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Why do you repeatedly call this plugin (which you’re selling on CodeCanyon as opposed to ThemeForest) a theme?

Unless it installs and activates like a theme, it shouldn’t be called one and you’re simply going to confuse your buyers, misrepresent your item.

Hello, Inventive 3d world engine is activated like a theme, but it’s also an engine because of the possibility to position elements in a 3d virtual space, Envato decided to put my theme/engine on codecanyon for this reason. I am sorry if it wasn’t clear, I am going to specify it on item description. You can take a look at the quick start guide to see how it works, I hope you’ll like it. Have a nice day :)

Thanks for the clarification! :-)

It’s definitely a very cool concept. Hopefully it continues to evolve. When / if it’s a standalone plugin, then it will be much more interesting. Not being able to use any theme you choose is a real deal breaker IMO.

To me, it is somewhat like being told I can use Parallax scrolling but it won’t work outside a particular theme. We probably both know that this would be ridiculous because it doesn’t have to be that way.

As it is designed right now, it just seems like yet another theme to get buyers locked into like Layers. Though many here won’t even consider this before buying / using so you’re at least selling to the right audience.

Hello, you are welcome! :)

I understand what you mean, but with today worpress standards creating a standalone plugin isn’t easy to achieve, because in this engine I use a lot of matrix3d effects and the fact it is completely in ajax (and wordpress natively doesn’t act that way) made me go crazy to find “compliants” solutions to make it work.

I don’t wanna lock people with my item, but if somebody wants to quickly have a 3d website, to show off a product or create something different I think will find find this product the right choice. In it I offer two ready made scheme colors, then user can build it’s own css scheme creating a child theme.

Anyway I am not stopping, so I will evolve this theme/engine as best as i can (or die trying :) )

Wow, amazing work.

Thank you, It was a really long journey :)

Hi, I was trying to see demo but it says that site has been hacked. Please check this.

Yes thanks for the alert, sorry to say an exploit in “gravity forms” let the hacker broken my website!

Now site is up and up to date with gravity forms.

Hello , first of all i have to congratulate you on a very creative theme indeed i do wonder why isn’t it on themeforest.

the thing is i did install the theme and tried to adjust and followed the steps as illustrated but the 3D web version tends to error and freeze, I’ve tried installing it on another domain on another server and also i encountered the same problem, i would appreciate your help with that .

Thank you ,,,

Yes i did and i sent you a reply

Hello Francesco, Long time, hope all is great. I was wondering if the theme is compatible with the newest version of WordPress, and if you are going to update some of the features or add new ones?

Hello, nice to hear news from you, I didn’t develop the theme anymore because of low sales, but it should work, anyway i didn’t check. As soon as I can if it’s an easy thing to do I’ll update the obsolete parts and get back to you, thanks :)

Hi, I just installed your theme/plugin which I find very interesting. I see there are plenty of plugins that are “required” and that I have to install, such as woocommerce and qtranslate, however, I don’t need them on my website. So what about it ? Am I obliged to install and activate them to make it all work?

Hello, I sent you a message asking one more info, did you get it? :)

Just found it in my spambox :-)

Yes, gmail is very restrictive with spam scoring :)

Hi, There seems to be some conflict with the flow flow plugin (see on codecanyon). The social flow doesn’t activate automatically in 3d.

Unfortunately, this 3d theme uses a lot of ajax, so some plugins may conflict with it. If you send me privately a copy of the plugin of your interest for testing purposes I can try to create a cross compatibility. Thanks! ;)

ok, I’ll send you a private message for it.

Incredible results! Any plans to implement WebGL?

Hello, Webgl is already implemented where available :)

Hi great theme/engine! I have just purchased and I am having trouble it working correctly. My site, just like the above comments from Daelorn, ” When I go on my site, it doesn’t show any content except if I add at the end of the link /?2d=true or /?2d=false. I have this issue will all browsers.”, only with the 2d false link. Were you able to resolve that issue? Thanks in advance!

Thank you very much. The variation fix was good, but I have made now my main page a regular text page and it is still having loading problems on front page http://seam.clothing

Thank you so much for your help and hard work!

Hello I corrected a bug with latest wordpress version, now you can use also shop as home page, cheers :)

Great, I will redownload file. Thank you so much!

Hi! How are you?

I really like your theme and I am playing around with it a littel bit. Must have been al lot of work to make this.

I’m tried to make 4 extra pages just simple a,b,c,d but I think I’m doing something wrong.

When I try to open the homepage it opens in 2d and keeps preloading and when you scroll the page brakes. When I try to switch to 3d the same thing happens. Could you take a look please to see what I am doing wrong?

Kind regards, Daniel

Hello, ok, today I’ll take a look, thanks

Hi, about a month ago you would look at my question…..

Hello, I sent you an email on the 28/8 this was the text “Hello I checked the website and made so updates, can you please check if eveything is ok at your side?

Thanks “

I updated a file and tested your issue, can you check if it’s still there?

Thanks Francesco

Hey how are you, I have realized that I cannot login to my backend when the inventive3d theme is activated. When switched to twenty sixteen everything works fine. Will there be a new update?

Hello give me some time I’ll check your files agains thanks

Hi, my problem was never solved, please help, thank you!!

Hi, I entered your ftp, but theme isn’t there so I can’t remove BOM, let me know when you upload theme again, thanks

BUMP: same issue..site works fine..then around 24hrs later, im unable to login or get the white screen.. basically..everytime the theme settings are changed..the page refreshes to white page.. i then need to refresh page again to access wp-admin. you mention Permalinks..could you please let me know the preffered permalink setting? also of note: if i get white screen but then disable woocommerce, i can access the backend briefly..however, once woocommerce is re-enabled, the wp-admin stops working again..

can you please send me privately access to front-end, back-end and ftp? Thanks