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Hi again

Please please I need this to work with åäö.

Another developer with another script mentioned the following which made it work:

“Yes it possible. you can use “iconv php utf-8” for this. It will convert your content into UTF-8 format.”

and another added following to his script:

if($txt!==’‘) { make it:

if($txt!==’‘) { // start addition if (function_exists(‘iconv’) && ($_txt = @iconv(‘utf-8’, ‘cp1252//TRANSLIT’, $txt)) !== false) { $txt = $_txt; } // end addition That should fix cell value display for utf-8 special chars.

PLEASE help as we bought this and I need to fix this

Waiting for your reply

Kind regards


Hi Jensende, sorry for the delayed answer. You should indeed use the iconv function to convert strings before using them in the script. Like sbenzon mentioned below: iconv(“UTF-8”, “ISO-8859-1”,”ÆØÅ”). Please let us know if this helps you.

Hey not worse then you just do $invoice->setFrom(array(iconv(“UTF-8”, “ISO-8859-1”,”ÆØÅ”),”1 Infinite Loop”,”Cupertino, CA 95014”,”United States of America”,”IE9700053D”));

And then you got your string in utf8 you could even just create a function for it to make it faster :)

Thank you sbenzon for your reply.

Ok nice, there’s no support… I understand that but there seems to be a problem with rendering the pdf as a string ! please advise me on what I should do.

I’m using the phpmailer() class to send it as an attachement. If I try to print the string in the browser, nothing comes out. Seems like the string is empty !

Hi Ygery, can you please be a bit more specific so that we can see what the problem is. Please provide us with the steps required to simulate the problem.

Quite easy actually. Just try to do $file = $invoice->render(‘Envato.pdf’,’S’); That should render the pdf as a string allowing you to send it as an email with phpmailer (AddStringAttachement). But render S is not returning anything making it impossible to send it as an email…

Sloved but the problem is on your side: your render function has 4 cases, in 3 of them, it’s fine. But in the the S case (return as a string) that’s exactly whats missing: no return. In invoicr.php, render function, modify ’$this->Output($name,$destination);’ to return $this->Output($name,$destination);

Then everything works as expected.


It it possible to send directly the invoice by email (smtp) without saving on the server ?

hello, on pdf invoice i have issue with € charset display. how i can fix this?


Polish words not work.

Exmaple: “Termin płatności”

Any ideas?

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Does this have the ability to include both Bill To and Ship To information?

Hello, I wish you all my best wishes for the new year, and especially health. I have a problem with your PHP script: With $ invoice-> render (‘Envato.pdf’, ‘I’); we can see the Envato logo, but if I download on my PC or if I use $ invoice-> render (‘Envato.pdf’, ‘F’); to create the PDF in my server, the Envato logo disappears and I have a message that the image is unreadable, memory problem.

Exemple :

- http://iobnet.com/facture/envato.php -> Logo Envato is OK juste with : render (‘Envato.pdf’, ‘I’)

- http://iobnet.com/facture/Envato.pdf -> Logo Envato is not OK with : render (‘Envato.pdf’, ‘F’)

Thanks for your help. Olivier