Invite Facebook Friends to Download Pro

Invite Facebook Friends to Download Pro

Important Update

We are happy to announce that our application is live now and ready to be used. So hurry up now and avail this opportunity. Invite your friends or let them download e-books!


Invite Facebook Friends to Download Pro is a MUST HAVE application for business who have fan page(s). This application will help you increase your Fan Base and bring more leads utilizing Facebook Invite feature. The idea of this application is to give away free eBook to people and before they can get to eBook they first have to like and then invite their friends.

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Here are some cool features of this application:-
  • Fan gate content. (ie Not to allow users to see your invite / download page until they like your fan page)
  • Lock your eBook until users invite.
  • Cool animations of different elements.
  • Customize URL where invited users should be redirected.
  • Customize content which shows to Non-Fans.
  • Customize content which shows to your fans.
  • No database required.

Update 1
Modification in this app  due to Facebook API  updation.1 November 2016

Video Demo

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Live Demo

  • Live Preview Click Here
  • Admin / Setup Preview Click Here (Please note that in demo version settings do not show up on Facebook Fan Page)


Documentation covers instructions for you to install and use the application. Click Here to read the documentation

Application Flow

Please Click here to see complete application flow

System Requirements

If you have bought standard license then your server should have following:-
  • PHP 5.x
  • SSL Installed
  • Read/Write Permissions on server


I do not have server where i can host the code. What should i do ?
Do not worry, we can host your code free of cost if you purchase extended license.

I do not have Facebook Application. What should i do ?
Setting up Facebook Application for your fan pages is very easy. We have explained it in our documentation Click Here to read. However, if you do not have time to set up, we offer you free application set up if you purchase extended license.

I don’t have SSL installed on my server. What should i do ? Unfortunately SSL is required, However, this does not stop you from buying this application. Here are available options for you

  • Buy and install SSL certificate on your server
  • Purchase extended license and we can host the code on own server, In this way you do not have to worry about server or SSL

Can i customize text which i can see on your live demo ? Of course you can customize all texts except three words “Share”, “Download” and “Skip”.