InventO - Accounting | Billing | Inventory (GST Compliance with GSTR1 & GSTR2 Integrated)

InventO - Accounting | Billing | Inventory (GST Compliance with GSTR1 & GSTR2 Integrated)

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  • Every company is having issue. When we have developed this script we were having staff of 150 Developers but due to some issues we have to reduce staff to 3 to 5 Developers. Script is still owned by company.
  • We are still launching update on monthly basis.
  • Client name with username on codecanyon (heyjassi) is the very pycho client. Who is having much time and nothing to do more and he hasn’t PAID any advance payment of any kind of extra work (EXCEPT CODE PRICE).
  • Every company or enterprenuer have some kind of history so we have too. This client using this history to spoil the image of this script.
  • We will be back with great update soon.

Invento Update 3.2

  • Easy management of Customer, Supplier and User.
  • Removal of Activation process from InventO.
  • Delivery status of product in Purchase order.
  • Various minor fix and improvement in system


- We are launching new features in InventO, You can test it at below link
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Invento at codecanyon

Invento at codecanyon

You can contact us any time via @ skype : dhaval28691

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Version 3.1 (30-04-2018)

  • Multiple theme for system (Done)
  • Multiple SMS Gateway(Done)
  • Bug fixing and Tax calculation error is resolve(Done)
  • Adding country/state/city manually(Done)
  • E Way Bill(Done)
  • Simple GSTR1 and GSTR2 available ( We have removed b2b, b2cl, b2cs, HSN, exp, cdnr, cdnur credit/debit note )

Version 3.0 – (13-04-2018)

  • ZIP Code is added in customer and biller
  • Spelling correction
  • SMS module integration
  • Improvement and bug fixes.
  • Now allowing special character in biller name and in address
  • In second invoice format static text is removed
  • Compatibility notification in dashboard ( if system not running on php v7.0 or less than that )

Version 2.9 – New

  • Edit product issue resolved
  • Import product with TAX (IGST, SGST, CGST)
  • Purchase return issue resolved
  • Improvement and bug fixes.
  • Compatibility notification in dashboard ( if system not running on php v7.0 or less than that )

Version 2.8

  • improved version of biller management
  • POS Slip generator
  • Improvement in Sales and Purchase process
  • Improved Warehouse management flow
  • Warehouse products reports
  • Other improvements and bug fixing
  • Opening stock in Add product and bulk product in Product section
  • Bulk Stock Transfer ( based on product code )
  • Improved People ( Admin, Purchaser, Biller, Accountant ) management
  • Inclusive & Exclusive Tax ( Important Feature )

InventO - Accounting | Billing | Inventory  (GST Compliance with GSTR1 & GSTR2 Integrated) - 1

Version 2.7

  • Installation & Bug fixes
  • Modified active menu as per current module active
  • dynamic favicon from setting
  • multiple invoice format from setting.

Version 2.6

  • Installation & Bug fixes
  • Easy Update within system without loosing data.
  • Accounting module integration with Inventory management system
  • Receipt and payment module
  • Profit & Loss Report
  • Ledger account report
  • Customer wise Sales report
  • Supplier wise purchaser report
  • Improved version of purchase and sales process
InventO - Accounting | Billing | Inventory  (GST Compliance with GSTR1 & GSTR2 Integrated) - 2






Update Changelog

  • Version 2.5 (20-09-2017)
    • GSTR1
    • Credit/Debit Note
    • Product(short cut for category,subcategory,brand,tax from product)
    • Purchase(Warehouse,Supplier)
    • Add UQC
    • Add product search in Purchase,sales,purchase return,sales return,quotation
    • sales invoice format change
    • Add pay now button in sales list
  • Version 2.4
    • Product alert- see list of product alert
    • new invoice format
    • add customer at sales time
    • log maintain
    • add bank details in company settings
  • Version 2.3
    • Quotation module is included
    • Few bugs fix
    • Transport details in Sales invoice
    • Accounting module with ledger account is included. ( Under beta testing )
  • Version 2.2
    • supporting float tax format
    • INR symbol is not working
    • update .htaccess file for subdomain
    • Error resolved on purchase return
    • Entered State code into state table assigned by State
    • Tax format changed for easy understanding
    • Shipping Address is added
    • Receivable Report
    • Brand option while adding product
    • Transportation enabled sales invoice
    • Dynamic Email set up for email
    • Now showing no of product alert in menu
    • Ledger account has added
    • Account module has added into system as part of accounting system
  • Version 2.1
    • updated .htaccess file so it will be working subdomain also
    • log activity from user
    • PAN, VAT, TIN no updation on customer and vendor profile
    • Error resolved on purchase return
    • GST Registration type in company setting and customer, supplier
    • print option added on sales invoice
    • various bug fixing
    • 10 languages are included
    • Shipping address is included in sales
    • Installation process fixed