Inventive lotteries and giveaways

Inventive lotteries and giveaways

Inventive lotteries and giveaways is the perfect tool to boost your sales and customer fidelity in your online blog, website or shop.

You can create lotteries, givaways, sweepstakes in a very customizable way.

There are 6 ways to organize your lottery, giveaway, sweepstake:

  1. Buy ticket: User buy a ticket and get access to your giveway

  2. Registration to website: New user register to your website and get access to your giveaway

  3. Minimum order: User place an order with a minimum sub total and get access to your giveaway

  4. Poll: User answer to some questions for your market survey and get access to your giveway

  5. Question: User has to answer correctly to a question to participate in the giveaway

  6. Code: User receive a code and use it to partecipate in the giveaway



6 differents method to organize your lottery, giveaways or sweepstake

It works with wordpress standalone or with woocommerce

You can assign as prizes posts, products, discount coupons

Templatized to customize your giveaway

Codes auto generation with custom length

Plan your lottery to be active only on certain dates

Very simple and effective to use

Widget and shortcode to display your giveaway anywhere you want to

You can set conditions, age and country restriction

You can generate automatically an order when somebody win a prize

Move unassigned prizes to the next lottery

You can download a csv with winners list

Translation ready

Send an email when somebody win

Animated draw

You can convert user role when he has got access to the lottery (useful if you offer access to discounts or restricted areas based on role)

You have two ways for drawing the prizes, a random mode or you can assign for sure a prize for every user. So this plugin isn’t just for lotteries and giveways, but also to give for sure discount coupons or anything you want for each kind of method.

Admin screenshots “List/Insert lottery/giveaway/sweepstake”

Admin screenshot “Lotteries listing”

Admin screenshot “Lottery main infos”

Admin screenshot “Lottery main config”

Admin screenshot “Lottery linked prizes”

Admin screenshot “Lottery participation mode”

Admin screenshot “Lottery conditions settings”

Admin screenshot “Lottery email settings”

Admin screenshots “List/Insert lottery/giveaway/sweestake calendar”

Admin screenshot “Lotteries calendar”

Admin screenshot “Edit lotteries calendar”

Admin screenshots “List/Insert questions”

Admin screenshot “Questions listing”

Admin screenshot “Edit question”

Frontend screenshots “Example”

Screenshot “Lottery main page”

Screenshot “Access granted with conditions”

Screenshot “Survey/Poll example”

Screenshot “Lottery draw result”

Try the “registration to website” demo!

Try the “Respond correctly to question” demo!

Try the “Poll/Survey” demo!

Try the “Insert code” demo!

Try the “Buy ticket” demo!


Quickstart guide: learn how to create your first giveaway!


Important notice:

1nventive is not responsible for losses, legal problems or other issues derivated from the uses of this plugin.

Before putting this plugin in production, test it on your system and check that you are compliant with your country laws.


  • v.1.1.2
    Corrected a bug in “winning mode”
  • v.1.1.1
    Updated how coupons are showed in the lottery page (now you can see description and coupon value
  • v.1.1
    Added capability to assign winning codes Updated some db queries
  • v.1.0
    Initial release