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yes just what i needed – however how do you add members – there is no members tab as shown in your demo. There is however the subscription tab in settings….. get this error SQL Error: Table 'web_dad3.ucml_member' doesn't exist SELECT s.*, sm.*, m.*, s.subscription_id AS id FROM `ucml_subscription_member` sm LEFT JOIN `ucml_subscription` s USING (subscription_id) LEFT JOIN `ucml_member` m ON sm.member_id = m.member_id WHERE sm.next_due_date <= '2012-07-07' AND sm.`deleted` = 0

Thanks for letting me know! Please perform another upgrade in a few minutes time and this will be resolved :) The members tab was accidentally hidden in the latest update, it will now display.

All good now thanks – 5 stars

Cheers! Let me know via a support ticket if you need further assistance or have any feature requests for this very new plugin.

I’ve just added this to my UCM and it seems to be just what I needed. I have customers who pay a yearly fee for their website, this will hopefully allow me to create an ongoing subscription, to make it easier not to forget to send the next invoice!

Would be handy to be able to add the job number and title once the invoice is created, or set the subscription on the job rather than the customer.

Great looking script


i like all of your scripts.i have some questions please, how can i add Radio or Check Box to the signup form? and a condition to add a value into DB only if checkbox checked.tnx

I would suggest adding an “extra field” to the customer area. Call it whatever you like, such as “Agree”. Then go to settings > signup and look at the HTML code. It will create an <input> box for this “Agree” field. You can just change the type="text" value="" to type="checkbox" value="yes" and if the user checks that box it will put a “yes” into the “Agree” field. Send through a support ticket if you need further help:

demo isnt working


Thanks for the message. The demo seems to be working ok here. Was there a particular error message or a button that wasn’t working?



i have purchased the plugin and add a Subscription

i have setup to send subdcription and invoice 5 days prior the day

the invoice day was 28 of the month

i got in dashboard notification in the subscriptions but no invoice was issued and not email was generated after 23 of the month

can you help on this ?


If this is still an issue please send through a support ticket with login details so we can help:

Is there an API where I can check from an outside application if a user is paid and verified

Hi good day

I would like to Buy This plugin Just want to Confirm . Can it work with property renting Managment .Like i want to manage all customer online… Enable on our website for online payment and want to monitor how many paid and not we have almost 1500 customers .. between 4 building

Please help

Is there any way to have a family account? I want the mother or the father to have the primary account. Then I want them to buy subscriptions for their kids. The mom or dad need to manage their kids from within their account so they can add and remove kids when they need to. The kids are young and do not need an account. They barely can type yet.

Yes it could possibly work, how many parents are you thinking? There are a couple of ways it could be possible.

Assume a single wordpress account for both parents. They could have between 1 and as many as 8 children

No sorry not possible with this system. Too much of a custom job sorry.

I just bought this plugin. How do i install it? is it for wordpress?

This is a plugin for Ultimate Client Manager, instruction are on the item page :


I’m looking for a plugin for my customer ( a lawyer ) Their new clients can make an account. The lawyer can write the progression about their case in their account. The client can login and see this progression.

Is this possible?

Thank you much.



Yes this should be possible in UCM Pro, please try the demo to confirm.

hey guyz can you build invoice software like this Create a new account to see the interface and features , please mail me on this email id for further discussion 1 july gst launch in india, so it create a big sale you also contact for next

No sorry

demo stop working…