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I’ve just bought this plugin and it doesn’t seem to be working with the latest version of Wordpress/WooCommerce.

I’ve noticed in the comments you’ve said to PM you for the latest version of the plugin, is it possible you could send me it?

If you could send it to dan.benson@espressoweb.co.uk that would be great.


Hi can you contact me privately explaining what’s exactly the problem? Thanks


I would like to purchase this plugin. But I am seeing that there seems to be an issue with the latest version of wordpress. Have you resolved this?

There are no problems with the plugin… sometimes there are conflicts between other plugins, or themes css

Hi. I would like to purchase this plugin. To my understanding it does not work with or has a compatibility issue with the current version of WordPress. Would you be able to provide feedback on this? Has the issue been resolved? I would really like to purchase this product. Please let me know.

as you can see in my website http://www.artieinventive.it it works without problem. When there are problems, I always try to help. Thanks

Hi, there is a problem with the plugin. In the shoppingbag everyone get the message: Fatal error: Cannot access empty property in ….wp-content/plugins/inventive-woocommerce-text-customizer/inventive-woocommerce-text-customizer.php on line 293

So they can’t buy anything anymore in the webshop. This problem is since the wordpress update.

Hello can you send me privately a link where the problem is showed? thanks

Hello, is possible to massive add a text flield with price? IE: All products in catgeogy 17, have an optional text (to personalize product with laser) with 5€ extra if selected. Thanks!

Hello, actually it’s not, if you want I can customize it for you


imagevo Purchased

Hi, I’d like to know how much you would charge to make your plugin compatible with Woo Price Calculator

Hello, sorry for late reply but I am on holyday, I have to take a look at the plugin and see what’s the conflict between the two, send the privately the plugin and I’ll take a look at it ASAP

Just sent a PM :)

Hello, sorry for late reply but I am on holyday, I’ll take a look and reply to you ASAP

Also, can the dimensions be displayed and calculated in ” Inches ” ?

Hello, sorry for late reply but I am on hoydays, yes it can

1 ) – Once I purchase will you send me an XML or a database file so that I can duplicate how these different products are setup on your DEMO site ?

2) – Is it currently compatible with the latest WooCommerce 3.1.1 and WordPress v4.8.1 as of August 7, 2017 ?


7) – Looking at the DEMO, how would we get the ” rollover ” effect that shows a description or the instructions when placing your mouse on the text fields ?

SEE : http://imgur.com/a/3TExF



8 ) – Looking at the DEMO how would we setup the function for customers to “Select and Upload Files ” ?




9) – Looking at the DEMO how would we limit the amount of characters ?



7b ) – Looking at the DEMO, how would we get the TOOL TIP ” rollover ” effect that shows a description or the instructions within a TOOL TIP when placing your mouse on the text fields ?

SEE : http://imgur.com/a/3TExF


Hello, sorry for late reply but I am on hoydays, I didn’t test this plugin so I can’t guarantee it works with WC 3, as soon as i Can i’ll upgrade it but i can’t tell you when

Hi, I am interested in using your text customizer software but i notice it hasn’t been updated for a while. Is it supported by the latest Wordpress version and are you still developing and supporting the extension?

Hi, i use this plugin in my website, so i will surely upated it, deadline is the end of november, i hadn’t much time to work for this plugin in these months. Thanks

Hi Francesco, sent you an email a few days ago, just checking you received it :)

No worries, I shall re-send

Hi Francesco, did you receive?

Like other custumers mail, i didn’t receive anything because of my antispam server, try sending it with another domain if you can, thanks

Hi, last weekend we’ve installed your plugin and we’re experiencing some problems.

First: When trying to add a product (with the customizer option disabled) to our basket we get the error: Sorry, but you must enter at least one letter.

As soon we enable the customizer option, there’s no error. But not every product needs this customizer.

Second issue: When the customizer option is enabled, there’s no way to disable it again. Unchecking the customizer checkbox and saving the product does not save the checkbox.

Third issue/idea: It seems to be a lot of work to convert fonts to the plugin-desired format (.woff). I’ve found a converter but this only converts fonts one by one. Wouldn’t it be nice to choose from google fonts?

Hi, i’ve send the message with the codecanyon message form. I don’t have an email for contacting you directly.

ok, please send me a mail to info inventive3d com thanks

Hi, i’ve send you an email on 28 sept, did you received it?


roodude Purchased

Is there a way to charge a different price for upper and lower case characters? My customer wants to have a 25% discount for lower case numbers. If not, can you PM me a price for this customization?

Hi if you are still interested I can send you a quote


roodude Purchased

No longer interested … it’s been two months.


i would like a refund. Installed plugin & site not available anymore. It seems to be conflicting with the SSL certificate. Removed the plugin directly from the server and everything worked perfecht right away..

hi, haven’t heared back from you again? I would realy like to use your plugin, but if there is no support and it doesn’t seem to be working, I would like my refund as requested.

Hi, I sent you an email on wednesday 6th february, I am going to send it again. I am available to refunds, but not because the plugin doesn’t work, cause as you can see from the demo website, it works. It want to offer you help on discovering the issue, but I need access to your ftp, please send it to me privately so I can resolve the issue. Thanks

Resolved! Apparently both our messages went into the spam filters. Plugin seems to work fine now, so thanks for having a look at it.


mrjizz Purchased

hi, just downloaded your plugin, its exactly what iv been looking for, i cant seem to get it working though, firstly, i see you upload fonts as .woff type but wordpress does not let me upload this file type and i can not select any fonts to use in the customiser

Hi Mrjizz still waiting your ftp info to help you in this issue. Thanks


We have purchased your Inventive WooCommerce Text Customizer plugin but are having problems with it not always saving the options.

If we send a login are you able to investigate for us please?

Many thanks,


Hi sorry for my late reply, please send me privately access to admin and ftp, I’ll solve the problem for you. Thanks

No problem, can you let me know the best email address please, or is there a way to send a private message on here?

hi send me the message at info inventive3d com

ok, so i can now upload fonts to use, but im not sure if this app doesnt work with my theme or not?

i have tried with different themes as well with no luck?

also just tested your demo site in the console with mobile toggle on and your demo slider does not slide either

Hi, please tell me what browser are you using for these testing, or give me the url so I can test for you, thanks

not sure if your getting messages, but i have tested your site on mobile (google console) and your sliders do not slide (can only tap to make bar move), only when on desktop


mrjizz Purchased

thanks for getting back, not in much of a rush, but ill give it a go when next on tahnks


mrjizz Purchased

that works much better, if your updating it though are you able to make the price/dimensions update as your sliding?, (instead of waiting until you have stopped sliding to update price/dimensions)

ok I’ll put this functionality in the next version, thanks