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An amazing theme in addition to an amazing application ! Love the features. It helped me a lot! Thank you !

Thank you for the kind words!

Great design enjoying the simplicity and how its not over engineered, making it easy to use in any project. I have found a bug on the login and register page.

When trying to implement the login the background is unreadable due to the white pane coming up. The inputs are still there but due to white text the login cant be seen. This is happening in your demo android file also, didnt notice it before I bought. How can I fix this?


Hello, we will investigate and will come back to you as soon as possible.

Hello again. We have fixed this bug and updated the package. As soon as it gets approved by Envato team you will be able to download it.


Awesome, thanks

Awesome theme! It’s possible to include Instagram integration in login page?


Hello, we are currently working on Wordpress integration so it will take some time to do this. We are adding your request in our wish list, but first we have some other work to do in order to have a full featured app.

Hi there

the theme is a wow, its wonderful

when can we expect the wordpress integrated version, i will definatly it for my magazine


it is in process of development. It is almost ready and we will release it as separate codecanyon item as the code will be significantly different. It will not have login/register and comments functionality at the beginning, but we will add them soon hopefully.


I am still waiting we are launching the online version of our magazine next month on the 14th hope it will be out even if it can be a week before

Hello, we have released it yesterday on our site, and we will feature it on Codecanyon tomorrow maybe. It will require some time for approval though.


cant wait to see the wordpress version, have a question we’re a photography team and we take loads of photos, and i was wondering would this mobile app display images as talits grids.


I’m not sure what talits grids is? Can you give me an example?


hi, im intersted in buying your theme but in when i view in in ionic view on my lg g3 and click inside the input field, the background slides up and there is a big white background.. as ive seen there is already a comment where you said you updatet that.. did you just forget to to that for ionicview also? thanks


it looks like an issue with Ionic View and Android.

I have tested it on my iPhone and LG G4C and it works as expected.


Does this theme work with AppPresser? I have built an app with AppPresser but it does not scroll.


No, we haven’t made it work with AppPresser, but we will check it.


Hello, do you have any guide to build this in android? I’m getting trouble with the images, they don’t show up

Do you see the images before that in a browser?

Does this template uses database like json or firebase


it uses JSON.


Is it for Ionic 1 or 2?

It is for Ionic v1

Hello! I bought your product, and you try to set it I had problems.

The manual is written – “CONNECT YOUR SITE WITH THE APP In order to connect your site with the app you have to change the site URL in the following file: www / js / providers / constants / routes-config.js

Change the URL here: var siteURL = ‘http://invision.surfit.mobi/';

However, such a constant in this file no.

In general, the content of the application does not take anything from the site invision.surfit.mobi

sorry wrong – the theme and the application

Yes, you have purchased the wrong app. The other one is the one with WP integration.

Clean and pro, GLWS :)

Hi, nice theme! Just some questions:

1. The social sharing function shares only the video or the photo, ignoring the article… will you be fixing it so that the social share buttons share the articles and the video or image together as a post?

2. Next, can we view the poster’s profile? For example, BBC shared some articles, can BBC create an account and post and allow other users to see their profile, as well as number of posts?

3. Any chat function?


Man… would your support be faster than 2 months?

Sorry, I guess we have missed your question when it came on the first place.

Ok, no prob. Thank you. I’ll test your theme out more.

hi likes to purchase the script some pre purchase questions 1) is it support pdf upload ? 2) is it support for monthly based magazine of around 100 pages in single edition ? 3) when we selects a magazine can it possible to scroll page by page from right to left by scrolling in touch mobiles ? 4) can it possible to zoom the pictures in touch mobiles ? 5) WordPress is the back-end for manage the magazine files ? 6) we can manage the all mobile apps from single WordPress back-end ?


1) No 2) Yes, I don’t see why not 3) No 4) No, it’s not implemented 5) Check our other item in CodeCanyon. It’s the integration with WP 6) Didn’t understood the question, sorry

I’ve hidden the menu, but now i need it back. Can you help me?


I can’t tell, I don’t know how you have hidden it?

Can you revert the code to a point where the menu was available?

Another thing you can do is to diff your code with clean installation of our code and see what changes have you done.


Hi there, is there any new version? Can it be used with ionic 3?