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I want to implement a google adsense inside the article

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Hello surfIT, thanks for your reply on mail about search functioning;

I have 2 another question:


1- How to remove intro pages completely from the app? There is a a line of disabling intro but it still shows intro page for a sec and then automatically pass it to categories page. We dont want to use it or want to use just one page.


2- Links on the app; forexample a link on the news post doesn’t clickable, could we solve this problem, there is a link on the page or post but it doesn’t clickable.

Thanks for your support

Note: People who didn’t buy yet this theme, you can buy it safely, it works good and support from SurfIT is also very good.

Hello, i installed it but nothing changed, links don’t clickable.

Hello surfit, any update on this problem? Could you help to make it work, thank you.


for question 1 you have to:

1. Delete the following code in www/js/app.js:
$window.localStorage.setItem('showIntro', true);
1.1. Delete:
.state('app.slideshow', {
  url: '/slideshow/:forceShow',
  views: {
    'menuContent': {
      templateUrl: 'templates/slideshow.html',
      controller: 'SlideshowController as slideshowCtrl'
1.2. Change:
$urlRouterProvider.otherwise(function($injector, $location) {
  var state = $injector.get('$state');
  state.go('app.slideshow', {'forceShow': false});
  return $location.path();

2. In www/js/application.js Delete the whole code below “use strict”

3. Delete following files:
4. Delete the following in www/templates/menu.html
5. Change in www/js/providers/constants/translations.js:
var translations = {
  modal: {},
  slideshow: {},
  comments: {}
var translations = {
  comments: {}

5.1. Delete all lines below, connected with “modal” and “slideshow”

Hello, i have the same problem with fred, but i couldn’t find where the set empty dtrings to the subject according to your answer.


I need some help for the social sharing, i don’t know why when i share something that share only the subject and the picture, that not share also the link, in the file social-sharing.js i see the object ”link” but it’s not work.

Thank you,

Your Answer:


could you try to set empty strings to the subject and the picture in the same file and leave only URL. I think when it has multiples parameters it decided that the sharing type is image and skips the link.


You can do it in www/js/controllers/items.js

In setShare function you can change them from vm.category.name and vm.item.img to empty string – ””

Hello, i tried a lot of combination but it doesn’t add the link to the share, could you kindly please write here to what will be the values of this lines. I added empty strings, but link didn’t appear.

function setShare() { vm.share = { ‘networks’: [‘facebook’, ‘twitter’, ‘whatsapp’, ‘anywhere’, ‘sms’, ‘email’], ‘message’: vm.item.title, ‘subject’: ””, ‘file’: ””, ‘link’: vm.item.link,
            function setShare() {
                vm.share = {
                    'networks': ['facebook', 'twitter', 'whatsapp', 'anywhere', 'sms', 'email'],
                    'message': vm.item.title,
                    'subject': '',
                    'file': '',
                    'link': vm.item.link,
                    'toArr': ['info@surfit.mobi'],
                    'bccArr': [],
                    'ccArr': [],
                    'phone': '098765432'


1-How can i remove the main slider ? 2- Add splash instead

Yes, we have identified the issue and we are working on a fix.

Alright, are you gonna release a new version or give me how to fix it cause i already have my app on android play store

The fix is in www/js/providers/services/wordpress/items-service.js On line 36 you have to change: link: data.content.link to link: data.link

Hello ,

I want to create Lyrics app with help of my current website : https://goo.gl/EDsUgX

Is this possible from this app to have this kind of application which shows particular category or pages from word press website ?


you can show one or more categories, it is up to you how want to show them by building custom menu for the app that doesn’t have to shown in the WP site.


Hello, Great product, but I have a few issues with displaying youtube videos in posts. I can see the youtube videos when I preview the app in Ionic View, but they’re not visible when I test the app on my phone through xcode.

Any ideas on how to fix it? The videos are embedded from youtube in the posts with <iframe src=””>.

Great, thank you for the quick reply

Hello, how can i add a page that bring all posts

All posts from all categories or?


You have to request the all posts JSON URL: /wp-json/wp/v2/posts and show them like it is done for single category. Keep in mind that you have to use infinity loading of the posts as you will hit some limits.

Hey i want to buy this.. but wanna know how easy for a normal person to setup this ?


there is a documentation in our site. You can read and check for yourself: https://surfit.mobi/category/documentation/invision-theme-for-wordpress/

App doesn’t work with WordPress 4.7

It is working with our test domain. What issues do you have? have you checked the browser console?