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Hello! the template have any panel admin or beckend to build the app, or the building it’s only for code?

Can I add script from GitHub and implement it? if yes is it easy to do so? Let’s say, a script for a school bus tracker app for parents and school with the push notification?

If no can I build from scratch?

i’m running a html a website, can i include all content and it will work as offline browser? and some of my website links opening outsite the website does this app open this link inside app or it will open in a different browser

I need help to install the app… you have some documento step a steap to do that?

Hello Is it compatible with Siberian CMS ?


Hi, I contacted you with pre-sales questions. NO ANSWER yet. Please reply. Thanks

Please check your inbox!


I have own push notification server services. Is this compatible or possible to integrate into ?

Hello. I am new in ionic. I purchased this template and i want to create apk files after customizing this app. Can somebody show me an example

Please check the documentation to learn how to build the apk

Great app but your documentation is just third grade. Why can’t you people make even a simple documentation which explains where is the side navigation bar, where to change the icons, etc.. I am really appalled at the quality of your documentation.

If possible, please take a look at the documentation provided by this guy. This is absolute top class. Your documentation is worse to say the least. But make no mistake your app is great but you can’t have this third grade documentation. I haven’t rated your app yet. It deserves a 5 star if the documentation is set right.

Always document from a beginner perspective so that even a child can configure it. The way you have done leave a lot to be desired. I am really surprised at this. I am more surprised that even after so many people have told you about your low quality documentation you have not addressed it.

Thanks for your feedback. You are right about documentation, there’s room to improve it, which we will do. We have specific tutorials for each of the functionalities that may help you. You can check them in

What is important is to have a project specific documentation from a layman’s perspective.

See, I followed the guide at to set up Admob for the ionFullApp. But I do not see any ads at all.

Are you getting any error message?

That got resolved but facing problem with displaying ads in every page. I want it to be triggered automatically. I have messaged you in another thread for which you have initiated a discussion. I am waiting for your response there


How to make the ads show automatically without going to Miscellaneous -> Show Admob etc..?

If you want to show the ads always, you need to put the admob code in your initial file, when the app starts.

Guess it is being triggered on the click of a button. Can you kindly point me to the exact code which should be placed? My initial file is the category-feeds.html


HI, Does the app have integrated audience network Facebook ads ?

No, it doesn’t. Please let me know if you need further assistance.

is this app support joomla and connect with it?

no, it doesn’t

Just one suggestion: please don’t set listing expire date in demo content because all listing in demo content are expired.

Can I use this for a dating site running on wordpress and receiving payments with woocommerce?

Could you please publish the build instructions for android(Is it changed)? It was working properly before. Now when I tried in a new PC there are lot of errors coming.

Is it because of the changes in npm or bower or ionic or sass?

1. What are the changes happened to the commands now? 2. What should be the right versions of npm, bower etc etc for this project to work properly?

Thank you.

I would like to have some customization our you app. Can we connect on skpye to go through it? Thanks