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Nice job! GLWS :)

Thank you :) Fingers crossed !

Hello, I realy like it, is it possible to redirect url after invite instead to download.


Hello, Thank you for asking this question. Actually this is what the “Download” button does, on clicking it users are redirected to a URL which admins set in the admin area.

Let me know if you have additional questions Regards

Possible to link the download button to any page ? Would be awesome with proetction, that I could add any page & also add some code to the page its linking & the page checks if he invited & liked before the user can acces, so the user cant just share the page :) Than would I buy it!

Hello, Thank you for your suggesting. However, since reading such requests requires users to grant permissions and as per latest decision by Facebook that apart from 3 basic permissions the app will have to be reviewed. So, we do not want to put customers through that process, it is complicated. The basic concept of this application is to go viral, i would say a small give away to generate more leads and likes. You may consider to use the application on these lines.

We appreciate your valuable suggestions. Best Regards

Is there any way to remove skip option? I don’t see why anyone will invite people when he can just click skip and avoid it.

Hello, Thank you for asking this question. Skip button was just provided in line with Facebook Policy. There is not option in the settings to hide this button, however, after you purchase i can send you updated files with no skip button :) Let me know if this helps !

sorry about typo read “not option” as “no option” :) [Please read previous comment]

Facebook has updated their policy and they do not return Liked Status, So we have to make major update for this application. Please Do not buy till we post an update on this comment ! We are extremely sorry for inconvenience

Is it possible to set a min. number of invites before its possible to download?

Yes you can set min number of min invitations


I´m very interested in buying your script. Is it possible for you remove the LIKE option and work only with invitation option?

Will I get problem with facebook according with new policy? I would like receive with the “SKIP” option and without “SKIP” option. Because I can change the files after facebook approval.

Hello. 1. I can send you without like page 2. I can send you page without skip button as well

I am not sure what is question about the policy


are you still doing this product ? I see all the demo sites are down.

Hello, please do not buy it. Facebook policies are changed and Facebook Like does not work now.

We will update it near future.


You will update it near future? It’s been months now. Still waiting to buy.

Hello, I will recommend you to buy more advance script here is the link:

Are you still going to update this app, i just want to buy it simply because of invite to download

Hello, Why dont you try even more powerful app :

I ask for refound and nobody respond, i have Photo Contest for Facebook, Mobile, Tabs and Websites | Social Networking and never can install it, i need my money back

I buy your item for Facebook Auto Responder, but this item you close.. How can i import group?
Please help me…!!

Please open Ticket here

Hi, i have a website which is sngine…..i want to implement this fb invite friends plugin on this website..

can you guys explain me how can i do this or if you guys can implement this on website please let me know….

but how can i integrate in into my website ??

hello , this will be install on your server, and also add in your Facebook fan page. for further query please create tickets here Thanx

Hello, it’s been 2 months since I bought you the script invite FB frien for my site in the email you said it will be installed on my server I just lost 2 months without any news from your Share? This script is very important to me

hello, please check our reply on fresh desk and provide me all details according to.Thanx

Congrats ! Nice work