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Hi, i can add some Streaming address to this script?

No, stream services… i have a radio online.. can i add some streaming link?

This plugin is built to transform normal stock libraries links like audiojungle, pond5, soundcloud, luckstock in an mp3/mp4 streaming inside default wordpress player, maybe in the next releases I’ll add other functionalities like the one you are asking for :)

Ok thanks.. i will wait for this feature… :)

It will play any track, regardless of the url? For example: http://mysite.com/mp3folder/file.mp3

Before, I asked if he could use the plugin just as a player, mp3 tracks from an internal or external link, for example http: //mysite/mp3path/track.mp3. You said in 25/06 would have this update. We already have?

Hello, I am waiting approving for this, i think it’s goin to be online the 29th, I’ll reply to this post when update will be accepted :)

Hello updated item has been approved now you can select items from media library :)

Hello!! I bought you item “Inventive stock player” and try to tune it…..have a three questions….see the attachement please: https://yadi.sk/i/lRccQ8fGqaURt 1)so, than i make an update in a post this picture attached by auto (my picture is delete), how fix it? 2)as you can see at the pic…the active field to make a press on a button is different than it must be…. 3) Can i make a button “play” much bigger?

Thank you!

Hello, please stay tuned I’ll take care of your requests as soon as I can, thank for your patience

Hello, the “inventive 3d arts” image you see it is loaded by default if you choose to show player down the featured image. The play button can be changed by tweaking the css, I don’t understand what you mean with “active field”, thanks :)

purchase code: f659f86c-b148-4671-ba66-3429d803e0df https://yadi.sk/i/Q6vr5yY5qo9KK

Hello! I’ve already asked you questions about your player: 1) to increase the play button, you said that it can be increased by changing the code in the CSS style, but I did not find it, tell me where I can find it! 2) Now the active area is located below the “play” button. Customers just can not push it, how it can be fix? Thank you very much!!!

Hello, please provide to me privately a link to your website, so I can check what’s the problem with the plugin, thanks

I sent you a message by email (It’s a Musicbed form excl. account)

Hello, it’s a problem with your theme, your “additional-buttons” class div overlap the player, you have to change the size of this div. The player jump because the player is wrapped inside an anchor by your theme. Hope it helps, cheers

Purchase code: f659f86c-b148-4671-ba66-3429d803e0df Hello! Help me please with my issue! I still can not make the necessary settings for my site with you plugin (inventive player). When i using the filter – player is disappears, recently I have already written to you about this issue and you told me that the case in the template (unfortunately the author of this template does not respond). I attached a picture with explanation ( https://yadi.sk/i/LyeIR0wvrHYap ). As you can see, “buy” button is not disappears and the filter has no effect on it. I can not figure out how to fix it and why the button does not disappear and the player – disappears? Of course, I can use a different plug, but I liked your by other specifications. I would be very grateful for any your help. If need access – i will give it to you.Thank you!

Hello, please send me privately access to your website so I can debug and test the issue, thanks :)

I forgot to give the site:) audio-sx.com

Hello, I checked your site, the problem of the player which disappers it’s because when you filter your content, it is done with “ajax”, this plugin isn’t mena to work this way. There is a round way to show up the player also after ajax reload, apply css style “visibility: visible !important” to .wp-audio-shortcode class and style it as you want. change the css .woocommerce a.button, .woocommerce-page a.button height to auto, actually is 38px. I cannot help you further because all these are css issues from the theme not the plugin. Hope it helps Thanks Francesco

Hi again! I’m wrote you about a little fixes and i have one more question. I already wrote to you that when i use a filter (Ajax) on my website (http://audio-sx.com) your audio player disappears from my items layer (you can check it). But, i’m noted that “Buy button” works well with my template (and ajax filter too), so, i cant understand how it inserted in a code. Can you give me an advise to solve it (put audioplayer code instead “buy button” – replace)? Nobody does not help me:( All hope for you:) Or can you do it for me?

Hello, I am sorry but the player works with javascript and it can’t works when it is called from an ajax operation, it can’t be solved, thanks Francesco

I have played different music and repeats http://www.soundmusicstock.com

I have to manually upload mp3

Hello, send me a private mail and describe exactly what’s your issue, so I can help. Thaks

Hi, its a very nice plugin, I just purchased it. But I run into the: error loading this resource. while retrieving video from pond5. On the woocommerce product page. Please help, and thanks in advance.

Hello, I just updated the plugin, if you want working updated files now, send me a private message, I’ll send you the plugin, thanks

Got it! Thanks a lot!!!!! :)

You are welcome :)

Pre-sale question: Is this plugin still supported? Specifically I want to use it for Pond5 and AudioJungle. So my question is does it still work with Pond5 and AudioJungle?

Hi, IT isn’t tested with new versions, but I can give you after sale support and ask for refund if it doesn’t work for you. Thanks