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Hi there,

Can I make a POST call to my wordpress api thru this app?

We use wordpress json API to communicate with wordpress. As mentioned in their documentation https://wordpress.org/plugins/json-api/other_notes/ you can do GET and POST calls.

Hi. After install the app and add code Ionic requires. Do i need pay any extra fee external host or somewhere??? (except apple store)

I used woocommerce , buddypress. My web is responsive. Is this also work right on app web ? Sorry for my bad, as me know app just support create web become app. So all my sidebar setting, web, page and all another plugin load, still work on mobile app, right?

This is a mobile app, not a responsive web. Wordpress plugins will not “automagically” work here, because this is another environment.

As you said, defaul will mobile will be disabled all my plugin all mobile. Is there any way i make mobile app load similar web borrow on mobile? Or i must high developer to make these plugin work on your mobile app? I used over 100 plugin. I affraid will be bunk cost for me to create each plugin become part of your plugin. Is there any way make app in store but will be load web mobile? (similar way we save web on borrow to mobile, then have icon on mobile click to open web link on borrow)


I have a problem does not update the file views.js

I have seen this answer https://codecanyon.net/item/ionfullapp-full-ionic-template-cordova-plugins/10400343/faqs/24861 Do I change the files by “Atom” , for example the file

It does not change anything in the browser.

When i write a

 $ npm install
That’s what I find
npm WARN ionfullapp@1.5.0 No repository field.
npm WARN ionfullapp@1.5.0 No license field.

And When i write a

$ ionic serve
That’s what I find
WARN: ionic.project has been renamed to ionic.config.json, please rename it.
WARN: ionic.project has been renamed to ionic.config.json, please rename it.
Running live reload server: http://localhost:35729
Watching: www/**/*, !www/lib/**/*
â Running dev server:  http://localhost:8100
Ionic server commands, enter:
  restart or r to restart the client app from the root
  goto or g and a url to have the app navigate to the given url
  consolelogs or c to enable/disable console log output
  serverlogs or s to enable/disable server log output
  quit or q to shutdown the server and exit

When I change anything that’s what I find

ionic $ HTML changed: www\views\app\wordpress\wordpress.html

But it does not change anything in the browser.

Sorry, I am at fault I was put command outside the application folder

i’m glad you sorted out :)


how can I change the language of time and date in wordpress.html and wordpress_post.html

( * hours ago ) ( * days ago )


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How do admob to appear automatically without going to miscellaneous => Show Google AdMob mobile ads ?

I apply the existing tutorial but nothing shows

When I press on (miscellaneous) => (AdMob) => (Show Banner) its work correctly

How do I turn them on automatically without pressing anything?

Thank You.

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Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) => is now => Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM)

this app is compatible with FCM ? Do I have to change something? Or work well ?

Please note, you have said that it is the application’s features that is compatible with Push notifications,

After that I have purchased, you must help me to reach for that matter.

please answer me.


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The documentation does not cover the CLI 2, CLI 1 is outdated … I am not able to see the changes reflected, gulp issue .. please help

Hello, this is a Ionic1 template. If you are looking for Ionic2 template you should go here: https://ionicthemes.com/ionic-2

Hi, can i add a livestreaming video in this formart: .m3u8 on the app ?

Hello !! I have a website www.pipocaplayfm.com and would like to pass it to an application using your application.

It works like this: the home page is in wordpress and is then directed to a subdomain – which is a site in php.

Does your company host the app in the Android and iOS stores?

it’s possible ?

1. I have a PHP-mySQL site and user authentication table. I would like to use this this table for authentication.

2. I need CRUD my other mySQL tables.

What is the best way to do the above operation once I buy this?

I have some doubts:

1- I use a wordpress website only on the homepage, after the user clicks the button to enter the site it is directed to a subdomain in php – which is no longer wordpress. Is there any problem this ?? Does my site work in your app?

2 – I already have a theme in my wordpress and your application has a theme of use, can I opt to use mine and not yours?

3 – How does the menu work? For example: My theme on the main page has no menu, but if it clicks on the support section or the “The company” link, a default theme menu will appear, which by similarity is the same as yours (with three lines) and I Can I remove your menu? I get via css?