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You script seems interesting, but it is not responsive, damage ! You have a responsive version ?


I can tell you that apps are in production – we work also on several other client projects so hard to say the date. If you looking good solution with very good support and constantly updated then this product meet expectations because we want create uncompromising product with the best price on the market that anybody can buy and enjoy :)

We leave the decision to you :) if you have any other questions feel free to ask :)

Thanks for your answer; I will wait to see for now before purchase, i prefer wait when your version responsive will be ready

See you

Ok no problem :) have a nice day :)

do you have a multi vendor solution?

Hi, no this is for single owner only – but you can create unlimited administration people (all have equal rights and see the same thing).

Hi, we have BIG DROP in all our offer if you are still interested :)

All we get on this when we install it and try to launch the main index page is “error”.

No explanation of what that error is…

When we try to go to the admin section, the source code ends right as the author’s php begins.

We spent $54 on a script that does not work. We have tried speaking with the author but get no reply.

We are extremely web-savvy and I can tell you that there is a fundamental problem with this app.

The instructions seem straight forward enough, standard really:

Edit a few files, update database connection strings etc… Edit domain name path for images…

There really aren’t any instructions beyond that. We’re running it behind SSL because… duh. I’m not sure if that’s the problem, but it shouldn’t be really judging by the code.

This seems to be a poor product with poor support. I would be happy to update this review if the Author were willing to respond to one of our support requests or even respond here. But as it is… don’t waste your time or money. It may look pretty, and it may look like it will solve your problem.

If it won’t work though… all it does is cost you money for nothing.

For the author and everyone else out there, our servers meet all requirements specified and work perfectly well.

You don’t need send us access but only turn in php.ini display_errors = on because now is off and you don’t see your server messages about errors.

We can see errors in the log file, we don’t need to turn on global error reporting so you can fix your stuff.

We just want a refund. We don’t want your product We just want a refund. We don’t want your help making it work (Because there’s no guarantee it will stay working) We just want a refund.

Are you catching the theme here?

In other clients works perfect, we can’t do refund because we don’t have such option.

Hi, is that posoble to translate admin ( to other languages? Please explain how. Thanks

Hi, all language of admin is stored in function file so you just edit it :) and client side each language is a single file that stored all text :)

Hi, we have BIG DROP in all our offer if you are still interested :)

Too bad that is not responsive, really. Buy it and if responsive. In my opnion you are losing sales, today no means a website or service that is not responsive. put you batteries. will sell many units of this product. I certainly take the opportunity to give congratulations for your app “App With CMS News Time”. But again the same … when the responsive version of this script Shop Platform?

Is not because work perfect on mobile devices and there will be app for mobile in future.It hard to say when because for now we working on clinet project after then we planing add update for ours mobile apps and then we think to do big update for this product.

1 week after contact with author and envato. – nothing. Product still doesn’t work and no refund.

I guess… all I can say now is…

1. We have no database issues

2. The error reporting on this product simply returns “Error” with no explanation

3. The Author will accuse you of everything under the sun before accepting any blame.

4. The Author is NOT AT ALL helpful.

5. The Author takes no responsibility for a bad product, and will simply point out that you won’t get a refund… despite the product being flawed.

6. The Author will flag any comment you make that depicts the actual problem that is happening(we actually posted the “step by step instructions” that the author included in the app, and the author flagged it for removal… guess why? They aren’t really step by step instructions to anything except setting up a config file.), and reply with false problems to make you look like you’ve done something wrong (blame shifting).

7. Envato, is unresponsive other than issuing a support ticket number

Demonstration sites are available:

Public Facing: Admin Facing:

There are missing dependencies in this product’s zip file. The author even acknowledges this in email. The author attempts to send unknown code snippets that serve no purpose.

It would be wise to avoid this product until it is fully baked.

We send you information that Error = script can’t connect with database !!! we also send you db.php for test this connection and you don’t upload it

Here is the proof that you’re lying:

Copy of mail:

also envato standard:

That says:

We uploaded it… after a few days we took it down. So of course you’re going to get a 404 error by running to that page now. lol. Why on earth would I leave a stupid echo script on my servers forever?

By the way, that script doesn’t accomplish anything other than having me retype in my db data and testing it. It doesn’t validate against your existing code, it doesn’t grab the variables used from your existing code… That script just proves there’s a database.

when do U fix the tools as U promise for 3-4 month ago?

yes, I understand that :) but how long must I wait more? I have wait over 3 month and I cant use it. So please bet back 80% of. Becorse this script can I not use.

