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Betalock and Betagate checks whether a user can log in or not with a beta key. This checks if the betakey is valid and if it is it will allow you do certain things, which is up to you. You can for example use it to verify if a person has a valid betakey before adding his credentials to your database.

Thanks for the explanation, could come in handy for me sometime soon.

How do you reove keys?

Either remove them manually in for example phpmyadmin or use the VerifyKeyDelete() function.

What do you think of a WordPress Plugin of this? I could imagine, this would go like hell.

Can this be used like you type name, address, website, date joined and that will generate a key? Then, when checked to verify, the name address website date joined will be shown, if the key is valid? I’m really planning to buy this if the script is okay with my concern.

Your script “Invitation Key Generation & Verification” has no update from 2010.
Is it still working without issue, please?
Thank you.