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Hi author, I would like to buy this plugin so I can offer a present in return for registering in our site. The main data I need is the users email, so I need to know if that can be filled in the registration form. In your example, I just see username and password. Thank you!

Hello, sorry but I’ve been on holyday. The registration uses wordpress process, so when the user register you can use any field you want even using third party plugins.

Ok perfect! I will buy it then. Thank you.

You are welcome, let me know if you need help :)

2 days without any answer, is someone there?

Hi, this is a pre-sales question. I run a magazine and would like to create a ‘opportunity based unique number system’. Basically I want to print a unique number in each magazine that I sell and the client then needs to take that number and register on our WordPress website to be entered into a competition to stand a chance to win a prize. Is this possible with your plugin?

Hello, there is the “code” mode, where you put a list of codes and winning codes, (these codes can be generated automatically by the system). You can export your codes in xls format for printing them in the magazine. Hope it helps

Hi there

Pre-sales question here. I’ve been looking for a plugin to support an instant-win competition that we want to run with a client – basically, they are giving out lots of codes at a conference, the recipients of the codes go to the website and enter their contact details plus the code they have, and one of them wins the prize.

Is this something this plugin can achieve for us? It looks like it is, but wanted to clarify first. If so, are we able to embed the competition entry form into any wordpress page?

Many thanks


hi I purchased, run into an issue in that clicking the “download codes in CSV file for printing” simply reloads the main infos tab, and nothing downloads. We need to download the 450 codes so that we can stick them into the printed collateral that we are handing out.


hi there, also I’ve added the shortcode into my page where I want it (I’m using the Divi theme by elegant themes) and instead of showing where I want it to, half way down the page in the context of the rest of my content, its sticking the competition stuff at the top of the page, fullwidth and ignoring where I put it! help!

Please send me privately the link of your website so I can check the html

Hello. I just purchased your plugin. I activated it and setup my first test lottery and activated it on my test page and get this error.

Fatal error: Call to undefined function wc_price() in /home/mtvista/public_html/wp-content/plugins/inventive-lotteries-and-giveaways/includes/classes.php on line 1133

Please advise.

Actually the plugin doesn’t have this functionality, if you have patience, I can implement it in two weeks maximum as a plugin core functionality.

I actually cannot wait. I have to launch this page on Monday July 11th 2016.

So I am sorry to say it’s impossible to change the way it works in a so short time, you can redirect users to standard wordpress registration page, after registration they will able to access the lottery based on your configuration

Are you able to change the theme of the plugin? Is there features already added on the plugin to do it easy or do we have to mess around to have our own preferred theme?

You just have to change css, each container uses a class, there are some templates which you can edit for customizing what to show (by coding).

Thanks for the immediate reply! I had another question, to make it a bit automated can we have polls lined up so after one finishes another takes its place. I plan on doing a giveaway once a month or week and would love for it to reset with different prizes or same prizes depending on circumstances. Is that possible? Also is it possible to run different giveaways on different areas of the website. ( I know that is a stupid question but I’ve purchased plugins that didn’t have basic features )

you can set start/end date for as many giveaways you want, you can use shortcode or select giveaway directly from a dropdown menu on each page you create/edit. you can use widgets for showing a minified giveaway banner

I can’t seem to get the plugin working. I have installed it and have tried doing a test giveaway with a question however I get many errors such as Warning: Division by zero in /home/heyhwmij/public_html/wp-content/plugins/inventive-lotteries-and-giveaways/admin/list-questions.php on line 135

Can’t seem to get the widget to work either.

I may be looking at this all wrong but I have no progressed at all with the plugin besides making my question poll and filling in settings such as conditions and other fill the blanks areas.

the widget is called “inventive lotteries and giveaways”, I am in your wp-admin, it is visible. The main inventive lottery in an empty screen, it’s normal, in the future versions there will be a dashboard.

Can’t seem to find it on visual composer frontend editor.

I found it on the admin dashboard under posts and pages however it defaults to the bottom of the screen. Could be an easy fix that I can’t seem to find. Is there a way to use visual composer to add it and resize it? Seems to big for my liking. Not that knowledgeable in coding either. :\


I have a Consulting Company, one of the services that we provide is the Drug Testing / Test toxicological.

The Company hires us to perform a test in their company, but before we going to the refeir company, are sent to us is a list of employees. One or Two names/numbers will be the “one” tested.

I lookinh for a tool / system that makes a random lottery of these name or number. and can recorder the history.

It is something relatively simple, but I need this to be auditable. In order to keep a record for future reference.

this can be done?

Thanks a lot

Sorry but I didn’t understand what’s your need. In this plugin you can create a “poll”, at the end of it give to the user the possibility of participating to the lottery you created.

I want to use registering mode to create lottery, how can I redirect to register form if no login.

I want to use registering mode to create lottery, how can I redirect to register form if no login, and if customer already login it will redirect to login form.

Answered to you privately

Hi I just purchased this plugin and I wanted to know how to set up the buy ticket option, do you have any instructions avaliable?

you can take a look at the documentation here http://support.inventive3d.com/documentation/inventive_lottery/

Is there a short code to add the plugin widget to a single page as well?

Yes, you can use the plugin’s shortcode or the choose the lottery in the dropdown menu when you create the page

Can you vote and buy a ticket through that as well? kinda like you are picking a winner type of thing, please advise

Hello, no you can use only one or another, not both

is there anyways to get a step by step on how to create a product ticket giveaway?

I looked here: http://support.inventive3d.com/documentation/inventive_lottery/

and it had no instructions please advise

Hello, in the documentation “ticket” is called “pass”. The procedure is, user buy a “pass” (ticket). This ticket is a woocommerce product where you set how many times can be used and so on. Let me know if you need more help, thanks

Hi with this plugin is it possible to embed code to in third party sites or social media pages?

Hello, just use an iframe with the wordpress lottery inside

Installed plugin but sweepstakes asks for visitors email and password, then opens to my websites wp login page. Yes, we reviewed your documentation which is great for Lotteries but says nothing about Sweepstakes. I emailed you Sept 28, 2016 with more detailed info. Please advise.

Hello, I answered to your emails, hope it helps you out, thanks

when on mobile site the text box with ‘PARTICIPATE NOW’ some of it is missing and not with the box ??? also some of the other parts dont fit correctly within there boxes. could you clean up the code a bit please

Hello I don’t provide css support for this plugin, but if you give me the url of your website I can try to help. Thanks

can you tell me which theme’s it works well with then ? so i can have a look at them as a alternative

You can use any theme you want, just style the css to suit your needs, or send me your credentials and I’ll try to help you

Does this have, or are you considering adding a boost function through social share? More re-shares can get additional entries.

Right now there’s no way for doing this, In the near future I’ll put it into the “to do” list, thanks for suggesting :)

im confused do they need to buy in? i want to put in my wordpress using point system i have in place now and they use those points to get the picks etc

No actually it doesn’t work like that, if you want I can offer customization for what you are asking for. Cheers