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Bug with your demo.

Fixed! thanks for the head up

Your BUY NOW button redirect to “”..

Bug? There has to BE a demo, to have a bug.

Great class. Is it only one file or uses other library to create pdf? Thanks

Thanks! The class uses fpdf, wich is included in the Invoicr folder. So not one file, but one folder :)

Very useful!


Hi, really nice script. I will buy if you make a page where we can fill the forms and generate the Invoice from that page. Would that be possible?

Hi there! Right now we have no plans to make that page. We will obviously reconsider to make one if we get similar requests from other users.

Little backend for creating & managing invoices + print/download button on php forms would be great

Thanks for you comment! Right now we have no plans to make that page. We will obviously reconsider to make one if we get similar requests from other users.

Excellent script, good luck with sales! :)

Thanks! Appreciate it!

Nice work, GLWS! :)

Thank you!

Does this handle multi-page invoices? Can you send me a link to an example invoice with 20-30 items?

Hi Irieman! We just updated our demo page with a multi-page example. Thank you for the feedback!

Thanks, those are very good looking invoices.

And that’s exactly why we are sharing this with the Envato community :)

SO, your job for the next weeks: Make a Backend, to allow us to create Invoices by just filling out a Form. THEN, I will love you and your wonderful invoices.

Hi Webswitch! We got this question a few times now, and we’re considering doing the update. Can you explain exactly how you would like to see this working? We are trying to find the best way to do this and appreciate all input from users. Thanks!

Just purchased and implementing it into my system. Is there a way to customise the columns? This would be a great bonus!

Thank you! At this moment there is no method to change the columns. What exactly would you like to achieve?

Hi, I’m looking to be able to change the column titles, such as Product, Amount. Remove VAT column. Would be a good feature to add. I’m not too fussed about having a backend system to this. The main reason as to why I purchased this is that I wanted a simple to use class to be able to generate invoices within my system. I am very happy with it so far. EPIC! ;)

Well, you can change the column names in the translation files, it’s a little bit of a hack but it should work. The VAT column can not be removed at this time. We will make this a feature in our next update!


Can I add 2 taxes? If so, how? Thanks!

Hi Pipolamenace, yes you can. Every total line can be manually added by using the method addTotal, and you can parse the tax rate for every individual invoice line too. For detailed information you can check the docs at the Live Preview page or directly right here:

Does it support rtl languages?

Where is the demo?

Hi Fnoori, currently there is no support for right-to-left languages. The demo can be found by clicking the Live Preview button, or directly at

Please add filling form to create invoices.

Hi there! Right now we have no plans to make that page. We will obviously reconsider to make one if we get similar requests from other users.

we can create invoice with background image format A4

Hi Theyns, at this moment it is not possible to add a background image. For document size you can choose between A4, Letter and Legal. You do can set your own logo and theme color.

Hi, I like your script and I think you could improve it much.

1) How I can hide the VAT column? would be better to pass as parameters only “true” or “false”. Another option would be to move the column position.

2) How I can use “addBadge” before “addItem”?

3) I see the words with accent (spanish) are displayed incorrectly, how I can correct it?

4) If you do not plan to develop forms to generate the file (should seriously consider it), then you should consider itself the amounts should be calculated automatically.

4) You should consider implementing “Markdown”.

Can you give me the demo’s link. I want to create invoice before i purchase..

Hi Vicerhans, you can find the demo and documentation at

Absolutely awesome. Thank you SOME MUCH for this lib, you made my day (and my week).

Just a little thing : is it possible to render the invoice in HTML ? I would like to generate an editable version, in addition to the PDF version. Thanks.

Hi Stephane, we’re sorry but that’s not possible right now. The entire class has been built for PDF output. Thank you for the rating btw!

Okay, it would have been awesome. No problem for the rating. Have a nice day @+

Hey can you please tell me what might be causing this issue of showing ’?’ instead of Currency Symbol or Code E.g. INR or Rupee Symbol…

I’m buyer of mailwizz, author integrated your product so thats im asking you. And yeah one more thing how to fix the address length if you can see … Its going all the way.


Hi Jatinsahani, we just tested the Rupee character and this seems to be a problem with the web in general. Most fonts don’t have this character. I suggest you to use INR as currency. For example: $invoice = new invoicr(“A4”,”INR”,”en”);. SVG images are not supported for now.

okay i need to edit this please help me in this its a yii framework code.


        $invoice = new Invoicr("A4", $order->currency->code, null);

        if (is_file($logoImage = Yii::getPathOfAlias('common.vendors.Invoicr.images.logo') . '.png')) {


Hi Jatinsahani, you can just change $order->currency->code into “INR”

Hey guys,

thanks for the awsome class! Any chance I can create a PDF file on the server using the script so that the user can download the pdf ? Regards

Hi Julian, this is possible. Just check the docs and look for the Render method add the bottom!