verify that.

I would come back to you after analysing the available free options.

Best George


wepy69 Purchased

Information pre-purchase, I wanted to ask you if you can suggest a software to compile your app and generate the two versions to publish on the play store and the apple store. I first I was using XDK Intel-ra cross-platform but I have retired from the market. Thanks


wepy69 Purchased

Hello I bought your application yesterday, it is very well done but I have a problem with the barcode scanner, when it recognizes the url of the qr code displays it for a few seconds but there is no button that opens the link found, please write me two lines to have a button that opens the link found? Thank you

Hello @wepy69, please send me at some delailed description of your needs and I would try to help you.

Best George


Can add below :

1. Upgrade to ionic 4

2. Can you add onesingel push notification with below features
-Send push notification by segment targeting
-Send push notification to specific city
-Send push notification to specific pincode
-Send push notification to specific state
-Send push notification to specific country
-Send push notification to specific email id
-Additionally supports OneSignal Sender
-Schedule notifications on a specific date and time

3.Twitter ,Instagram and google social login/register

4. create new post/listing from mobile phone? wordpress custom post type? wordpress custom fields ?



Yes. you should support wordpress_custom post type,custom field , more social network login and upgrade to ionic 4.

And also user should be able to create new post from mobile app.

your app will be perfect after you add in those.

I will buy after that.

Hello @vicentee, thank you for contacting me.

I am currently working on this.

Best George

i need qrcode scanner

ready to use or need developer for basic wordpress web run


yomiade Purchased

Trying to contact support. It seems yahoo has discontinued yql and my rss feeds no longer work, I’m wondering when this will be updated or if there’s any workaround.

Hello @yomiade, thank you for contacting me. I can verify that.

I would come back to you after analysing the available free options.

Best George


yomiade Purchased

Any updates on the rss feed, need to get this fixed quickly.

i want to buy this app but i nee confirmation of qr scanner is working

Hello @amet123, thank you for contacting me. Yes, that should work for you without any issues.

Please contact me in case you need some help.

Best George

Hi Pre Sale Question…

1. I have a MacBook Air Do i have to install following:

—Node.js installed . —Ionic CLI v3 installed . —Cordova installed . —Java and Android SDK library installed and configured . —A MAC system with Xcode to build for iOS .

2. I have my wordpress website with 147 categories. Can it support all. Can I display selected categories may be with the use of ID.

3. I have a big menu would it support that also

Thanks in advance…

Hello @mindcycle001, thank you for contacting me. That should work for you.

Please contact me in case you have any issues.

Best George

Thanks Sir… HI can i change the layout and colors if i have knowledge of css and js… can I manage everything by myself after purchasing the code…?

Hi, If I have a custom post loop in WordPress, will this app display it correctly? Also, do you have a matching iOs app?