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Good idea frend but app is very easy. i suggest color for text, more of one text, easy move “touch” texts, image and stickers over inivtation card. Good Luck, if app update with this features alert me to buy :)

Thanks for your suggestions.

Is there an IOS version of this script?

It is in android only. I can develop it in iOS if you want.

I will PM you to discuss this further are you a company or individual?

Yes please . you can message me any time

How long hosted the site from the date of purchase Is there ongoing support

Yes will guide you. You can buy.

Nice app with attractive User interface. Good luck with sales.

would love a IOS version as well.

Please contact me at codeagent0@gmail.com

Too bad you have not created this in Android Studio.
More and more (thousands each month) goes over to Android Studio and I buy a lot of App packages but ONLY if them contains Android Studio since Eclipse is outdated and old and AS are the future.

Hi I can convert it into android studio. Do mail me at codeagent0@gain.com


Please let me know once you have converted the project into Android Studio.

So that i can buy your app.


Hi can i get in android studio package

you are not responding to my mail pls remove the Support 24×7 hours its been 4 days still no reply

Hi for studio app please pm me

Sorry I was away


- Place stickers in your card. - In-app purchase model such as premium stickers instead of admob will be nice. - Android Studio project also nice.

Okay I will add in future. Thanks for your suggestions

cool is posible update app with multiple text support, custom color text add font. i like buy sir

Yes it is possible. You can buy. Thanks

i want to try the panel but the login not working

Let me check

Panel Login is not working

Let me check

what is username and password for admin panel?

It is working now. Please check

is it android studio project?

please let me know how to configure admin panel.

I have mentioned in my documentation. Thanks,