Discussion on IonFullApp | Full Ionic Template + Cordova Plugins

Discussion on IonFullApp | Full Ionic Template + Cordova Plugins

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Does it create android apk file for listing in google play? If yes, does it support the geolocation feature for locating the user of the app?

This is a presale inquiry.

I have a Wordpress site that I intend to launch to the ios store as an app. I thought your solution is brilliant, however, I will like you to respond to the following inquiries accordingly before I go ahead with the purchase.

1. Is there any other hidden charges or addon cost apart from the 20 USD for the regular license as stated here

2. Do you add any watermark, your own brand LOGO or white label on users app with the regular license

3. is there any yearly/monthly subscription charges?

4. Do you provide app store launch support ? is this free or paid

5. Will the theme used for the website interfere with the app theme

6. Will changes made on the WordPress backend reflect immediately on the app when launched

7. You have DIY library support guild or tutorial videos

8. What is the fee charge for hiring to compile the template for me?

9. Please do let me know if there are other requirements as I intend to make a purchase immediately.

Many thanks

Hi, thanks for reaching out. Please note that this template is for Ionic version 1. The current version of Ionic is 5 and is much more performant than version 1. We have Ionic 5 templates in

Answering your questions: There are no hidden fees. You pay once and get access to all the source code of the project. We don’t add any watermark or logo. We don’t offer custom services such as installation or compilation of the code. You need javascript, css and html knowledge in order to modify this template.

Please let me know if you need further assistance.


I own a blogger site for html5 games? Can it be linked to the application and run it and play games through the application?

Thank you so much

I don’t think so.

hello, i want to create android and ios mobile application for wordpress website, do i have to buy a key for each site?

One license if fine. It should be one license per different app you create using the template. Find Ionic 5 templates in

Good luck with your sales

Thanks :)

Can I build classified listing directory with user logins and can I build multi vendor system ?

i see it but its now let me build a demo app for classified

good morning, my images are svg, are they shown?

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