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Hello….sent a message to you for a question about customizing the app….

Could you let me know what you think?


Can I use this template at ionic 2’s project?

no, for ionic2 please go here: https://ionicthemes.com/ionic-2

I’ve bought the template.

Few questions: Is that template use cache? How can I change things on it?

I’ve changed, but nothing happens.

There no way to refresh the cache file?

I’ve removed all references and got many errors.

hello I tried to submit my app to google play but got rejected and get this error: The vulnerabilities were fixed in Apache Cordova v.3.5.1. You can find more information and next steps in this Google Help Center article.

I used command line cordova platform add android@6.1.2

and check with this cli: cordova platform ls Installed platforms: android 6.1.2 ios 4.3.1 Available platforms: amazon-fireos ~3.6.3 (deprecated) blackberry10 ~3.8.0 browser ~4.1.0 firefoxos ~3.6.3 webos ~3.7.0 windows ~4.4.0 wp8 ~3.8.2 (deprecated)

Or do we have problem with my source code , can it virus ? Plz check again and give me feedback

Thank you for your support


I’ve changed the background’s gif for a image, but it doesn’t show at android smartphone. Could you please help me?

Hi, a pre sale question

I have a e-commerce site developed on WordPress Woocommerece. Plz tell which payment gateway this app will support and will your app work with woocommerce Plz reply


bass03 Purchased

Hello, I have read the documentation. Is config.js the only file that needs to be changed? (WORDPESS_API_URL and GCM_SENDER_ID) Wordpress does not work in the app.

can we develop music Lyrics app using this app ?