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Hi when is the update comming. Next Updates (coming soon) : Messages Pagination Audio Messages Remove Message Read checkMark Bug fixs

it comming soon

Hi, just a few questions:

1. On Android, the phone’s physical “back” button can’t be used. We need to click on the ‘back’ link in the app. Why is this?

2. Do you offer customisation? What is your rate for customisation?

3. Can we predefine groups, and prevent users from editing, deleting or modifying the groups?

hello ,

1 : it just a choice of the developer we can modify this 2 : contact us at ionchatapp@gmail.com to discuss this on details with you 3 : yes if you want to predefine groups you need to customise the app


Any update yet? Taking too long

Hey, this is not in real time! Can you help me? I try send a email to you and nothing. When i send a message, the other user need close the aplication and open again for see the new message.

This is why I hate authors who lie. This app has some bugs and issues with it. I spent hours discussing some of the issues last year and author pomised to fix them. Now after waisting my time over a month now, i think he has some paid jobs now hence he can’t attend to the issues.

I need a refund ASAP now.

This is just rubbish. Since you want it this way, see my comments with you since last year and tell me how you feel now:

- Profile section has bugs in it https://snag.gy/6r0RmI.jpg https://snag.gy/H94EXk.jpg - Create new group issue https://snag.gy/0AGdTy.jpg - No group owner or admin hence leaving group domant https://snag.gy/s1VeWA.jpg - Notifcation Icon https://snag.gy/BQbvac.jpg

I could go on and on with this but the bottom line is don’t release something half done hoping to make some money like others and then run away with excuses.

i feel very good , thanks

what a shame, real shame. GLWS

Incredible app Fast and accurate service. I recommend.


Hello, I want to commemorate the app Well I have doubts. I buying can put the logo of my company? And when do I buy what I need to use it? I do not understand anything

hello yes you can put your logo m and all what you need is a firebase account and some html css knowledge to change the app style, if you want any help please contact us on ionchatapp@gmail.com


Hi want to buy the system, more accurate help. First thing, what do I need to host the app? What company use for this can you tell me one? And how do I change the app info? With logo and info of my company. Could it do for me? I paid all work for you. Would have some demo for me to download to see how it works?

hello if you want any help please contact us on ionchatapp@gmail.com thanks

Hello. Need to purchase this application. But first need to verify somethings. So is there any way to contact you sir. Thank you.

i contacted you on hangout thanks

Does it allow default groups and is there any limit on members on a group?

no the groups are illimited you can add as many groupes you want and as many people you want

Very disappointed…this app have more bugs of my brain at 7 am…

for be more clear.. the reasons i starred this app 1 star

Main reason is because of the MANY BUGS in the application…i spent money for make the job again from scratch…so bad i cant have a refund

Code quality…. worst coding style ever. Man… really….....

Documentation.. Well…is the only good thing

OTHERM REVIEWS I start thinking that other 5 stars review are from friends of the developer….

Honest…can’t understand how messy code can have a 5 star review or “APP WORKING” NO IS NOT ! Have so many bugs that i decided to make it from scratch

hello, can you send me the list of bugs you have thanks


Can I share images, audio notes and videos with the app?

images yes , audio and video for next version

Hi, are you still active? any new updates…i see the testing app is not working when sending a message -update- ignore, thank you for the fast answer on hangout.


On an Android 4.2.1 device I am not able to test your demo apk because it doesn’t let me add the user email and password. It’s also not possible to register. When I type in teh email it works, but when i go to the password, no matter what i type it doesn’t get entered into the field and stays just blank. The same for the registration process, i can fill in some fields and the others cannot be filled with data.

hello , the backend is down for upgrade ,i will update the app when the backend is ready . thanks

Is it possible to create a group chat as default?So when a user registers he is automatically in that group

hello , i think yes but you need to change the logique of the app . thanks

1.chat is not place inside the user page. 2.group chat is not working page looks like empty. 3.photos is not upload. 4.notification is not generated.

hello thanks for your feedback , can you contact us on ionchatapp@gmail.com and we will support you


The edit profile tab take you to friends and the profile photo never change.

hello . sorry for the late reply . the support is suspended this times because we are working on a new version of the app , the new version will fix all bugs and come with ionic V3 and it will be released next week .

it will work on ionic v3 right ?

Not yet , but working on updates

How much it cost if we would like to add video call?

hello , working on it it will be in next version , or new app not yet sure

Hi when is the update comming ??

in review