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Woyld it be possible to add this to woocomerce or other ecommorce soft ? Like webshops

For modifications, pl. send DM

where is database saved? online or offline?


is available for mysql version?

No it is an Android app

This is Android Studio Source or Eclipse ???

Android Studio

Shall I know where the file will be saved ..Where can able to see the sql

Reply: /data/data/<your_app_package_name>/databases/<database_name>

HI great looking app. I thinking to use for client to update there inventory daily directly from there phone into there Opencart so there stock levels are always accurate. Can this app do that?? THANKS

No sorry

Hello , Is it possible to use on Android Studio ? if so , please provide some explanation

It’s Android Studio based project you can find source under your package.

Does this come with QR or Barcode scanning support?

No sorry

It works on android studio? I wonder if possible to make some small alterations in the fields

You can take the source code and do any modifications yourself

If i want to add some new functionalities So can i have the permissions or not? please clearify

You can take the source code and do any modifications yourself

May I know which folder is the database file stored at? And, can the database be viewed from any program in Android Studio?

Sorry, I’m new here. And I’m thinking of buying this template. Can I distribute it among my store managers, maybe consists of 2-10 persons? Or it can only be used by one person? thanks.

Im looking for an app for search product details using barcode scanning. a admin panel to update product details. 1 – customers or employees scan barcode , then show the product details 2 – update sq lite database , when internet is connected to web database

i see some apps with diffrent feature . you can easily made an app like this. if you create any app like this just inform me – email : mshabeeb.nt@gmail.com

i hope these type of application , you sell here easily . dont forget to inform me , if you prepared these type of application .Bye

Hi dear, How your notification in your app is working ? Please explain me

Is it possible to call wordpress mysql data ?

How to import to android studio without errors?

Inventory Management System ( Advance POS )

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iniSoft ERP ( Business Inventory Management System ) is a PHP based web application that allows you to manage your invoicing and inventory on site. Service Sell by any Onetime Service, Update your stock information, make purchases and view sales data from anywhere whether in the office, at home, in the warehouse, or on the go. All you need to access this a device with internet connection.

how many user or devices can i install the app …licence?


sp1ros Purchased

Hello is it possible to remove the ShapeImageLibrary as the package is not supported anymore?

Hello! I have some doubts. I have a staff of 50 employees. If I buy this application spending $ 16, can I supervise my employees? Can I get the location of all of them? Can they see my location, too?