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It seems that the WOFF files are not accepted by WordPress. Also clicking on “Select fonts” does not open the upload window.

Is this bug known ? :)


Hi Tim, I am sorry to say I hadn’t time to finish the big update, hopefully I’ll be workin on it again soon as I finish other pending projects. :) Thank you

Hey, How are you, you have any news on the progress ? :)

Very sorry to say developing is still stopped. The new year is coming, hope with time to extend this plugin to another level. Thanks :)

Hi, just bought this plugin and it is exactly what I was looking for, but I have the same problem as posted above, my upload fonts button does not work, everything else is fine. I thought I get get it to work by trying to enqueue the media files but I am unclear on exactly how to do this. Could you post instructions on getting the media files enqueued? PHP script? If I can get the font uploads to work I will be all set. Thank you.

Hello send me privately a message I’ll send you updated plugin, I’m waiting codecanyon approve updated one, thanks :)

Hi, Can font colour be selected as well?

Hello, not yet, it will be in the next releases

when is the next release due?

The next release with font color option it will be in 1 or 2 months. Thanks

Does this work with $ and inches?

Hello, please send me a private mail, I’ll send you partially updated plugin with bulk update feature, thanks

It would be better if you updated the files on here.

Major update is coming, so I’ll publish it et the end of the week, thanks :)

Is there a way to set a global setting for this addon? So I don’t have to set the fonts per product? (all my products have the same font options). Also, if I update/add a new font, is there a way to push that update to every product?

you’re welcome, thanks for your patience :)

Hello, I forgot to say, if you wanna apply the fonts in a quicker way you can click on “show array of selected fonts” copy that string of text and then paste it on every new font

Hello, please send me a private mail, I’ll send you partially updated plugin with bulk update feature, thanks

Just purchased Inventive woocommerce text customizer. I have done the download several times but there is no zip file to upload into wordpress. Please advice as to how I load the plugin. Peter

Hi Francessco need to get my site finished and live as soon as possible to earn money, do you know when the update will be ready? Regards Peter

Hello plugin update is taking more time than expected, anyway I’ll put on top your request and see if I can send you the feature you requested this week. Thanks, Francesco

Hello, please send me a private mail, I’ll send you partially updated plugin with separated price for char add up, thanks

Hello there! Buy Plugin and would like to give me some PDF and Video to help me set it up. I need to put the text and select the font. I set. It is WooCommerce and are labels which I customize.

I forgot to ask. The customization service has a cost. As I place ?

No sources like climbing? sorry I have no idea as confirgurar. And install it but do not know how to configure. thanks

Hello, documentation is avallaible here http://support.inventive3d.com/documentation/inventive_woocommerce_fonts_customizer/ if you still have issue just ask thanks


Can I limit the number of characters to be typed?

Can I add more than one product for text fields?

I can display text entered on the product image? Example: http://weart.com.br/bandeja-coroa-kids.html

Hello, yes you can limit number of chars, I don’t understand the second question, and for the third, no, it isn’t possible right now, but in the next release it will be, thanks

Hello, I’m having a problem with pricing.

If I use the ‘fixed cost per letter’ and have a price of $2.00 and have 3 letters, the qty shows as 1 and the total cost shows as $2.00 in the cart.

If I use ‘cost per dimension’, the cost and dimensions do not update and there is a javascript error on the page. It will only work if there is a sale price entered. The error is ‘Uncaught TypeError: Cannot Read Property ‘replace’ of undefined’ on line 214.

Yes, these are all issues already debugged, please be patient I’ll be back to you soon, thanks :)

If you need someone to beta test, let me know!

thanks :)

Is there any way to change the position of the text area field? I’d like to have it show up as the first above other selectors.

Hello open main plugin php file and search for add_action(‘woocommerce_before_add_to_cart’,array($this,’i3pd_before_add_to_cart’),10,2);

change with this: add_action(‘woocommerce_before_add_to_cart_form’,array($this,’i3pd_before_add_to_cart’),10,2);

Hope it helps Thanks Francesco

SOLVED: I switched it to use the ‘woocommerce_before_variations_form’ hook.

Nice :)

Any update on the next release? The only issue I’m still having is regarding pricing per letter. Qty and price in cart show as if only a single letter was entered. Can’t go live with incorrect pricing! :)

Hello I just updated the plugin let me know if it’s ok for you. Thanks

As soon as Envato makes the download available, I’ll take a look. Does this release fix the qty issue?

If you want it now just send me a private email, I tested it and it works, if you still encounter problems it could be a javascript conflict issue, so maybe it will be useful If I debug the plugin on your side, thanks :)


I was wonder if your plugin could work with engraving a watch for a client.

The customer selects the section on the watch that they want engraved (we have 4-5 section available for engraving) then they select 1 of 10 to 15 fonts available.

Each section will charge a fee per engraving. Plus limit each section to no more than 3-15 characters.

Will this work for our woo commerce site? Do I have the right plugin?


you are welcome leave a rating if you are happy with the plugin thanks

Will do. Also, are you available for any slight custom work. Suggest as moving the font selection up to the top of the boxes etc or should I outsource that to another company?

Hello, I am available for freelance work, just ask for a quotation, thanks

wo kann ich einstellen das der Betrag gerundet wird? Hier in der Schweiz gibt es nur Beträge mit 5 cent :-) Vielen Dank für das Feedback.

Hello, please explain better what do you need, I didn’t understand well your request :)

Oh sorry here is the english version :) where can I set the rounded the amount ? Here in Switzerland there are only amounts to 5 cents :) Thanks for the feedback.

Hello, i you are creating a product which change its price by dimensions, you can set the price per cm2 at any price you want (if I understood well what you mean :))

does this plugin work?

Hello, what do you mean? Did you encounter problems with the plugin demo?

I need a Plugin like this. I have a Sticker Shop. But your demo doest Work… Where i can look the demo? Or is there a new version?

Great work. GL



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Hi 1Inventive, thanks for this great plugin. I was wondering how you made the color selector on your demo site at this page: http://www.artieinventive.it/bottega/shop/idee-per-matrimonio/album-fotografico-in-legno-con-scritte-personalizzate/

Can this also be done with this plugin? Thanks!


NED13 Purchased

Hi, i’ve just send you the details by the codecanyon private message system. Would be great if you could help us out. Thanks!


NED13 Purchased

P.S. the product calculated with dimensions is working now, but the product with price per letter is giving issues when trying to add the product to the cart. Grazi!

Hi, I just went to your website, but it seems the price per letter is working, can you confirm this? Thanks

Hello you told a few weeks ago to give you a couple of days to look at the plugin but i havent got any message back from you  we still have the problem that the total price at bottom stays on 0 and the currency payment (euro) is standing on the right side an we wants it to the left side i hope you can give me soon a update what the problem is with the plugin.

you can find the link on this page http://www.proreclame.store/shop/belettering/bootnamen/

here do you have also the login to our website again Login: admin Pasword: Pro121212

  FTP host: FTP user: imdwegc196 FTP wachtwoord: eevyvufw

Hello, I replied to you by mail, please delete this comment, you have your credentials open to anyone who read


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I have a problem because when I change any options on a product there are not saved.