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Hi, I bought the plugin yesterday. Just would like to find out if there is a way, where users have to registered on the website and then submit the code to enter the draw? So I need to combine to Modes for the draw.

Thanks for your reply Francesco. Ok, can you do customization for me?

Give me one day I’ll let you know how much time and money it takes, I’ll contact you privately as soon as I can. Thanks

Hi Please send me privately your email so I can contact you thanks

hello, heres what im trying to do

assign a lottery that will basically be drawn on 04/20/2017 and i want all people who spend $100 to gain an entry for this lottery .

so basically spend $100 , get an entry to the drawing that will be held on 04/20/2017 … (also would need this automatically emailed or displayed when theyre order is completed.)

what setup would get this done properly as documentation is rather confusing…..

Hi, you have to select “minimum order” in lottery mode, so when a customer spend more than $$$ he will gain automatically access to the lottery, based on the settings. The lottery is an “instant win”, so there isn’t a final extraction, the user can participate and he will immediately know if he won or not. If you are looking for a fixed date extraction, actually this plugin doesn’t have this functionality. I can code it for you or you can ask for refund, Thanks Francesco

if you could add that for me that would be awesome :D

Hi, this feature will be available for free in few months (I can’t tell excatly when), if you want it now i can make a paid customization, otherwise you can ask for refund. Have a nice day Francesco

Hey I wrote this message to Envato. So don’t mind the parts that address them specifically, hopefully you will understand what I am looking for and if your plugin suits my purpose. It seems perfect to be honest but I have noticed you haven’t updated it in quite a while and there doesn’t seem to be much feedback, but like I said it seems perfect :). Anyway here is my message:

Hey. My website is www.raffitireland.com. My issue is as follows. My site is basically a raffle ticket competition based platform. In Ireland the law states that raffles and lottos are illegal if it’s not charity based. The loophole is if there is a question then it is no longer a raffle / lotto. The plugin that I am currently using “Woocommerce Lottery” does everything I want apart from the question. I have set up Woocommerce Product Add on to include a question for every product but the Woocommerce Lottery plugin doesn’t factor or validate the user answer with the eventual winner therefore creating a legal issue. The ” Inventive lotteries and giveaways plugin” seems to suit my purpose My question is can I exchange one plugin for another and pay the difference if possible and if indeed be able to get a refund if this does not suit my purpose. Or is it even possible to try the premium plugin temporarily. Thanks

Hi, plugin isn’t updated, but it fully works and I always give feedback to my customers. This plugin in “answer to question” mode, let the user reply to a “poll”, and then after completing the poll, let the user participate to the instant win, so maybe it’s isn’t what you are looking for. Have a nice day Francesco

How do you add the prizes but have them hidden so they can’t be bought?

I’ve set up the items that they have to buy 1st but need to add the prizes that can be won

Yes I got it, you should send me another email with credentials to enter your admin section and take a look at the configuration.

can you put your email address so i can contact you directly rather than through here ?

info AT inventive3d dot com

Pre-Sale Question for Lotteries and Giveaways

I would like for users to use MyCred points to purchase tickets. How hard would this be to implement that into this plugin?

No, it can be done, but I should give a quote after I dig into mycredsystem

Hello, have many errors after using your plugin, for example error 500. Is the plugin not working with new wordpress version? Best regards

Hi, plugin is not tested with actual wordpress version, so I can’t offer support for this, ask for refund, or ask for a custom coding, thanks

Thanks for your answer. So i can not use this plugin on my website. How can i get my money back? best regards

any updates?

sent you a message


1. I’m interested in buying, how can I see the demo? Now it does not work.

2. Are you available for customization?



have buy this plugin and installed on wordpress 4.9. but its not working, some errors as “error 500” for example.

how can i get my money back?

best regards


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Hi, I have a problem with access to lottery by buy a ticket. 1. One person buy a ticket 2. This person go to site with lottery and takes part 3. He lose 4. He can gets access to take a part without buy again a ticket.

I would like to give one time access for one buy ticket. Can I get this solution with your plugin?


webbiloo Purchased

Hi, thanks for your answer. Okay, i know it, but when someone buy a ticket and he lost, he can buy again ticket but can’t take a part in lottery again. Do you know what I mean?


webbiloo Purchased

...what now? imo: In this plugin is bug. Lottery not working with pass option.

yes sorry for the delay, please be patient I’ll be back asap to help you. In alternative you can ask for refund. Thanks Francesco