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I really like this program, I am just wondering is there away to add more columns for additional information and search field?


It has been submitted! Enjoy!

Thank you so much Ftornell…You are awesome developer. I wish that alll the other ones are same way as you… appreciate it.

Thx! appreciated!

Hey !

Great work… a rental / Lending function for employee would be VERY nice.. and maybe a column for next service date..

Good input!

perhaps also a location for the tool ( like Car#25, Employee´s name, construction site #2 etc.) If you add the 3 request, i will buy.. Tomorrow would be nice.. :-).. keep up the good work..

Hello, waiting for new version please add sorting option Thanks

Good idea!

Hello, I see that Last Update 28 July new version is available ? where I can see the change logs?


Must have missed the changelog. Will submit a new changelog to CodeCanyon as fast as I can. Sorting option is not added yet though.

Is ist possible to add more Version of RAM? (or even better with something like a slider, because server often have more than 92gb of ram. our server for example have up top 300gb)

Good input, will add that to the next version!


I’m just wondering, if you have time for customazion work? Please let me know.



Are you still developing this script? Please let me know. Thanks..

Not at the moment.


Demo is down

yea, just noticed, will out the latest version out as soon as I can.


Your demo is broken:

SQLSTATE28000 Access denied for user ‘logicspot_net’@’’ (using password: YES)

Regards, Marvin

Tried to view the demo but got the following error: SQLSTATEHY000 Access denied for user ‘logicspot_net’@’’ (using password: YES)

Please attend, I’m looking for a system like this.

Demo not working, please provide a working one. Thank you.

Very disappointed with this purchase, limited functionality and buggy PHP errors. You can’t add new customized tabs to suit your requirements. Buy carefully.

Demo not work!

Hello . Aside the fact that the demo is not working .

Is it possible to me to get the details of all the system been connected to a specific server

Example : My company has 100 branches across my the states all been connected to a single or three server

is it possible for me to detect all or specified the exact location I want to have the systems information using the location- server IP address

Good luck with selling!

hahha no support nothing

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