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Hey Guys.

I’m using your subscribe newsletter and using you “send subscribe to data” – database option. I can see i already have several client subscription email address yeah.

My question is:

Does my client receive an email to see who has subscribed or not?

I have my clients email address in WP dashboard set to “info@cupcakeandco.co.uk” however he has told me he is not receiving any email confirmation, when a subscriber has submitted email address?

thanks and look forward to your reply Gary

Hi Gary, this option does not send verify email to your client :)


I sent support request on wpprime forums to ask a few questions. Still no answer after 72 hours. Especially about SSL support problems.

Should i ask here better ?

http://wpprime.com/forum/plugin-support/intime/479 http://wpprime.com/forum/plugin-support/intime/480

Thank you

We are very sorry for this late respond. It’s our mistake for not replying you even just to wait because we need time to check. Btw, we need some information, which will help us support you faster. Please send us via support forum at your soonest time.
Thank you very much for your patience

Ok, i sent information. Thank you for your reply

Thank you for your patient. For all the detail solution, please view in the support forum

Hi there !

I hope you’re fine. I have a little question about your plugin. Once it’s activated, how can I visualize the web pages I work on. When I go to see the site (from the dashboard), I always see the “under construction site”.

FYI: I deactivated super cache plugin.

Thanks for your help guys!

Have a nice week.

Thanks for your concern in our product. Regarding your question, you can use Allow Access to set your IP address avoid see comming soon page and see your site normaly.
Should you have any inquiries, please submit to our support forum

hey guys…

I’m having issues with my clients IP Address I’ve placed this in the allow access field and he is still unable to bypass the coming soon page??

Please Please Help – This is so important!! Thanks


our developer is working on it now, will notify you with update version soon :)

EXCELLENT EXCELLENT!! thanks so much and need this ASAP as my client needs to be able to view site progress and has a site launch 1st August. Thank you and look toward to your reply.


Hello, I like the plugin but having trouble. The for sale email script sends all information except the email address. Also, when the capcha code is wrong the error message does not display correctly. It looks to be malformed.

Thanks for your concern in our product. Would you please go to our support forum and send us your site’s url, admin account and some screenshots so that we can check this problem

Hi, I’m planning to buy your theme. Is there any big differences between this Wordpress version and the HTML version from author justgoodthemes? I’m using Wordpress on my site and I thought the WP version would be convenient. Thanks in advance.

hi, this is Wordpress plugin, not a theme. With this you can still develop your wordpress site when visitor can see the coming soon page. You can setup coming soon page in some specific of your WP site too.

If you setup different link for development (for example dev.yourdomain.com), just use HTML version for your site :)

Hi! Can you show us a live demo of the “domains for sale” page?


The “Unrestricted IP Address” do not work. I made a research here and found some messages since last year about this problem. Not fixed yet ?

Normal ?

Thank you

Hi there,

I have tested again, everything still work fine. So I think there are some mistake on your site. So please go to our support forum and give us the information FTP account. I have to check more details. Thanks

How can I get the subscribe form to link to my clients mailchimp account? Thanks

Hi there,

Firstly, please make sure the mode Coming soon is enable.

Second, when you will see the tab “Subscribe new letter” left aside and take a look at this screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/aP39Xbo.png



Pre-purchase question: can i add more fields to the signup form? such as email, mobile number, and full name?


sorry, this plugin does not support add more fields. You must edit plugin code to get it.

Hi, Is this still available for sale? Can you provide link for “domain for sale”? Compatible with latest WP? Can it use Woocommerce checkout? Thanks.

Demo not working :(

Hey guys. How is it possible to add a link in the about section pls. Our client want a link adding on the info section text. See here pls.


its fine we have worked it out

I have input my purchase code in the WP plugin but it continues t say false. I have entered my logo but it doesn’t show. What should I do?

Sorry for the late reply because we had some problem with the network. Please submit your issue to our support forum Our developer will help you there


OldPhot Purchased

I purchased your plugin about a year ago. I just decided to use it and placed my purchase order number on the website for the plugin and it told me I no longer have access to the updates for this plugin. Is that correct or can something be done about this? My purchase order is still on file with Code Canyon and this plugin is still in my list

We have not made any updated version recently. If you want to update, just please download the latest version on Codecanyon and update/install it manually in your website. There is some problem with our update system so you should update manually. Thank you!


I would like to have on a page, a counter that displays 24 hours each time you open the page.

Is this possible with your plugin?

Thank you for your concern. We are not sure if we correctly understand your question. Do you mean that everytime your page is opened, the counter always countdowns from 24h? If it’s what you need, then our plugin does not support that feature. If you open the page now, it countdowns from 10 hours left, then 1 hour later you open the page again, it will be 9 hour left. The time will change