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Hi, there way for notify messages ?

Sure, you can combine my item with html5 notifications for web app, or ionic push notification for native mobile app.

Hey, I’m interested in purchasing this. How difficult would it be to set users roles. For example, a user that is set to “Team A” during registration is only able to talk to users on “Team B” and vice versa. Also, I am looking to add file upload. Would this be difficult?

It need to be changed pretty much things to match with your requirements.

Where do you want to add file upload?

What I’m looking for essentially is the ability to message any other user on the app in the other “role”. So you can start a chat with “Team B” only if you are on “Team A”. Could this be done by enabling the app to contact any other user directly (making a Private Message chat), and then filtering it by certain member status? File upload would be for attaching photos, similar to iMessage. Thanks for your reply.

I’m sorry, my item doesn’t meet your requirements :)

is it a way to integrate with a database already created in MySQL?

Does your backend support restful? if yes, it can integrate.

Sure, you can build it to native app.

Hello. Just purchased your app. Can you please provide the firebase rules? Usually when I purchase firebase apps, the rules are included as a json file. Thanks for the help!

I’m just use free Firebase app, so I do not know about json file. I think it doesn’t matter, please do following the README file that was included in my item.

Hey! There are a bug on the code. I’d ask you for a help, but you didn’t gave me a solution. So, I solved the problem on your code, it was in the escapeEmail function. You need to alternate between the coma and the dot inside the parenteses.

function escapeEmail(email) { return (email || ’’).replace(’.’, ’,’); }

Why you just don’t do it for your customers?

after i installed it, add ios, run in x-code, it shows blank page

Can you run on browser?

Is this app based on Ionic 1 or Ionic 2?

Ionic 1

hi khan. any option for onlineshop? we need shop can chat with visitor using ionicframework

Hello, really interested to buy your app … I have a question : Is there a notification puch system ? If not, are you able to add it ?