Free updates we do when we can (you can’t demand something that we do for free ! – because this extra option that only you want !!!), we also send you information how you can add this mail notification (we create you guide where and how). We do all our job by list that has points to do – we don’t setup time for free staff (we do when we can and add it to each our product). In every normal world any extra work is always extra pay and this option you want after time that you use product = YOU WANT ADD EXTRA CODE/SOLUTION that don’t was on begining. This situation create 3 ways:
1. You do it by yourself because we send you answer on your support question – we support only product as is not by adding somethig extra because user want free job to do
2. If time is important for you then you hire somebody that do it for you because you don’t have skills
3. You wait until we add this as extra FREE update and THIS IS expression of OUR GOOD WILL and not an obligation and if somebody are trying to use it for their own purposes by DEMANDS AND FORCE then we don’t accept this type of cooperation – so please stop spam ours other product comments and wait or use other options that we show you on this description. It’s take time because every update is place where we add a lot of new function in each our product.

I have not buy this script but U blow my on other script and dont support as U promise. U said that U will support that when U have time but when do U have time??? 10 years or how long time????

why, on wamp local, the website is blank page, an into webserver hosting it’s work, but not on all hosting.

i dont understand.

Ask about limit per hour because in many cases it depends on the number of emails sent from this server. Or this server has setup queue to send mails in hours that mail traffic is less and you get this mails soon :)

ive an server, 4000email per days, no limit delay time, im receipt email instantly on other script of this website, the script mass mailer functionly but not the link adress bcc..

Contact us by mail we send you how you can change bcc to single that lunch multi times :)

hello. Good product, if i were to ask you to include a payment system using API, how much would it cost? Also if i needed twillio sms service, how much would it cost?

This product is integrated with paypal API. We sell this solution as is any other solution you have to create by yourself.

Hi, we have BIG DROP in all our offer if you are still interested :)

Hi I just bought you source code I’m keep trying to install it but no matter what I do I keep getting this error. Database error contection

got it fix thanks anyways

Hello, I am considering buying this script, will you give me support for isntalling it on my server if something wrong happens? I run CPanel on a VPS. thank you

Hi, check demo if this problem exist there:

After then contact with our support by mail from PDF.

I can´t add a product to the admin panel too. I did not change anything but there is no ingredients or anything else to be added to the product, does that generate that error?

If you build your order by create tab then yes and this is not error. If you choose right side demo you can add product in admin and cart work ok.

Hello! Will be a responsive version available very soon ? If not, do you have a date? Tks =)

Hi, we have in plan on this year mobile apps.

Hi admin passwort is wrong 1234, what can i do for it?

Login failed Incorrect password or login


You use incorrect database connection. You have to use correct user name, pass and database name in your connection php file. Please also all support questions send always on mail from PDF.

Estoy interesado en el producto, antes que anda quisiera saber, que tipo de web server es el indicado para este producto y si tienen una guía de instalación ya que tengo únicamente conocimientos básicos de programación.

A la espera de su amable respuesta.

Hi, we have BIG DROP in all our offer if you are still interested :)

Looks good but it’s not responsive :( ¿is compatible with bootstrap?

We don’t use bootstrap in this project but layout you can always modify :) For PC or MAC you don’t need responsive. If you want responsive solution for mobile device also then you can create by yourself your css for it. Any mobile device can also open this platform as is :)

i have also waste my money on this item it didnt worked and no reply from author have to delete it dont knw if it works now

We don’t get any message from you on our support mail :) contact with us and describe problem.

Hi, i am interested in your script. i need one for a fastfood client. I do have a few questions, 1, Is it fully functional out of the box or will i need to purchase extra modules or addons, also do you have an IOS or Adriod app for the software. And finally and most important, The client is in nigeria and will probably be using or , is it possible to configure another gateway to the script and can you assist. Thanks

Hi, product is ready out of the box – you install it on your server (using step by step photo guide) and you can sell. It has build in only paypal payment or pay on delivery – if you want other then you have to add it by yourself(we only sell it as is). This is only web and mobile apps will be ready in coming year as separate products(this will be complete solution).

If you have php skils adding other payment gateway it’s very easy because whole order is created on single page where you are redirected to paymant page (so you only create own page with payment – you don’t have to modify shop script).

If you have any other questions feel free to ask :)

How can I customize the various categories in make_isp.php that I can click each category separately. And not all 3 must click as it is now is coded. Thanks

Hi, contac us by support mail from PDF and we will help you on Monday :)

Does that have a Stripe integration?

Paypal only or cash on delivery. If you are devloper you can easy add any other payment gateway because the order is stored in single php file where you are redirected to paymant gateway.


f4bb1to Purchased

Hello, Could you add the responsive design of this page for mobile phones? I also want to include another payment system. I hope your answer

Hi, probably you have invorrect database information (login form then work like incorrect pass) and disabled server errors or in password you have special ’ character. Contact by mail from PDF with our support and we will help in Monday.


f4bb1to Purchased

Can you check your mail? I need you to give me a solution, not tell me what the problem is! solution!

We do not work on Sundays as we write you before. You will get your mail answer on Monday.