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Please, could you keep your changelog public? I need special chars support (ñ á é í …) and it’d be great to know when this is implemented before purchasing. Thanks!

Hi, Changelog is included in the package. And yes special character issue was fixed a long time ago.


Hi, is it possible to have default/pre-made items so I don’t have to wright everything every time I create a new invoice?


It’s a great idea but unfortunately we do not have any such feature in the app currently.



this is great app! The pdf does not display greek characters in any of the fields! How can I add the greek character support?


Hi there, nice plugin,

1) Can you please tell me if it is possible to erase the signature option or to be able to upload or select from a dropdown the stamp we use ??

2) Also, would be great to set the settings from somewhere in order to not to have to change after each invoice the settings once again for the next invoice.

3) And one of the best things you should implement is to have a dropdown for the logo in the invoice and be ablte to upload more logos in the backend and in the invoice just to choose the invoice logo we want and not to upload the same logo or other logos all over again ( think on a company that have different companies and each one has it’s own logo )

4) Also, take another look as a lot of characters don’t display well ( for example ñ,é,í,ú,ó,Ü, etc… )

5) And if possible to have the invoice in different languages ( and to set the main options in the backend ) and in the invoice just to choose which language to choose

I think these are all the bugs and improvements I can think of or at least that I would like to have

Is it possible to have them in a next update ?

Hi Mate, Thankx for all the suggestions. I have noted down all these and will think about these for a later update.

Thank You

Hi, I’m trying to access the live demo, but it doesn’t work .

Hello Mate, Invoicer demo is live again. Sorry for the inconvenience. Regards,

hey how do you change the date format its showing dd.mm.yyyy i need to it to be mm/dd/yyyy -thanks

never mind found it – custom.js – right at the end….

Hi Mate,

I am glad that you got it fix yourself.


Hi, How can I change the to open the PDF in a new Window? Thanks

another try! How can I change the value of a product line created with your + button? I want to let the user choose the product out of a DB list (in a modal) and than copy it over to the product name. Thanks!

Is there still Support for this product?????

Hi, pixarwpthemes does not support this item.


I am ready to buy this script! But I have one question! Can you help me in inserting the values into mysql table ? If inserting datas into table is possible(you will have to give demo insert code) I will buy this theme instantly!

Regards V

Hello Mate, Sorry to say that we are providing only limited support for this product. Thank You

BUYER BEWARE: EMAILING OF THE INVOICE DOESN’T WORK. PLUS they never provide support. Crappy Service. Getting a refund. This was a pretty great little app but your app is only as good as the support you provide and the functionality….

Thanks for your feedback. Your are the only one who said the email part is not working. Did you try to contact your hosting, if the php mail function is enabled for you? Did you contact our support staff?

Go to out support site http://support.pixarwpthemes.com/ and tell us what issue you are facing. Because for us, its perfectly working on all servers.

Thank You

I will submit a ticket but why on earth would anyone submit a ticket when it clearly states that you don’t support the product anymore? And of course no one will even know unless they click on comments which I didn’t do. Please answer my ticket. Thx.

I do like this….. however, no place for adsense?

Hey, I was wondering is this script saves the invoices that are created so that i can open them later?

Hi, This is a generator only and cannot save invoices for re edit later. Thank You

Demo not working

Demo is now back. Sorry for the inconvenience.

How to add other currency? Is it possible? I want to purchase this but I don’t know if I can add RON ( Romanian currency ).

I need to send quotes for my products to my clients. This plugin serves me? Or can you recommend one that suits for what I require? And as I look for it since I can not find.


With this app you can generate quotes, invoices or receipts very quick and easily and than you can save them in PDF format in you system or you can send them directly to your client email right from your browser. Please check the demo.

Thank You


Presale question. It’s possible to translate the invoice PDF generated easily to an other language like French for example without modified source code ?

hi I like to buy your php script, script is editable? and Easy to Integrate/modify with other Scripts pls ?

hi I like to buy your php script, script is fully customize able? and Easy to Integrate/modify with other Scripts pls ?

it’s possible to add a currency type?

Halo, I can’t send email to client. My hosting provider disable function mail php send. It is the problem email not sent? how to fix this? thanks


Please contact your hosting provider and ask them to enable the PHP mail function. Than this will work.

Thank you

Can the Invoice at the top right ,be changed to “estimate” ? and then back in fourth ? , As we need to send out estimate for approval before the job is done, and can not have invoice on it. It must say “estimate” and then when we get the approval and job is done to generate the same estimate,but switch the estimate to invoice and to re-print. Also to change the date to the day when job is complete. This invoice system looks really good.

Hi mate, Its just a simple form, that you need to fill to generate a beautiful pdf file. So that top INVOICE is a texbox so you can put in whatever you want. And same for dates.


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