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Pre Sale question. Is any way to integrate the billing system to pull customers from Google Contacts. What I mean is , when we need to create an invoice, instead of filling out all the customer information, can the system pull the contact from Google Contacts, either importing the database to the system or have the system update and populate the contacts from Google Contacts Thanks for your reply

I have not used google contact api, but I’m pretty sure that would be possible. You would still need to assign password to each user and some other info.

Digishop Order history available now ?

Sorry, what do you mean?

alex, i received the file from your email from last, but i download can not upzip, please send one more time. and this Module support Multi language right ?

I did not send you any files, and moduoe is not multilingual.

pls update account login test.

Hi Alex,

When do you think that you will come up with a new update for this?

I know you are a busy man but this module needs definitely a huge update.

In the current version you need to be a member of the website in order to get invoices. Please add client table so we can choose/create/add/edit the clients from backend and create invoices. That’s much easier for visitor and the website owner.


I will ad those feature, and most likely it will be sometimes in June.


In $data = array( ‘txn_id’ => $txn_id, ‘user_id’ => $invrow->uid, ‘invoice_id’ => $invrow->invid, ‘amount’ => (float)$mc_gross, ‘date’ => “ NOW ”, ‘pmethod’ => “Skrill”, );

‘date’ => “ NOW ”, -> ‘created’ => “ NOW ”,

We need change [date] for [created] in IPN.

Incorrect require_once(”../../init.php”);

Correct require_once(”../../../../init.php”);

Incorrect Registry::set(‘invoiceManager’, new invoiceManager()); In admin_class.php class is Invoice not InvoiceManager

Registry::set(‘Invoice’, new Invoice());

In table mod_invoices_payments txn_id should be more than size 100 because in some gateways txid is too big.

And the same table pmethod size is 10 for example Paypal Enter good but with other gateway with big name will be trunked.

Thanks for pointing out, I will fix those ASAP.

After install i get a blank white site, if i want to config the modul under admin/index.php?do=modules&action=config&modname=invoice. Where is my mistake?

I found the problem. After i save the new configuration, in the config.ini, i get the blank white site. If i upload the original config.ini it works. What can i do?

And why you have a different invoice-design between print and PDF? Print is nicer ;-)

It could be that your config.ini files gets damaged, for some reason. Could you email me from my profile with your FTP access. In regards to print and pdf, invoices, the layout and design is different due to php/pdf limitation in terms of design.

Hi Alex. cur_symbol = “JA==” Turkish Lira Code ?

Sorry, what do you mean by that?

config.ini file cur_symbol = “JA==” How can I convert to the Turkish lira code here. Turkish Lira symbol for what I can write.

[im_config] address = 123 Main St. cur_symbol = "JA==" currency = CAD duedate = 30 footer = "Jmx0O3AmZ3Q7WW91ciBjb21wYW55IHBvbGljeSBnb2VzIGhlcmUuLi4mbHQ7L3AmZ3Q7" invseq = PID-000-0 logo = print_logo.png phone = 555-555-5555 state = Ontario vat = 123456789 zip = M5H 2N2

Don’t edit config.ini file directly, do it from configuration page. Use the sign (?)

hi alex.

PDF invoice can not get the “Bill to” informations ? offline and online payment both can not.

Are you referring to client info?

Once the order was done, The PDF invoice in user dashborad can not get the “Bill to” informations.

Just make sure you have complete user information in extended user profile.


When I do any changes from my administration panel to admin – modules – invoices – configure

in the config file at line 4 it removes the “ at the end, so I have to add it manually, otherwise if I go again from my administration panel to the modules and click on configure the Invoice module I get a white page. currency = “EUR”

Can you please fix this?

Sure, please send me a quick email from you profile and I will provide fix for it.

how can I send you an email from my profile?

Sorry, I meant my profile page.

I need the fix as well for the config.ini file please!!!

I got your email. I will reply shortly.

is this compatible with CMS pro v4.10

Yes, it is.

Hello, id like to know if is possible to import my clients around 1500, and i want to personalize the invoice according my country laws. I need to import and send the same invoice at all of course with different number. Im already buy CMS PRO . Any advice? Regards!

Importing clients would depend on your current database structure. Most likely you will not be able to import passwords, unless they are sha1 encrypted. Customizing and sending invoice is not a problem.

Hello! Are the invoices created manually from Admin or auto after someone pay? Thank you.

Invoices are manually created, but if you have digishop for ecpxample invoice will be created automatically

hey guyz can you build invoice software like this Create a new account to see the interface and features , please mail me on this email id for further discussion 1 july gst launch in india, so it create a big sale you also contact for next

Hi Alex, I can’t configure module of invoice settings. I always get same erorr:

“Warning: syntax error, unexpected ’=’ in /home/gradboot/domains/ on line 6 in /home/gradboot/domains/ on line 86

Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘Exception’ with message ‘Error on parsing ini file!’ in /home/gradboot/domains/ Stack trace: #0 /home/gradboot/domains/ INI::read(’/home/gradboot/...’) #1 /home/gradboot/domains/ Invoice->getConfig() #2 /home/gradboot/domains/ Invoice->__construct() #3 /home/gradboot/domains/ include_once(’/home/gradboot/...’) #4 /home/gradboot/domains/ include(’/home/gradboot/...’) #5 {main} thrown in /home/gradboot/domains/ on line 89”

What should I do ?

I figure out that I need the fix as well for the config.ini file please!

Please send me a quick email from my profile, and I will provide fix for it.

Hi, I have an issue with the previous version (CMS 4.1). When I want to see or print the invoice, I have an error : Mysql Error : 1052 Mysql Error no # : Column ‘phone’ in field list is ambiguous

- Do you have an fix for that ? regards,

Please send me an email, from profile page.